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  1. draggehn

    Thread How to lower boot brightness?

    Hey friends, just curious if any of you know how (or if it's possible) to make the brightness during the boot animation not be 100% or however bright it currently is? I use a low(er) brightness and hate blinding myself when I turn on my device. Thanks!
  2. draggehn

    Thread [Q] PA Gapps not installing

    When I attempt to install the PA gapps, it "succeeds" but when I restart into both Alpha 1 and 2, I have none of the gapps in the stock package. I am using the zip that TKruzze provided for 5.0.1, but Alphas 1 and 2 are 5.0.2. Would this cause the gapps not to show up? Any help is appreciated...
  3. draggehn

    Thread Nexus 7 Problem (hard to describe in a title)

    So, just a little bit of background, I got my Nexus 7 on Christmas 2012. Recently, my Nexus 7 has been "shutting off" (I put it in quotes because it isn't really shutting off: the screen is just refusing to turn on) in the middle of the night. I've also noticed the whole screen freezing when...
  4. draggehn

    Thread [q] ota 139.12.53

    So, this is my friend's 2nd Moto X (she updated OTA and starting bootlooping: device on for ~15 seconds, off, repeat) so I was wondering if this update is safe. Any help is appreciated. Edit: I should mention her carrier is AT&T.
  5. draggehn

    Thread Trying to Build PA 3.92

    I don't know what's wrong, but whenever I try to build I get problems. Log is here. I'd appreciate any help as to why this is happening. Cheers! Draggehn
  6. draggehn

    Thread Trying to sync AOSPA Repo, errors

    So, I'm trying to sync ParanoidAndroid's repo so I can build my own PA for Grouper. Whenever I sync, I get the following error Fetching projects: 98% (349/356) fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/cm-10.2 Unexpected end of command stream fatal: Couldn't find remote ref...
  7. draggehn

    Thread [HELP] Building Paranoid Android 3.90 on Grouper

    So, I was building my own personal PA 3.90. When I flashed the .zip, I booted up normally, until the bootlogo screen. Instead of the Shark or whatever it is in 3.90, I just got a black screen. I got no errors while building (or else I wouldn't be able to flash it) but this keeps on happening. I...
  8. draggehn

    Thread [GUIDE]How to change your Halo Wave Color!

    With the help of ATTACK, I found out how to change Halo's wave animation! You are going to want to look in Halo.smali (edit with Notepad++) and search (Ctrl+F) for "-0xcc4a1b". Now, Google Hex Color Picker and choose the color you want for the wave. Then, open up the Android Color...
  9. draggehn

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Modify the Halo Icon on ANY ROM (that uses Halo, that is)

    Hello fellow XDA members! Today I will be showing you how to theme your NEXUS 7's Halo! First, go grab whatever halo icon's you would like from this thread by ATTACK: Second, make sure you have the app ZipThemer (link is on ATTACK's...