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  1. surviveland

    Thread [APP][2.1+]Dolphin Browser 10.1.2-With lightning fast speed

    Dolphin is my browser. Dolphin makes mobile browsing easy, adapting to the way you want to browse with a personalized home screen, voice and gesture control, customizable settings and sharing features. With lighting fast speed, Dolphin blows the rest of the mobile browsers out of the water...
  2. surviveland

    Thread [Guide][Flash] How to play flash video on Android 4.4 Kitkat

    Got the new Nexus 5 and found that flash video playing is totally incompatible with the Android 4.4 Kitkat, no t in Dolphin, not in Firefox and other browsers. This is too bad and I can't imagine it just happened.:mad::mad::mad: I digged into the code since then and found that some critical...
  3. surviveland

    Thread Exciting released Dolphin Browser 10.1.0

    Hi, guys The latest Dolphin Browser V.10.1.0 has been released. 10.1.0 Changelog ★ Customize theme colors and wallpapers to make Dolphin your own ★ Desktop/Mobile toggle Add-on ★ Language Selector ★ Some UI bug fixes Reference...
  4. surviveland

    Thread Yes or No 26/09/13

    Yes or no- would you use a service to track your lost mobile device? References:
  5. surviveland

    Thread Yes or No?

    Yes or no- Would you set Facebook home as your lock screen? References:
  6. surviveland

    Thread How often do you check email on your mobile device?

    How often do you check email on your mobile device? :confused:
  7. surviveland

    Thread Bugs fixed in Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4 and adjust to Beta 2

    After test the Dolphin Browser 10.0.4 Beta. I found out two issues in Beta 10.0.4. For example like language bugs, some of the button disappear or display incorrectly. Secondly, when I open the page, the page show blank. On the other day, when I back to the community, I saw Dolphin release...
  8. surviveland

    Thread Experience on Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4

    I am one of Dolphin user, since dolphin released their latest version. There are two new things I need to say. Firstly, about speed dial. When you surf the website and you want to add this website to speed dial. For the previous version, when you add the website, you can not edit the title of...
  9. surviveland

    Thread What do all of these have in common

    What do all of these have in common: Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb and Gingerbread?
  10. surviveland

    Thread Latest Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4 Version

    I saw Dolphin release their latest Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4 on Facebook. What's New (Change log): ★ 21 languages support ★ Tab list animation optimization ★ Dolphin Home Edit support ★ Stability improvement - cache to SD, crash bugs ★ Fixed a critical bug Guys, worth a try! update your...
  11. surviveland

    Thread A new release of Easy Ads Cleaner

    Hi, guys. New App(Easy Ads Cleaner) released in GooglePlay. Since ads are booming on mobile devices, you may come across the following annoying ads everyday. NowEasy Ads Cleaner is your solution. Easy Ads Cleaner protects you from being attacked by malicious ads ! * Detect ads with...
  12. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin Browser 10.0.4 updated

    Hi, guys, dolphin changed the V10.0.3 to V10.0.4 Dolphin release a hot fix for 10.0.3 then update their version to v10.0.4 . Fixed: JS Interface security issue Dolphin Team they are really efficiency in their work and fix bugs. .:good::good::good: What's New 1. Clear Most Visited folder...
  13. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin Browser new version details realised

    Dolphin Browser 10.0.3 realized What's New 1. Clear Most Visited folder data while you clear history 2. Improved support for reporting issues: send email with crash log/ANR log to Dolphin customer service 3. Popup menu...
  14. surviveland

    Thread [Q] How often do you think it is an appropriate time to update your mobile browser?

    How often do you think it is an appropriate time to update your mobile browser?
  15. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin Browser HD v6.1 is out of beta now, check out on market!

    Dolphin Browser HD v6.1 is available on market with new webzine features and more stable performance. It is another big update of the HD v6.0, the page loading is fast, and the gesture works great. But just one thing, the webzine list should be enriched.:p
  16. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin browser HD v6 is available on market

    As the title says, Dolphin browser HD v6 is available for free download:
  17. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 is released to Market. Guys

    HI, Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 has released finally to the Android market. I have been waiting for such a long time, although that I have used their 4 betas. I can notice that they have made much progress in the UI, settings and the performance (fix many bugs). First, I like the smooth tab bar...
  18. surviveland

    Thread Issue of Google Talk

    I have no idea whether it has anything to do with the 2.1 update I did the other day or not, bUT i found that Google talk (Talk in 2.1) crashes every time. The window seems to open and then i'm at the home page screen again. i didn't see error or anything. Anyone else experience this? Any...
  19. surviveland

    Thread Dolphin browser HD beta3 rocks?

    Hey, guys, I wonder whether you have tried Dolphin browser HD beta2? You will understand me if you have tried out. I read their dolphin blog. The Dolphin HD beta3 has come out. Compare with beta 2, I think the address bar becomes smoother. And layout of settings, I can finish the common settings...
  20. surviveland

    Thread about Radios

    What's not safe about flashing radios / what are Radios?
  21. surviveland

    Thread Hey ,Dolphin browser HD v5 beta2 makes my phone the PC

    After using dolphin browser HD v5 beta1, I totally love this browser. It makes my phone smarter. Now I have updated to dolphin browser HD v5 beta2 which I get from their dolphin blog. One world can express my feeling when I use dolphin---cool. In this version, the side bar changes a lot. I can...
  22. surviveland

    Thread volume rocker --dolphin browser

    A cool new feature of the volume rocker might be to increase or decrease the font size? thanks
  23. surviveland

    Thread my little suggestion to the forum

    hi XDA admin every time, i have to remember the location of my posts in order to check who replied me . it would be nice to see all my replies and posts in one certain column under the account. so i strongly suggest this feature and hope XDA becomes more popular and help more people like me .
  24. surviveland

    Thread what's wrong with my dolphin browser

    my browser is dolphin browser but yesterday I made an account on Read It Later web site successfully, but I can't login the Read Later add-on. It never gives me an error or anything, it just sits with the spinning circle forever and ever until I give up and exit. any help is appreciated.
  25. surviveland

    Thread Share with you a new dolphin browser HDv5.0

    Hey guys. According to the updates from dolphin blog, Facebook and Twitter. Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 has come out these days. I have downloaded the apk into my phone. It is amazing. Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 is a complete new version compared to the previous one. I love it. That’s exactly what I...
  26. surviveland

    Thread Cannot read .TXT file . beg resolution.

    hi guys i download a .txt file from the web. but when i open the file it showed " directory is empty". why? i dl three times and im sure the dls are successful. & the android sysytem is 2.2 any answer is appreciated.
  27. surviveland

    Thread [Q] cannot dl apps from market

    hello,friends when i dl apps from the market today, notification always said "Download unsuccessful" . the wireless is good connected. i thought i was my task killer making the problem, so i uninstall it. but it's not. i want to reinstall my browser dolphin browser and other music apps. my...