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  1. thegios

    Thread Question Safe mode

    How do I enter safe mode? Nothing works...
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    Thread Question Google Photos duplicates

    I'm getting duplicated pictures in Google Photos. Full description of issues here: Anyone else who has similar issues?
  3. thegios

    Thread Question Home tabs crashing in Control Panel

    If I enable Google Home panels in the Control Panel (swipe down from top right) the only panel working is Best Thermostat: Nvidia Shield, Google Nest Mini Speaker and Chromecast all crash. I'm on eeu stable
  4. thegios

    Thread gsm.sim.operator.iso-country

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how the property gsm.sim.operator.iso-country is set. I am working with an OEM trying to find an OTA solution to customize the phone based on IMEI and inserted SIM, since I'm getting "strange" answers from the OEM, I need to understand how something really works...
  5. thegios

    Thread Question Screen goes on and off when charging

    When I put phone on charge, the screen goes on and off continuously. It turn on on charging animation, then goes off, the on again etc. Mi11 with official EU ROM 12.0.x.0
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    Thread Change icon shape

    MUIUI 12: Is there a way to change/force icon shapes without applying a theme.
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    Thread Re-lock bootloader

    I have an official ROM but it's rooted and of course bootloader in unlocked: unfortunately Google Pay and some bank apps do not work. I first removed root, by deleting /system/xbin/su but Google Pay still complains so I think I need to unlock bootloader. I think I have two options: - 1 - put...
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    Thread Question Re-lock bootloader

    I have a Mi11 with a preliminary Global official ROM but it's rooted and of course bootloader in unlocked: unfortunately Google Pay and some bank apps do not work. I first removed root, by deleting /system/xbin/su but Google Pay still complains so I think I need to unlock bootloader. I think I...
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    Thread December patches broke styles

    Just installed Dec patches: now if I go into home settings and select Styles, it crashes.
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    Thread How to tell if screen replacement part is original

    Bought on the bay a screen replacement part (oled + digitalized) that had been told to be an original OEM part, my repair shop says it's not original: how can I verify?
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    Thread Missing Lens icon in Photos

    In Photos the Lens icon disappeared from the bottom.
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    Thread ANdroid 11 + Bubbles + Whatsapp

    Although Android 11 allows me to enable Bubbles for WhatsApp in the system setting (under apps and notification), WhatsApp notiofications still are displayed as usual.
  13. thegios

    Thread Notifications you've made changes to

    Anyone knows what's that circled in blue in the attached screenshots? One screenshot is from phone settings, apps and notifications, the other from WhatsApp info, notifications. It appeared after I long pressed on a notification from WhatsApp, but then I dismissed and changed nothing. How can...
  14. thegios

    Thread Google pay contactless issue

    Contactless payment shaky since end of August, anyone? Got a strange uodate 2 days before my first issue, before never a problem.
  15. thegios

    Thread Whatsapp : Status Views' counter

    Pixel 4 here with latest beta: the counter for the number of views of my status is always zero (and list of viewers is empty) since yesterday. I need to force stop and clear cache to update them.
  16. thegios

    Thread WHite balance

    When enabling the Ambient EQ the white balance is too warm to my taste, yet even if I disble it the whites ar still not white enough. I compare my phone with a crappy Samsung A41, where whites are reaaly whites, and you can even control the white point making whites warmer or cooler.
  17. thegios

    Thread Battery overnight

    Phone in do not disturb mode left at 100% on the bedside table, this morning was at 90% after 5h so 2% discharge per hour. Battery discharge info says: - ambient display 2h 22m 2% - phone inactive 4h 30m 1%
  18. thegios

    Thread Clear cache of all apps at once

    On the pixel 4 xl how do you clear cache of all apps at once?
  19. thegios

    Thread Too bright colours

    Is there a way to avoid that under bright light the colors are too bright and washed out? The pixel 2 xl has more saturated colors under bright light. Thanks.
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    Thread Facebook Messenger notifications

    When trying to set notification sound from Facebook Messenger app, I get access only to sounds provided by the app and not also to the Android system sounds, so I cannot set the default sound I chose from phone settings.
  21. thegios

    Thread Bubbly sound when on speakerphone

    Not sure if I can explain this, but when I'm on a phone call or on a video chat with Skype or WhatsApp or Duo, it seems that people on the other side hear my voice bubbly. I made tests with a few recording apps, even WhatsApp audio recordings but all seem fine. Then I tried with Skype audio...
  22. thegios

    Thread Phone freezing while using Search

    Pixel 2 XL Android 10 March Update Google Play Services 20.12.14 Google App Since March update here's what happens: - from the home screen I click on search bar at the bottom - I type search terms and hit return - I get the search results - the top search bar contains the search...
  23. thegios

    Thread October patch: cannot update

    Downloaded the October patches and now phone has been for 1h on spinning wheel with status "preparing system update"
  24. thegios

    Thread Speed over Wi-Fi

    Just got a 1Gb network at home. Via cable from PC I get 700Mb but via Wi-Fi 5GHz only 100Mb. Things get worst with Pixel 2 XL via Wi-Fi 5GHz only 30Mb. My wife with iPhone X via WiFi 2.4GHz around 90Mb. Is this normal?
  25. thegios

    Thread Android 10 upodate: lower speakerphones volume

    Nyone noticed lower volume for notifications, ringtones or generally speakerphones?
  26. thegios

    Thread Contacts appear twice if serach is done from Phone app

    If a search contacts from CONTACTS APP, they all appear once in the resuls list. If a search contacts from PHONE APP, some appear twice in the resuls list. Se attachements: - profile of ANTONIO from CONTACTS APP - profile of DAVIDE from CONTACTS APP I do not see differences in the two profiles...
  27. thegios

