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  1. ArbiterGR

    Thread Stamina Mode not working?

    I bought the device a couple of days ago and i love it. But i experience some sort of glitch with stamina mode. No matter what, some notifications still come through (Foursquare, facebook etc) and i have no apps whitelisted except tasker! Does anyone else has that issue ? i'm on stock .402...
  2. ArbiterGR

    Thread [Q] Power Saving mode switch via adb/shell or any other way?

    Hello, i'm trying to trigger s3's power saving mode toggle via adb or shell, for use with tasker, so that i can automate it depending on the occasion. But no matter what, i just can't find a way to do so.. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  3. ArbiterGR

    Thread Bike Mount/Holder ?

    Anyone found any good Bicycle / bike holder/mounts for our SIIIs yet ? There are only a few options right now on ebay like the "Bike Bicycle Mount Holder For Samsung Galaxy S 3 III I9300" (can't post link) but i don't really trust my galaxy on it :P
  4. ArbiterGR

    Thread Converting sdcard to exfat from the device itself?

    Excuse me for the dumb question, but i don't own a memory card reader and i'm trying to find a way to convert my class 10 32GB microsd to exfat. In my previous phones i could just access the sdcard with msc and format/convert at will, but since SGSIII connects only via mtp/ptp i'm clueless :p...
  5. ArbiterGR

    Thread Moving on..

    The time has come for my u8800 and me, to take on different paths. I'm selling it today and i'm eagerly waiting for my SGSIII to arrive. The only reason i started a new thread about it, is that i would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the developers that kept this phone active...