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    Thread This may be of some use to us.
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    Thread What case do you use?

    What case is everyone using? Exactly what the title asks. This is not a thread for what you think is the best case out there. This thread is for you to post what case/s you use and your experiences with it/them. It is also to help other users find new cases that they may like. This thread...
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    Thread Samsung Insights discussion

    Here we can keep the ROM threads clear of all the Samsung Insights talk. Samsung Insights is an application/program that Samsung is using to track how their devices are being used by everyday people in their every day lives. It is by invite only. If you are invited and get your device, you...
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    Thread [BOUNTY] KK Root/Unlocked bootloader (workaround or full unlock)

    This thread has been allowed by Stryke_the_Orc Rules. All donations are pledges until the exploits are confirmed. There is no money up front. NONE There are 3 categories. Root for KK using any exploit new or old. (without tripping knox) Looking at Zimperlich though. Unlocked bootloader...
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    Thread Zimperlich root exploit Note 3

    OK guys... I ran X-ray on my Note 3 (AT&T) with X-Note12 4.4.2. It could not determine if the zimperlich exploit was patched. Now... Since I am rooted, I had 2 others test their devices with the official AT&T Note 3 4.4.2 OTA update. The results were the same. Now since root is not...
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    Thread Iloome saved my phone

    Took a 20 foot fall off of the top of the pilot house of one of the vessels I am working on. Hit one of our condensers right on my screen then another 30 feet down to main deck. The Otterbox Defender helped too. But if it wasn't for the Iloome screen protector, my screen would be destroyed...
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    Thread What cases is everyone using?

    Exactly what the title asks. This is not a thread for what you think is the best case out there. This thread is for you to post what case/s you use and your experience with it. It is also to help other users find new cases that they may like. Maybe include a link if you think it's good. I...
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    Thread New way to install International/T-Mobile 4.4.2 - help needed

    Ok guys. I have come up with a method to install 4.4.2 international and T-Mobile ROMs without ADB. I am using some stuff from drakeymcmb and Hashcode I however need some help. I will not be doing a tutorial yet because this is not complete. I used EchoeROM from the International section...
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    Thread Unauthorized software when booting to recovery

    Specs: SGH-i337 MDL Bootloaders Running custom GPE KitKat ROM. Latest TWRP Recovery Here's what happened. Decided to try out Beanstalk kitkat. Installed fine, but ran into signal issues when I loaded up the FMLD modem. Had the same issues when switching back to MK2 modem. before using...
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    Thread [OFF TOPIC] The Cafeteria

    In honor of Traylunch, I have been allowed to start a new off topic thread. This thread is obviously for off topic discussion. This is not a place for new users to get their post count up. You will be reported. Flaming is not allowed. Do not post any questions or comments on warez. You will...
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    Thread Oh god... Look at this. I think I will be getting this.
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    Thread SuperSU Unroot MF3

    Has anyone tried this method? SuperSU has a full unroot option in its settings. I have read many posts saying it is impossible to unroot at this time. I did a little searching around and didn't find much. Just suggestions to try it and no one ever reported back if it works or doesn't. I...
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    Thread [Share] Your KTweaker settings!

    I personally would love to see what people have in their KTweaker settings. Share them. Please specify What ROM you are running. Do you have it set for speed and power or for conservation, or a combination of them all. Please specify any other apps you use to give more power or battery...
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    Thread What's going on in development?

    I have noticed that many ROM threads are being closed recently. What's going on with that? Can't even find a couple of my favorite. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread Random APN

    Anyone know what the APN titled 'ATT Entitlement' is? Yesterday, it was not there and today it is... I am confuse... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread Official AT&T S4 Safestrap Discussion Q/A

    The A very special thanks goes out to Hashcode. This is the discussion and Q/A thread for the AT&T I337 Safestrap. Please stay on topic. Take note kiddies READ THIS OP READ THE THREAD NOW READ IT ALL AGAIN. THE GO OVER TO HASHCODES DEV THREAD AND READ THAT 3 TIMES. Link below. IF...
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    Thread Anyone else getting this bug?

    When I try to view the S4 accessories forum on my S4, in the new XDA premium app, I get Sent to something else... Any ideas? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread Screen w/bezel.

    I am looking for a full screen/digitizer assembly for the GSM model (2012) nexus 7 with the bezel. I an unable to find the bezel alone for this specific model. If anyone has one they can get rid of, please let me know either the whole unit, or just the screen/digitizer/bezel assembly, or a place...
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    Thread Guess what sprint just did...