    Thread reminders: strange behaviour

    1. I set a reminder on my phone from Goole Calendar app, and when the time comes I get the following notifications: - PHONE: notification from GOOGLE CALENDAR with one action only: COMPLETE - WATCH: notification from GOOGLE CALENDAR with one action only: COMPLETE + notification form GOOGLE...
  28. thegios

    Thread Watch during night

    How do you leave the watch at night? I left mine in airplane mode and in 7 hours it went from 100% to 75%
  29. thegios

    Thread Change notification sound

    Any way to change the notification sound? I can change the ringtone but not the notification. Thanks
  30. thegios

    Thread OK Google from watch

    Just got a new Fossil Gen 5. The ok google detection is on. If I say "ok google" to the watch the assistant is launched on the phone and not on the watch, so I have to talk to the phone while I'd like talk to the watch.
  31. thegios

    Thread Google Pay: add a debit (not credit) card on Wear OS

    Hi, on my Pixel 2 XL I managed to add to Google Pay both my credit card (Visa) and my debit cart (MAESTRO). Please note that a debit card has a longer number and no CVC. From Google Pay itself I could add only the credit card but from my bank app I could add both: it's like if it has created a...
  32. thegios

    Thread OK Google not working

    Not sure what happened, but ok google is not working anymore. Tried to turn on voice match, but when I have to day "ok google" to train phone with my voice, it does nothing, as if phone can't hear my voice. Yet I can make phone calls or I can use Assistant by pressing search bar.
  33. thegios

    Thread Any italian with Q Beta 6 installed?

    Looking for Italians with beta 6 installed: need to know if Unicredit and/or Intesa San Paolo apps work fine. Thanks
  34. thegios

    Thread Slim (very slim) case

    Broke the rear glass :( Top-right corner is totally broken and there's a crack thru the whole glass. At the moment I put some silicon on the corner to avoid pieces of glass from falling, but I need now a case, a very very very slim one. Bought one from Amazon that was supposed to be slim but...
  35. thegios

    Thread Weather from at-a-glance widget

    Not sure when this started, but today I clicked on at-a-glance widget to check weather and instead of usual page I got chrome opened on a weather search with on top weather results as per attachment, but I cannot click on anything. Google app is version Thanks
  36. thegios

    Thread Duplicate nitifications

    I have latest March updates. Not sure when this started, but I get duplicate notifications from Instagram and Facebook when phone is left idle for a while. Like I take phone, I see the notification, I dismiss it a day it comes back.
  37. thegios

    Thread Screensaver setting crashing

    No root here, with latest Jan patch. If I go to Settings - Display - Screensaver And I click the gear, all crashes ?
  38. thegios

    Thread Battery drain overnight (again...)

    Phone is one year old and battery life is still very good, but drain overnight is too high: 8% in 8h so 1%/h. When I check in the morning I can confirm phone has been on doze the whole time. Could it be live display ? Tonight will try to turn it off
  39. thegios

    Thread Google maps new settings layout

    I cannot understand why in Google Maps I still see the old settings layout instead of the new one. Have latest 10.4.0 beta version. I have friends with non-pixel phones, on Android 8, with older maps versions and they have the new layout. Tried clearing cache, data, installing again, all to no...
  40. thegios

    Thread Google calendar autocomplete suggestions not working

    Pixel 2 xl with Pie and calendar 6.0.x When creating an event or a task in calendar, autocomplete suggestions are not there anymore.
  41. thegios

    Thread Any Italian with DP4 or 4 installed?

    As per subject, looking for Italians with Android P installed. Thanks
  42. thegios

    Thread Multiple Whatsapp notifications

    here's the scenario: - say phone is on (maps in navigation or am using the phone to read facebook & co.) - I receive one whatsapp message: the notification on top is shown with the message I have just received - I do not open the notification, so the whatsapp icon remain on the top bar - I...
  43. thegios

    Thread Gboard 7.1.6 autospace after punctuation

    Gboard 7.1.6 : autospace after punctuation does not work for me. And yes, I've enabled it in settings ?
  44. thegios

    Thread Chrome 66 beta: toolbar in top again?

    As per subject, I'm on Chrome 66 beta and toolbar went back on top.
  45. thegios

    Thread Calendar event not found

    Pixel 2 XL Google App 7.23.17 Calendar 5.8.22 When I receive a notification of an event on the lockscreen, double tapping on it results in a "event not found" error message.
  46. thegios

    Thread GPS Lost when on a call

    While navigating with maps or waze, I lose GPS signal when receiving a call and for its whole duration. Anyone else?
  47. thegios

    Thread Battery discharge overnight

    Is it normal that overnight phone discharges with a rate of 1% per hour?
  48. thegios

    Thread Bluetooth audio codec: does not stick

    I keep on setting the audio bluetooth codec under dev optioons on "aptx" but after exiting the option goes back on "default". Anyone can help?
  49. thegios

    Thread Cannot flash official 8.1 OTA over 8.1 DP2

    I am on 8.1 DP2 which is OPP6.171019.012, tried to install the official 8.1 OTA which is OPM1.171019.011 : obviously the latter is older that DP2, so now I am still on DP2. Maybe I need to wait for the OTA for those that are on beta program?
  50. thegios

    Thread Search box: images saving location

    If I search an image from Chrome, when I save it locally it's stored into download folder. What about from search box? It stores the image in a "/document/XYZ" location I cannot find, and as a matter of fact images saved this way don't even appear in Google Photos.