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  1. matthew33

    Thread HUGE screen burn!

    LG G8S here in UK. MASSIVE screen burn. Literally half the screen has gone a VERY dark green. Any way to fix this? thanks Matt
  2. matthew33

    Thread LG V30 Camera vs LG G6 Camera

    Is It Just me and/or my phone or is is fact that the G6 Takes way better pictures and seems to focus a LOT quicker, especially on close up pics. I have owned a few of, them, plis my mother an ]d father also own the G6 and comard to the V30 Camera it's a LOT quicker to focus and lesss blur etc...
  3. matthew33

    Thread Option to enable or disable weather animation vanished!

    Option to enable or disable weather animation vanished on my lh v30 h930 running latest stock rom. i click customize lockscreen and there is nothing there about weather lockscreen/animation. any ideas? Thanks Matt
  4. matthew33

    Thread Bootloop after latest Magisk no root!

    Bootloop after latest Magisk no root! This popped up, so i updated.....been on that Rom for ages and i'm not a newbie....but 1 hour later STILL white LG logo!!! pretty please help me out?
  5. matthew33

    Thread Pretty cool camera!

    TR Camera.apk here yuh go: Matt
  6. matthew33

    Thread Now got steady recording at UHD!!

    Now got steady recording at UHD!! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  7. matthew33

    Thread Is this normal?

    Hi. Even though I have camera app restricted from running in the background, it appears it still does, for a long time. Is this normal? If not - any Ideas how I stop it? thanks Matt
  8. matthew33

    Thread Thinking of buying LG v30 In UK

    But LOADS on Ebay all seem to have some kind of screen bleed problem. Is it advisable to avoid the LG V30 as this is a big problem? thanks Matt
  9. matthew33

    Thread OnePlus Camera App For LG G6

    OnePlus Camera Works great on my LG G6 H870 Link: roll a 3 sided die
  10. matthew33

    Thread Go From Oreo 20J to Pie 30A.KDZ?

    Can you flash Pie 30a.KDZ if I'm currently running Oreo 20J? cheers Matt
  11. matthew33

    Thread ANOTHER Pie version out 30b - ANYONE.... a link to .zip or .kdz or .up file? ANOTHER version of Pie has Just come out - 30B ! !
  12. matthew33

    Thread Blurry camera?

    Anyone else noticed camera is blurry on this Pie? Or is it just me? Matt. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  13. matthew33

    Thread LGH870AT-V29d-EUR-XX-AUG-12-2019+0

    Latest version of Pie is ready...LGH870AT-V29d-EUR-XX-AUG-12-2019+0 But how to download it? I see no links. Here is the page: Matt
  14. matthew33

    Thread A MIUI Camera App For you to try out

    Only basic, but always better having something a bit diff' now and again. Screens: Matt
  15. matthew33

    Thread 25 themes for LG G6

    25 themes for LG G6!:D Have fun!! Matt Moderator Edit, removal of the link.
  16. matthew33

    Thread H87020J is out...

    Anybody tried it yet? Matt Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  17. matthew33

    Thread YouTube Vanced - BLUE THEMED!

    As far as I know you have to be rooted with Magisk installed. But just Install as normal APK YouTube Vanced Version 14.10.53-1410532400 DOWNLOAD:
  18. matthew33

    Thread LG G6 H87020i Is out - anybody tried?

    LG G6 H87020i Is out - anybody tried? What's the difference between 20H ? cheers Matt
  19. matthew33

    Thread Mis-sold wrong model..can it still be rooted?

    I'm in the UK....but someone told me my phone was's just been delivered and turns out to be a LG-H873 This phone was a present for a family member for Xmas, please help. Can this be rooted? it's in 100% as-new condition etc. cheers Matt
  20. matthew33

    Thread New Camera App For Our G6

    It's a port of a Nokia Camera: Just download APK and Install:
  21. matthew33

    Thread Anyone know how to solve this?

    Please see pic: thanks Matt
  22. matthew33

    Thread H870 20F - Anyone tried it yet?

    I'm in UK on LG G6 H870 20C Update message on LG Bridge says H870 20F update is available- Anyone tried it yet? cheers Matt
  23. matthew33

    Thread I just bagged deal pf the century!

    3 x brand new and sealed Otterbox Symmerty cases for £2.98 and free Having owned one myself...i lnow how good they are and on they sell for £30.00 for Bargain! Matt. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  24. matthew33

    Thread TWRP problems

    Can someone please help me out? I've been trying for 2 days now, flashing stock oreo.zips, flashing oreo.kdz etc etc to no avail. I have the UK LG G6 H870. Stock Oreo Rom. Bootloader unlocked. Rooted. My Oreo rom is installed and working well. BUT, whenever I go to TWRP and attempt to do...
  25. matthew33

    Thread Android Oreo coming sooner than expected to S8!

    I'm getting and: Android Oreo Ad: Matt :good:
  26. matthew33

    Thread New update downloading...

    ....anyone know what's different in this new update for UK Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? It says updating to version: PDA-QH3 / CSC-QH3/PHONE: QH3 (BTU) ?? see screenshots any ideas whats new?
  27. matthew33

    Thread What's this Icon in my notification bar?

    Any ideas anyone? thanks Matt.
  28. matthew33

    Thread S8 Plus Nougat Easter Egg: How many cats have you caught?

    S8 Plus Nougat Easter Egg: How many cats have you caught? Yup, I know it's sad...but a bit of How many you got? So far, I've got 45 Come on, confess and show us your cats:good:
  29. matthew33

    Thread FINALLY a good case with .......

    .....QUALITY built-in curved screen protector!:good:
  30. matthew33

    Thread Anyone else got this July update?

