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  1. Bonito77

    Thread Horror Boot Theme and some Splashscreens

    HORROR BOOT THEME Some time ago I made for me a bit other Boot-Theme. Now Conan has released his great NIN Layout (called THE SLIP) I saw my Bloody Boot fits very well with his Layout so I want also release it. Boot-Theme contained Splashscreen (you can choose between three different ones), the...
  2. Bonito77

    Thread [B]§_Bonito77 "NEW RAVIESLIDER"_§ [B](Update for CHT_2.0+CHT_Softkays)

    ONE MORE SLIDER FOR YOU Finished my new Senseslider and here it is. I think my gold Slidebox looks good with it, but the .cap included no Slidebox its transparent. Slideboxes you can download here. Or two new here. Big Thanks goes to poyensa for the mode9 File. Now also working with CHT_2.0...
  3. Bonito77

    Thread [B]§_Bonito77's Email Skins and CHT_2.0.0StateIndicators+SMS_Widget+Softkeys_§[/B]

    EMAIL SKINS FOR YOU (Email Tab and CHT_2.0.0 Widget) Today I made two email skins for you. Works also for the CHT_2.0.0 Email Widget. But without the spezially fontcolour. When you wish the same fontcolour as for the emailtab you can edit over the CHTEditor or I can make a .cab for you..
  4. Bonito77

    Thread Bonito77's Digiclocks

    DIGITAL CLOCKS: Here i made some Digiclocks for you. In the attachment Rarfile are all my first Digiclock Cabs. In the other File are only Manilas for Clocknumbers. I hope you enjoy thise Creations and give me some Feedback to improve my next Creations.
  5. Bonito77

    Thread Bonito77's Sense-Slider, Startsymbols and more

    SENSESLIDER-ICONS: Hello to all, Since I mean my first Slider with everything which to it belonged, tinkered itself (Sliderbox and - bar). Since it much work was genuinly I the things gladly with you would divide. If it pleases at all someone. Stop is my taste. The things, those once as...