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  1. Jim Chapman

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Freda Ebook Reader Available on Android

    The Freda ebook reader, which has been popular on various Windows platforms since 2009, is now also available for Android. That means that you can enjoy the same reading experience across your Windows and Android devices, using the app’s features to sync between the two platforms. The Android...
  2. Jim Chapman

    Thread UK Availability Date: Due Tuesday 11th January

    Expansys UK just updated their availability date. Previously it was 17th December. Now it is Tuesday 11th January. Ho hum.
  3. Jim Chapman

    Thread Orange UK - DVP available 22nd Nov

    See here: The essential words being "Availability: PRE ORDER - Expected on 22/11/2010 " Any Orange UK customers want to give it a go and see what delivery date they actually...
  4. Jim Chapman

    Thread [App] Ebook Reader (Freda)

    I have ported the Windows Mobile 6.x program Freda to Windows Phone 7. The program is an Ebook reader for books in EPUB (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format. I've published a demo video. [UPDATE: See here for the latest version of...
  5. Jim Chapman

    Thread [APP] Freda - a new ebook reader

    [UPDATE: See in this thread for an updated version of the program, with links to new screen shots and documentation] [UPDATE: See for the Windows Phone 7 version of this program.]...
  6. Jim Chapman

    Thread WiFi reception - Radio issue?

    My new Rhodium/HTC Touch Pro 2 is a truly lovely experience ... except that the WiFi reception is significantly worse than it was with my previous phone (a Touch Pro). On the TP I am getting rock solid WiFi connectivity and good signal strength; in exactly the same spot, the TP2 is repeatedly...
  7. Jim Chapman

    Thread Raphael / HTC Touch Pro Unboxing (UK)

    Just delivered this morning (from Devicewire). Now charging the battery ... Unboxing pictures attached. More comments to follow, once I've had a chance to play with it.