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  1. taruntyagi1981

    Thread [Q] Help : SGS - Unable to upgrade

    Hi all I am having an unlocked Galaxy S, currently on Eclair. I wanted to upgrade it to ICS with Dark Knight Rom. I rooted it and then installed ROM Manager. But now this ROM manager is not working . I am unable to go into Recovery mode.Also, 3 button method doesn't work on my phone.I am unable...
  2. taruntyagi1981

    Thread [Q] Android book or website

    Hi all.. Any idea.. of a good book or website which could teach basics of Android ..pls tell me .. Thanks
  3. taruntyagi1981

    Thread Best version of CM7

    Hi frenz Please express your opinion which version of CM7 for Defy is best among all available in terms of following : 1) No. of bugs ( Lesser the bugs better the ROM :p) 2) Battery back up 3) Speed 4) Customization 5) Least call drops Currently available options ( please add if I missed any...
  4. taruntyagi1981

    Thread [Q] Help : Updating my Samsung GT-I9000 Eclair

    Hi All I am having unlocked Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000. Currently its on Eclair. Now I want to upgrade it using Stock ROM GB ( given by Samsung on their website : ) . But facing following problems : 1) My Home key is not working . Is there any alternative to this key ? or I will...
  5. taruntyagi1981

    Thread [Q] Pls HELP: Upgrading my Defy

    Hi All I am newbie here. Having a Motorola Defy ( Bayer module ). Want to update the Froyo 2.2.2 to GB. I read lots of articles on this site & watched videos. Found a video on youtube flashing defy with MS2Ginger. Link is as below : ( Please add...
  6. taruntyagi1981

    Thread [Q] Music Player crashes .. :(

    I am Defy, in which music player crashes. Tried so many players from market, but none worked. M new to Android world. Can anybody help me to sort it out pls..!!