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    Thread Storage issue ; my files taking large space.

    as the title says, my files app is taking up a lot of space.. in settings>storage analysis it shows like 5.38 GB but it's folder in Android/data is 38+ GB, why's it so huge and is it safe to remove/delete that folder?
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    Thread [Q] Flashing lollipop will delete all data

    Hi If I upgrade my note 3 SM-N9005 to lollipop manually using Odin then my all data including pics and videos will be deleted or they are safe? Sorry for my bad English
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    Thread Don't use xposed with lollipop

    Hi As written in title don't use Xposed with lollipop This is not important but recommended by me 1.I highly, highly recommends you to not use Xposed framework for Lollipop for now, as it overrides our own ART runtime files. 2.Wait for rovo89 to come up with a better solution, or ROM...
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    Thread [Q] Does slim lp have theme engine?

    Can any one tell me that slim lp has layers or cm12 theme engine?
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    Thread Need param.lfs for Note 4 please

    Please can someone attach param.lfs for Note 4 snapdragon or exynos any model? Sorry for my bad english
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    Thread Nexus 5 is dead

    Close Thread please