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  1. ibshar

    Thread Data stops working after calls

    Hi, I have a weird issue with my Moto G5S Plus. Whenever I make or receive calls, when the call disconnects, the mobile network gets lost for a few seconds, then returns but mobile data stops working. Mostly I am forced to restart the phone to get data back to working. Any ideas what could be...
  2. ibshar

    Thread Miui v8.0. 1.0 update

    Hi, I got the Miui v8 update today so thought of sharing the review. 1. New theme, looks way cooler than the old default theme. 2. Status bar changed, looks like they went back to the single page status bar with toggles and notifications on the same page. 3. Notifications popup changed...
  3. ibshar

    Thread Media CAST option gone after System update

    Hi, I received the system update 2-3 days back and after applying the update I found that the CAST option is not appearing anymore for images in gallery and the music player! Earlier I used to get the cast option whenever i opened a pic or video in the gallery while my Raspberry Pi was...
  4. ibshar

    Thread Skype call mic stops working in some time

    Hi, i have noticed a strange problem with Mi4i and Skype! When making skype calls in a few mins the mic stops working! Then u need to unplug and re plug it to get few more mins to talk... This issue is only specific to skype as other apps like hangout and imo and facebook work fine!! Anyone has...
  5. ibshar

    Thread WiFi issue: Phone randomly reboots

    Hi, I recently flast the AOSB Kitkat rom (v 1.3.7) on my Galaxy Grand. I have noticed that the phone keeps rebooting many times when it tries to connect to a wifi network. There is no issue once connected or if wifi is off. But only during connection it reboots. I have tried clearing the cache...
  6. ibshar

    Thread Phone heating & Frequent restart issue [FIXED]

    Hi, My friend bought this new phone 2 days back. He is having serious heating and restart issues. Is this phone really defective or just his piece? Anyone able to use this phone properly, I can see lots of threads with same issues.
  7. ibshar

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.2.x] *** ib-Phoenix ROM v4 ***

    [ROM][JB 4.2.x] *** ib-Phoenix ROM v4 *** Here is a small, very light AOSP based ROM. Buttery smooth, very responsive and absolutely stable. Rated Best ROM for Canvas 2 This rom based on my earlier rom - ib-Phoenix v2. Features: After flashing Xposed patch, Xposed...
  8. ibshar

    Thread [SOLVED] Can we flash some app data through recovery

    Hi, I wanted to know is it possible to flash some app data through recovery. I want to include some applications data in my ROM image so that it is preconfigured when you flash the ROM. To do this, I had copied those applications data folders from the path /data/data and flashed it after...
  9. ibshar

    Thread [SOLVED]App Not Installing Issue

    Hi Guys, If you are facing the app not installing issue on any ROM you can do this to fix it. The root of the problem is in the RAMDISK of the new kernels. And we need the new RAMDISK for USB OTG To work. So the simple solution is; MOD EDIT: Please remember the GPL rules, if a kernel source...
  10. ibshar

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.2.x] *** Suvi ROM V16 - AURA ***

    Inttroduction Screen shots Changelog Bugs Installation instructions Disclaimer Download Links TIP Addons & Patches XDA:DevDB Information Suvi ROM Series 4.2.x, a ROM for the Micromax A110 Contributors ibshar, bsuhas, andiroxu, sagarwep, mmxandy ROM OS...
  11. ibshar

    Thread [Q]Andiroxu Kernel Status

    This is an open question for all the mods. I just want to know what's the status of the INVESTIGATION on Andiroxu's kernel sources? His thread has been locked by GermainZ for over a month and half and still no updates? justmpm mentioned that his sources are not available, but after checking I...
  12. ibshar

    Thread Andiroxu Kernel (Latest - v3.4.69) [Updated-15.11.13]

    I think it would be good to have a discussion thread on Andiroxu Kernels, as most of us are using it in our Android 4.2 roms. His development thread is under investigation, so PLEASE DO NOT POST any KERNEL DOWNLOAD LINK HERE. This thread is just to keep track of the updates and user experience...
  13. ibshar

    Thread Google Glass for Android

    This is a page that says someone has modded the GOogle Glass for it to work on our Android phones! Has anyone tried it?:eek::silly:
  14. ibshar

    Thread [Q]Call Auto-Disconnect after 90mins

    Hi, I am facing this issue, that if I make long calls, the phone automatically disconnects the call in around 90mins! Any idea what the issue is or where i can change this from? :confused:
  15. ibshar

    Thread [TUT]Micromax A210 Canvas 4 Installing CWM Recovery & Download

    Hi Guys, I was just searching across how to install CWM recovery in Canvas 4 but couldn't find any so thought of posting it here for anyone who is new and needs it. Requirements: Phone should be Rooted. Where to Get CWM Recovery for Micromax A210 Canvas 4? Recovery Thread link & Mirror...
  16. ibshar

    Thread Revert to Stock Kernel & ROM issue!