    They pushed a PRL auto update to my phone... Now I am not roaming anymore. They did this shortly after hitting 5GB for this pay period. Screw you sprint. I'm putting it back. I have been roaming for a few months now and racking up a ton of data. They have not contacted me about it at all. So...
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    Thread Etrade supply.

    Has anyone ever ordered and received a Nexus 7 screen and digitizer assembly unit from them? I cracked my screen today rendering my device useless and ordered a replacement from them. I am curious to know if they are legit. Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] Can't transfer files to USB HD (SOLVED)

    I have a 1TB Toshiba HD and can't create any files or folders on it with my 32GB N7 GSM, nor can I transfer any files to it. I can do it on a regular flash drive though. I am running Xenon HD with the Timur-USBhost kernel. I have tried both stick mount and Paragon NTFS to no avail as well as...
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    Thread Rear camera

    Does anyone have a spare rear facing camera they can donate? I messaged Tuscani1821 to see if he had any but have not received a response. I have a speck of something inside the lense of the camera and it kills all my pictures. So as asked before, dies anyone have an extra rear camera to...
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    Thread Need stuff

    I need the APK for the Sprint activation/account control app. I cannot remember the name of it or I would have it already. Can someone help a brother out? Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
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    Thread Post your pets.

    We here at XDA are almost like another family to some users. Help us get to know you better and post the pics of your non human loved ones. Cats, dogs, fish, rodents, or your pet rock. These are my girls. I have a Snow White Russian Dwarf Hamster (Eggroll) 2 Dumbo Rats (Dora and Tifa) 3...
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    Thread [FIX/MOD] Capacitive key ghosting. All TW JB Builds

    Even though there is a tutorial that has been posted on this before, it is somewhat old and buried. THIS DOES WORK ON ALL BUILDS OF TW BASED JELLYBEAN You will need to do a few things before we start. 1. Go HERE and download the latest version of LMT Launcher. It would do you justice to also...
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    Thread Body Glove: Tough Suit

    Just got it. Guess where. Walmart! I was surprised that they had any cases at all for the E4GT. So far, I really like it. Did a few drop tests and throw tests. I am thinking that I will record them and upload them for you guys to see. Its not overly bulky, but feels really nice on my...
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    Thread Wrong sections...

    Is it just me, or am I seeing more and more ROM's that are CM9/10 and AOKP/AOSP based being put in the development section instead of the original section where they belong? Would asking a MOD to move them to the proper section be asking for trouble? I am just curious because it is cluttering...
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    Thread Shhhhh

    Don't say anything to her, guys. At our favorite restaurant known as Bonefish Grill. Wish me luck. Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Lookie here LG is setting the bar for this year. .
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    Thread LED Modification (Epic 4g Touch)

    Wanted to show you guys a mod I just finished on my phone. I will post instructions for anyone that wants to know how to do it. I just need a better camera to take the pictures with. This is pretty convenient for females...
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    Thread OFFICIAL Jellyverse Off-Topic/Discussion Thread

    Hey guys and gals, This is the Official Jellyverse Off Topic thread. Jellyverse is an amazing TW Jellybean 4.1.2 based ROM for the Sprint Epic 4g Touch (Galaxy SII) Jellyverse Come in here to talk about any random thing not directly related to any issues, bugs or help needed with the...
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    Thread [OFFICIAL] Jellyverse Off Topic Thread

    Hey guys and gals, This is the Official Jellyverse Off Topic thread. Come in here to talk about any random thing not related to the Jellyverse ROM by Shadow_God. ie. Applications, widgets, extended batteries that you use with the ROM and results of those extended batteries, news, how your...
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    Thread [MOD] Boot animations Tutorial for any ROM on E4GT

    So we finally have a method to change our boot animations without using the very expensive program to create QMG files. I am going to give you an E4GT specific tutorial that I have come up with because this method was created and used for the Note II. Thank you to smokin1337 for posting the...
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    Thread Inspire 4g Antenna Mod

    Ok guys. After having the Inspire off and on for the last 2 years and loving the phone but hating the signal, I decided to try to do something about it. My work has paid off and I will be attempting to make it better and more on the clean looking side of things. I decided that the stock...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Illusion SCH-I110

    Ok, So I don't really see anything in the dev field for this phone. I have been trying to get root on it for close to a month now... Now, Forget root for just a second. I noticed something on this device. There are 2 different download modes. When I boot to download mode using...