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  1. virgilp

    Thread USB OTG working with Kernel 3.0?

    Hi guys! Is there anyone who got USB OTG (Host) working with the latest ICS kernel (3.0) on Kindle Fire? I am mostly interested in connecting a flash drive. If yes, can you please tell me how you did it? What ROM do you use? Does it require a powered USB hub? Thank you!
  2. virgilp

    Thread [APP] Go To Sleep

    Puts the device into sleep mode (or suspends the device). I've created this app because sometimes is difficult to press the power button on my HD. It was tested on HTC Touch HD with WM 6.1 and 6.5.3. It DOES NOT require .NET Compact Framework. Just install the cab and launch the shortcut from...
  3. virgilp

    Thread [APP] Screen Off

    This is my first WM app that I've developed about a year ago and I thought I post it here maybe someone else will find it useful. This application simply turns off the screen on the device, without putting it to sleep. I use it to save battery when i connect my phone to the PC to sync or to...
  4. virgilp

    Thread [APP] Mp3 Tag Editor

    Hello! As the name pretty much says it, this is an tag editor for mp3 files so they can be nicely displayed in the media player. The use of the application is very simple: - use the menu to open a mp3 file - choose the category you want to modify (ID3v1, ID3v2, Front Cover or Back Cover) -...
  5. virgilp

    Thread [APP] Curs Valutar v1.20

    Curs Valutar - exchange rates and currency converter for Windows Mobile, based on the rates provided by the National Bank of Romania. Features Official exchange rates from the National Bank of Romania Currency converter Choice of the displayed currencies Romanian/English interface...
  6. virgilp

    Thread [APP] imgur Uploader v1.0

    Hello! I've created this application allows you to upload a picture, existing or taken with the camera from within the application, to and shows the link for the original picture, small thumbnail and large thumbnail. The links can be shared with your twitter friends or copied to...
  7. virgilp

    Thread [APP] Close Process v1.1

    Hello! I have decided to develop my first application after I fell asleep a couple of times with the radio on and drained the battery on my Blackstone. The name of the application is “Close Process” and can be used to program a process to be closed after a certain amount of time or closed it...