    Hi Guys, I have my x8 phone running on nAa's latest v6 kernel with ZenceFil ROM(GB 2.3.7) with ofcourse an un-locked bootloader. But now i want to move back to stock settings. I had made a backup using xRecovery before installing these mods, so my question is, how to I restore that xRecovery...
  17. ibshar

    Thread Micromax A110 Stock Boot Logo

    I am posting the Stock Boot logo for our phone, since people keep asking for it in all the Development threads after flashing some custom ROM., so here it is, enjoy.. ;) And yes this will work on all ROMs.. :good: Download: Stock Boot Logo
  18. ibshar

    Thread [Q] Check device Mount point mapping?

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me how I may check the mount point mappings for my phone?:confused: All i can understand is /system is /dev/block/mmcblk0p3" but how do check for the rest? :confused: I already tried the following commands in terminal emulator but they didn't help: mount /proc/partitions
  19. ibshar

    Thread [ROM]Micromax A210 Canvas 4 Stock ROM (Rooted)

    Hi, I have uploaded the ROOTED Stock ROM of Micromax A210 Canvas 4 (JB 4.2.1). I have just removed GAPPS since it's size was too large to upload with the ROM but that too is uploaded as patch in a flashable zip. What i did was cook it with Android Kitchen, added Root & Busybox & zipalign all...
  20. ibshar

    Thread Android Master Key vulnerability PATCH

    Hi Guys, Many of you must have recently heard about the Android Master Key vulnerability, which allows a malicious payload to be inserted in an application that is installed, due to a discrepancy between signature verification and app installation. This issue is patched in CM 10.1, but since...
  21. ibshar

    Thread [Q]Micro SD Card 32 or 16 GB?

    Hi Guys, I have an 8 GB micro SD card and am out of space so planning to buy a new one. I want to buy the max size possible, which is 32GB as mentioned in our phone specs, but I have heard that 32GB sd card makes our phone slow! Is it true, if anyone is using it please post some review and help...
  22. ibshar

    Thread Canvas 4 A210 - Can life be endless!

    Micromax launches Canvas 4 in India for Rs. 17,999 The pre-booking is now open for Rs 5000, if you want you can book it here: Finally the phone got realeased today and here are the official SPECS, although i must say it's a big disappointment to our expectations :(
  23. ibshar

    Thread [Q]Creating graphics for Games in C#

    Hi Guys, I have recently started developing Android apps using C#(Mono Droid), with Xamarin. So i developed a few small apps for practice with whatever i could read off on mono droid. But i am wondering how do they create the graphics in games and how to go about it in Mono Droid? :confused:
  24. ibshar

    Thread Important Apps for Office Use

    Hi Guys, I thought of making a thread dedicated to some important apps that i have used for Office work. Email Microsoft Exchange Email Roadsync (Premium) Key Description: This is a nice email app that con be configured for MS Exchange email. The calendar is also very good and syncs very...
  25. ibshar

    Thread [Q] Unable to load SD Card Apps

    Hi Guys, I have SuviRom v6 on my A110 and all was working well till yesterday suddenly after a reboot my phone started showing "Damaged SD Card Error". So i backed up my sdcard on PC and then formatted the SD Card and then recopied all the data and put it back in the phone. After this the phone...
  26. ibshar

    Thread HELP!- Unable to boot after reflashing stock ROM

    Hi Guys, I had flashed my friends i9003 with RRv1.0 ROM and then x-Gamerz and it went crazy! While flashing the xgamerz rom it went into and infinite loop where it kept restarting to recovery mode. Then i flashed XXKPM stock using ODIN and it worked. It functioned for few weeks but then few days...
  27. ibshar

    Thread [Q] GPS Locking issue on SUVI RomV6

    I have been using the SUVI ROM v6 on my Micromax A110 for a month now and simply love it. I just got one problem, my GPS lock is not working accurately on mobile network, it is never able to get a good position lock. Mostly it is accurate upto 1 or 2 kms... But when i connect to WIFI the...