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  1. JohnLouise

    Thread Hard bricked Sm-t231

    Hi! I rooted my tablet using kingroot and installed twrp installed a stock ligntning rom, I was stucked at boot loop and having error on twrp then flash stock boot img coz i cant go to donwload mode. Now im stuck on a samsung logo and it just reboots and reboots i cant go to download mode and...
  2. JohnLouise

    Thread Sd card doens't show up when granting permission

    Help! I can't move my music files form internal storage to sd card because when granting permission to write, sd card doesn't show up. Sent from my SM-G935F using XDA-Developers mobile app
  3. JohnLouise

    Thread S7 edge home button badly damaged

    Yesterday I go to a store here in the PH and I saw this s7 edge. The home button is damaged and in person, it looks like a paint that is peeled of after scratching. So guys be careful with your device because this phone is soooooooooo fragile. :( Any thoughts?
  4. JohnLouise

    Thread If you were given a chance to choose between s7 edge and iPhone 6s what and why?

    Hello Guys! I didn't meant to brag or anything but can you please help me chose between the two. Based on your experience and why? I need and open answer. Thank you! :) Sent from my SM-G900F using XDA-Developers mobile app
  5. JohnLouise

    Thread Post a picture of yourself.

    Hey guys, I'm curious in how you look on person. Come on and post a picture of yourself and some info about yourself. Let's socialize and have some fun. :)
  6. JohnLouise

    Thread Backing up a Rom on a USB OTG

    Hi guys. I just wondering if I can back up my current rom using a usb otg (usb flashdrive) because internal memory of my XPERIA U aint enough. Its hard to remove my personal files just to make a back up. I am using XPERIA U JB and Experimental kernel. Thanks! :)
  7. JohnLouise

    Thread "Unfortunately anonymous usage has stopped"

    "Unfortunately anonymous usage has stopped" I'm currently using Terra rom v5. Sent from my ST25i using xda premium
  8. JohnLouise

    Thread I'm having troubles with my flashtool. Any suggestions how to resolve this problem?

    Sent from my ST25i using xda premium
  9. JohnLouise

    Thread What a weird thing. (Check this out)

    Hey guys I recently flash c.10 and unlocked b.l. Why is it happend that I recieve an update even if I have a unlocked b.l.? Im so confused now. Any explanation ? Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app
  10. JohnLouise

    Thread Init.d

    what is the right permissions for a init.d script? any flashable init.d scripts for GB Xperia U? thankss! :)))
  11. JohnLouise

    Thread Help! Chainfire3d

    im havibg issues on this app even if i already have the pro version the app still doesnt recognize it. Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app
  12. JohnLouise

    Thread Error while backuping image of /data

    can anyone help me ? i'm running fw c.10. does vengeance kernel affet this ? Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app
  13. JohnLouise

    Thread [XperiaZFramework&SmallApps}

    Can anyone make it joint together? bec. if you flash small apps then you flash the framework, it doesnt work. Does anybody experience it too ?
  14. JohnLouise

    Thread REQ.

    Stock System Ui for XPU ICS please ?? thanks in advance =)))) Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app
  15. JohnLouise

    Thread REQ.

    Stock system Ui for xperia u ics please. =))) thanks in advance. Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app
  16. JohnLouise

    Thread Req.

    a stock status bar for xperia u ics please ? Sent from my ST25i using xda app-developers app a