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    Thread How to update the original firmware with TWRP installed?

    Whenever the phone reboot to install updates it goes to the TWRP instead and won't update.
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    Thread Update after installing TWRP don't work

    I unlocked the bootloader, installed TWRP and the official Rom. Installed the magistik and rooted the device. Now when it asks for update and reboot instead of updating it goes to the recovery instead of updating. Any idea in how to solve that ?
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    Thread Fortnite on galaxy s4 ?

    May someone at least try ?
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    Thread gt-9515L (The latin version !)

    Hi everyone, I´ve been struggling really hard to install a custom rom in my Galaxy S4 Value Edition Latin version but what is happening is that the wifi is not working in any of those latest build. I notice that we need some especific bootload/Modem/ Kernel combination but the developers rarely...
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    Thread Root for SM-P605M <-- Brazilian Version

    I Came accross this instruction and it worked just fine.
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    Thread Enable SCH-I535 (galaxy s 3 verizon) to use 2100mhz

    Hi everyone, I know there is a thread already open to unlock the radio for the sch-I535: So far nobody was able to enable the 1900 or 1700mhz Here in Brazil Claro network uses 2100 Mhz and I would like to know if anyone was...