    Got alerted via my phone that an update was available, so downloaded and installed it. 750mb in size Here is a screenshot Can't notice any difference anywhere, what about you? Anyone got more info on what was included, perhaps with more detail? cheers Matt (S8 PLus on Vodafone UK)
  31. matthew33

    Thread Is there a fix for this error yet?

    S8 plus stuck in recovery with following message: "Support SINGLE-SKU Supported API: 3 dm-verity error failed code : 0x02" Is there a fix for this yet? cheers Matt
  32. matthew33

    Thread 2 Error messages. please help.

    Been running Carhd Rom for a while now with zero problems. Last night, my battery was down to about 15% so I turned off the phone, until I went upstairs a couple hours later to put it on charge. Problem is, phone did not restart as normal...instead a message in red came up. Something like...
  33. matthew33

    Thread [Q] PLEASE, desperate help needed.

    Got a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus a few days ago, installed TWRP and rooted etc and installed CarHDRom with no problems at all. However, when version 2.1 came out, I flashed it and all worked perfect...BUT....could not and can not make any calls or texts etc. Imei info screen is showing all zeros...
  34. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Time in notification area?

    Anyone know how to get the Time in notification area? you know what i mean...where the battery is etc? cheers Matt
  35. matthew33

    Thread From LG G3 to Galaxy S8 Plus

    Going from my From LG G3 to Galaxy S8 arrives tommorow. Any ideas of the cheapest possible way to unlock it to all networks? It's on Vodaphone, but wanna use my Three sim card. Anyone else made a big Jump in phones, like me from LG G3 to S8+?? Do you find the difference a bit or a...
  36. matthew33

    Thread 4 Camera apps for LG G3

    100% confirmed working on LG D855 running Fulmics 7.5 Marsmallow. HTC Camera LG G6 Camera Xcam LG Not sure what the other one camera_5.0.47.7_s0bes_hacked.apk HTC...
  37. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Error when turn on phone

    LG logo pops up for about 2 seconds, then the exact message pops up, then screen goes black with led flashing different colours. ": boot certification verify secure boot error cause: boot certification verify" Any ideas? cheers Matt
  38. matthew33

    Thread [Q] can someone please help??

    I've just got a LG G4 after owning a G3 for ages. It's LG G4 H815 UK. I'm trying to unlock bootloader and root + install recovery. It was easy on G3....but i'm having HUGE problems with the G4.:eek: All the steps in the how to guide from here, go well, until I attempt to get device ID. It...
  39. matthew33

    Thread Thinkin of Upgrading from G3 to G4

    As in title, but unsure if its worth upgrading as far as im aware, they almost the same. Let's say I sold my phone today, and ordered a brand new LG G4...what improvements can I expect to see over the G3? thanks mattt
  40. matthew33

    Thread I emailed LG about marshmallow and got this response

    ....according to this reply U got today: image upload no size limit
  41. matthew33

    Thread I have a link to Marshmallow ported to LGD855

    .....if anyone wants it?
  42. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Which SD Card Should I get?

    I'm getting an SD Card today and 95% sure i'll get the Samsung Evo, but would value your opinions and choice out of the two options. image hosting 5mb So, if you only had a choice out of the 2, which would you get? Many thanks Matt
  43. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Can you help me install Xposed?

    Device = Lg G3 16gb D855. Tried installing via the .apk method, no luck, also tried flashing .zip version via TWRP....installs ok, but when I open Xposed, it says it's not installed. WEIRD!! Here are some screenshots. Any help will be super appreciated. Thanks Matt upload image
  44. matthew33

    Thread please help me install Xposed on my G2

    im using cloudyflex 2.8 kitkat 4.4.2 rom and tried a million different .apk files to install Xposed, but it keeps saying I need to flash the .zip in my recovery. Problem is though, i've searched fo days and can't find the .zip Xposed framework installer anywhere.....can some please give me a...
  45. matthew33

    Thread please help me install Xposed on my G2

    im using cloudyflex 2.8 kitkat 4.4.2 rom and tried a million different .apk files to install Xposed, but it keeps saying I need to flash the .zip in my recovery. Problem is though, i've searched fo days and can't find the .zip Xposed framework installer anywhere.....can some please give me a...
  46. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Please help me

    Please can someone help me...i'm new to LG G2 I have 16gb LG G2 UK model D802....I tried to root etc, really cannot remember what i've done, but stuck on screen saying fastboot mode started udc_start() -reset- -portcharge- -reset- -portcharge- I've tried everything....holding down volume and...
  47. matthew33

    Thread Hound Beta

    I've got the activation code and got 3 invites left....anyone want any? pm me you name and email address and i'll send you the invites. Matt
  48. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Does the M8 suffer pink/purple camera like M7?

    Basically got ripped off on ebay as was sold a HTC One M7 with pink fuzzy camera. So, now thinking of the getting the M8 instead. Can anyone please confirm that this is not a problem with the M8? thanks Matt
  49. matthew33

    Thread M8 - Anything bad to keep an eye out for?

    I sold my HTC One-X+ and got an excellent condition HTC One M7 off Ebay.....BUT, turned on screen appeared, hours later found out that it's a VERY common fault with the HTC One M7 etc. So, Ebay are going to refund me and I'm thinking of getting the M8 Instead. But before I do...
  50. matthew33

    Thread [Q] Please help me ...

    Basically, out with my daughter at the beach today and dropped my phone in the only tiny shallow pool of water around! It was in there for about a second at most, coz I grabbed it out SUPER fast, gave it a shake, blew all over it, wiped it down on my nice dry top I had on etc. 2 big nasty...