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  1. Raschild6

    Thread Root SM-G950F without cable

    Hello everyone, i am going crazy for rooting my sm-g950f without using pc. Unfortunately i dropped the phone. The charging port broke and for now I'm charging it with the nfc. I have tried many apk one click root but they all failed (kingoroot, oneclickroot, etc ..) and it seems to understand...
  2. Raschild6

    Thread Error during come back to stock!!

    I tried to come back to stock 4.19.401.9 hboot 1.54. It's the 3 time that I risk to brick my phone so now I must create this post for asking: At the begging I unlocked all (bootloader, recovery, root). Then i wronged to flash a stock rom zip and i had a hard brick. I solved it thank to flash a...
  3. Raschild6

    Thread Search Nandroid Backup Stock Rom

    hi guy i have low time for find this: I need a Nandroid Backup (if possible Twrp) Stock Rom cid 405(Htc-Ita) 4.19.401.9 i searched it a lot of time but, or i don't know which file is it or i don't know where find it. So please i have little time, anyone can help me? thanks! :rolleyes:
  4. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Toolkit for Root and Bootloader?

    hi men, I bought this phone today, and although I've seen videos to unlock root permissions and bootloarder, but i would like to know if there is a toolkit that allowed all this with just a few clicks without follow the whole procedure; and if yes, how can i use it. thanks to all
  5. Raschild6

    Thread [q] porting xperia t

    i have a question..... 1) i have just try 2 guide and some test....but all finish with "istallation aborted or not boot" i want to port a rom from Xperia T to my xperia arc??? there is any possibily?? how can i do? (don't link the guide because i have just follow this...
  6. Raschild6

    Thread Dump of System NEXUS 4 release

    Dump of System NEXUS 4 release to download for developing :
  7. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Problem to Create a rom!!! helpppp

    guide ----> i have a problem... in 5# video ( , minute 3,45 when i press y to convert updater-script to update-script write that updarer-script don't found...why??? i...
  8. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Port of rom-pfittech 4.1 neutrino v1.1.3??

    what do you think about a port of this rom?? rom-pfittech 4.1 neutrino v1.1.3 for galaxy s II ps. i can't do it :crying: :crying: but I would like to learn :fingers-crossed:
  9. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Kernel for cm10????

    Fusion Kernel v3.4 or Fusion Kernel v3.5 or LuPuS-JBv2 or which kernel is the best for CM10? Thx
  10. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Two questions in cm10

    1) i want change apps system for example Apollo, Message, Keyboard with apps from other do? 2) i have read in the fxp before 141 that if i do a nandroid backup i delete all file in sd...this problem is solved in fxp141 true?... the first is more important!!...
  11. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] i have change my x10i with an arc

    last month i have bricked my xperia x10i and last day the assurance brought to me an xperia arc 4.0.4 build .587 Today i have obtain the root and recovery (with xparts) because i have locked bootloader. I know enough the concepts of development but i have questions : I have just search in the...
  12. Raschild6

    Thread How to root???

    how can i root my arc 4.0.4? thx
  13. Raschild6

    Thread ROM 2.1

    there are any rom with 2.1 ???
  14. Raschild6

    Thread Dualboot xp-ubuntu

    i know that this forum isn't the correct place where i write my question but if you have an answer please write here : I wanted to start developing something with the rom but I need linux.... i have a OS XpProfessional and with usb i have install linux mint 12 (i have a old pc) .... when i...
  15. Raschild6

    Thread backup problem URGENTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    i have make a backup in Xrecovery 3.0 ....... now i flash 128 Fxp kernel and there is only Cmw 5 and i can't restore my backup :( :( plz there are any solutions??? for example install Xrecovery or convert backup....... plz urgent :crying: :crying:
  16. Raschild6

    Thread PORT FROM x8/x10minipro TO x10i ICS full work what do you think about this ??? can you port the rom in x10i??? :cool: :cool: there is even the camera ;)
  17. Raschild6

    Thread [q] jelly bean is ported by nexus one

    hey guys :) what do you think about to port this for x10i??? ;) it's possible?? (i known is very difficult but would be great)
  18. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Eclipse Programming Specific question

    hi :) I have a urgent question : I'm programming with Eclipse SDK....i want to create a folder in sdcard during the istallation my do I write it in code? plz help :)
  19. Raschild6

    Thread Problem Fera NG urgent!!!!!!!

    i have a problem.....i don't know if this problem is caused by Rom but.......sometimes, and more and more often, I don't get the message or arrive after a few hours!!! any solution? thxx
  20. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] ufficial rom 2.3.3

    hi men..... easy question : where can I find the ufficial rom 2.3.3 ??? i search this zip.... thx
  21. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] package customization rom for Fera NG

    hi men :) i have a question for you xD i flashed a new FeraRom NG and it's a fantastic rom :) but I would add to it some settings from the FeraRom JAR.... for example : 15 step added in volume package customization rom(example : font size, type of battery icon...) how can I do? thxxxx : D
  22. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] To build a rom starting from zero please help :)

    hi :) i have searched some post to understand how to build a rom starting from zero for x10i.... (i prefer a Feralab rom : P that MIUI) but i haven't found nothing.....i 'm a noob because, until now, i have only flash a rom,kernel,zip....but to build a rom...I know nothing..... If you have time...
  23. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] New and Best kernel?

    Hello people :) I flashed the new rom Feralab v18 and DoomKernel v.06 on my phone x10i but I have seen that sometimes it block or it goes in spurts.....I don't sure that it's the kernel, but because I wanted to prove even more, I'm here to ask you : What are the new and best kernel after...
  24. Raschild6

    Thread [Q] Error wifi and Alternative Connection Internet is a Rom (v16.5) really beautiful but I get always the same error wifi error .... I tried the pach doomKernel and its module wifi but nothing .... I can try to flash the wifi module (Rom or Stock Kernel). If someone can give...