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  1. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] ROM Wiped, Recovery Corrupted

    I have been trying to flash TWRP on my Wildfire S, but failed. It just goes back to CWM I stupidly went to wipe data in recovery, and now my recovery is corrupted. When I try to mount USB storage, it gives me E:Unable to write to ums lunfile (No such file or directory) I tried...
  2. herobrine_second

    Thread ASUS Tablet Choice

    I was thinking of buying a tablet, so here are two tablets I saw that were affordable. I'm considering ASUS only, since some of the Acer tablets I saw that were affordable, didn't fare too well in some of the reviews I read. Specs of the 2 tablets, ASUS VivoTab Smart and ASUS Transformer Book...
  3. herobrine_second

    Thread [REQ] Sense 5 ROM Port

    Hi, can I request for someone to port a Sense 5 ROM to our device? Not just a themed CM10/CM10.1 ROM, but real Sense 5. I've tried many times, but all failed. Its either this error or that error.
  4. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] Difference between 2 ROMs

    Hi, I have a question to ask about 2 ROMs, namely PAC-Man and Resurrection Remix, they are both 'hybrid' ROMs, they run Paranoid Android, AOKP and CM10.1. But what are the difference between these two ROMs, if anyone knows? I know that PAC-Man is easier to flash and install, but which ROM has...
  5. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] Possible to Port Other Manufacturer's ROMs

    Hi, I have two questions. 1. Is it possible to port other phone manufacturer's ROMs, like HTC Sense to Samsung phones, or from Samsung TouchWiz to HTC? 2. How can I, if possible, change a system app (like Messaging APK) to a normal app that can be installed via APK? (Like through Unknown...
  6. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] Rooting and Installing SuperSU

    Hi, I want to ask a question on rooting. When I read some threads about how to root the Wildfire S, I realised something common among them (well most of the threads I saw). They all install Superuser when the phone gets rooted, not SuperSU. I think SuperSU is better, since I have rooted my...
  7. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] Boot Animations and Stuff

    I realised when I ask questions, I always lump them into one paragraph, so I thought maybe I number them. These questions are about boot animations. 1. What are the risks of installing/flashing a boot animation, if any? 2. For the I9305, where are the boot animations located? (I'm rooted, I...
  8. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit Build Versions

    Hi, I have a question about the S3 Toolkit. I have a International S3 LTE, GT-I9305. I am on stock ROM, and on Android 4.1.2, build no. JZO54K.I9305XXBMB4, baseband version I9305XXBMA2. I am trying to root my phone through the toolkit, but there is a problem I encountered. There are two versions...
  9. herobrine_second

    Thread Sudden Phone Shut Down

    Hi, I have been getting sudden phone shut downs, it has happened 4 times already. I have fast boot on every time I turn on my phone, but when the phone suddenly shuts down, it turns fast boot off. My sister, who had my current phone (the phone I'm using was her phone, she passed it to me) had no...
  10. herobrine_second

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire S OTA Update

    Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OTA update. Before I update my new HTC Desire S to Android 4.0 via RUU, I would like to update my phone to 2.3.5 first. I have done a bit of installation of apps and contacts, and I am scared that the OTA update will...