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  1. Bierce22

    Thread Help bootloop into fastboot after updating to 5.1

    hey guys i just tried to update to 5.1 from 4.4.4 gpe I flashed the ruu first and reinstalled my recovery backed up and installed digitalhigh gpe 5.1 when it finally booted my wifi wasnt working so I rebooted and now it just bootloops into fast boot and I cant get into twrp
  2. Bierce22

    Thread Updating from 4.4.4 google play rom

    Hey guys its been a really long time sense ive updated my phone im running the google play 4.4.4 rom right now and I want the latest normal stock htc rom rooted of course would someone mind telling me what i need in terms of radios and roms to flash
  3. Bierce22

    Thread Switching from verizon

    Hey guys im debating on switching from verizon because of there new plans are ridiculous im on m8 right now so I would probably want the m9. Im going to get the unlimited data plan and I was wondering how hard it is to get wifi tethering working I plan on rooting it first thing so are there any...
  4. Bierce22

    Thread soft brick help

    Hey guys so i think i just soft bricked my m8 on cm11 i can get into hboot but i cant reboot to recover twrp if anyone has any ideas thx in advance
  5. Bierce22

    Thread carrier label for cyanogen and gpe roms?

    Hey I was wondering if it was possible to get cyanogen to recognize verizon as the carrier so the my fios app will work thats just about the only thing I use from verizon to check my data whenever I load it, it just says device not recognized
  6. Bierce22

    Thread Wich Ir Remote do yall use?

    Hey I was just wondering wich ir remote app everyone uses I stopped using sense tv because its just to bloated and I never used the guide features. I finally ended up on zappir because its free now with add support wich I have blocked thanks to adaway.
  7. Bierce22

    Thread I am cardboard for htc one m8

    Hey so my google cardboard kit finally came in the mail today the I am cardboard version from amazon. It was only 20$ and I couldnt resist not trying it lol. Anyway I got everything assembled in about two minutes the only problem was the lenses had dust from the cardboard on them so I just got...
  8. Bierce22

    Thread Req more Irc channel Participants

    Hey guys just so yall know the m8 does have a irc channel and if you need help fast thats usually the best place, buts theres only a feew of us in there. Feel free to come to #htcm8 on freenode so we can keep the room more populated.
  9. Bierce22

    Thread Dang it XDA!

    really not digging the new website design unless im going crazy and its still the same for everyone else
  10. Bierce22

    Thread Anyone Try google cardboard yet on the m8?

    Hey i was wondering if anyone has tried google cardboard yet i was thinking of getting a kit from amazon but wasnt sure witch one would work with the m8. The only reason why i would want cardboard is for watching movies on it.
  11. Bierce22

    Thread Any Hope For Ubuntu Touch on M8

    Hey I was wondering in the future could there be a port for ubuntu touch for the m8
  12. Bierce22

    Thread wich kernel to use on stock 4.4.3 sense rom?

    Hey guys so ive decided to keep the stock rom just debloated for now but i would like to use a custom kernel instead I was looking around in original android development and saw a feew of them but i dont know witch one works best with 4.4.3
  13. Bierce22

    Thread Witch sound mod to choose for google play rom?

    Hey guys im setting up the google play rom and its giving me options for sound mods stock (use for google play edition) Project era or sound explosion but it dosnt give an option for boom sound
  14. Bierce22

    Thread Power saver mode for play edition rom

    hey is there a way to add the new power save mode using the play edition rom or is it the same as ondemand or powersave in the cpu scheduler
  15. Bierce22

    Thread New M8 with update

    hey guys i just got a new htc m8 i got the new firmware update for it but i havnt installed it yet and was wondering if the htc tool kit would still work with it to root it or if there was an easier method for it now thx in advance
  16. Bierce22

    Thread The unofficial galaxy s3 linux support thread

    I just wanted to start this thread for anyone who needs help with the s3 on linux whether its mounting sd/mtp or help with heimdall. I use Arch linux and let me tell you mtp is a pain in the butt, I ended up having to use a ftp server, and for my sd card I use a root ap called SG USB MASS...
  17. Bierce22

    Thread Hello

    Just thought id say hi. I got a new gs3 this past weekend switching from the continuum, and its a pretty big leap forward, Im running cm10.1 nightly on it right now, and it flat out flies!
  18. Bierce22

    Thread Is the forum still alive

    Man its been awhile since i posted here im still using my continuum because i have a year left on the contract so id see what everyone is up to.
  19. Bierce22

    Thread My new arch setup

    its been awhile since ive posted mainly because all my focus has been on my computer these last couple of weeks, but i have made a full transition over to arch linux instead of ubuntu as my main os my current settup is xfce with avant window navigator and guake as my terminal. Here are some...
  20. Bierce22

    Thread ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!

    huzzza finally i found a working oem recovery for my computer and was able to restore windows 7 and its actually better than before because it didnt install any of the hp bloatware. you guys have have no idea how stoked i am right now ive yet to find a linux distro that didnt freeze or have...
  21. Bierce22

    Thread well i goofed no more win7 for me..

    well i was an idiot when i was installing a new linux distro and i kind of deleted the parition windows 7 was on so i cant boot windows or even get into my oem recovery unless i pay 15$ for hp to ship a cd. so if yall need any help on the linux side feel free to ask me any questions im usually...
  22. Bierce22

    Thread help restoring windows 7

    hey guys i think i goofed big time when i installed windows 8 i just chose to upgrade windows instead of setting a partition if i chose to complelty return my computer back to facotory settings would that fix it. my main issue is my computer did not come with a windows 7 installation disk or cd key.
  23. Bierce22

    Thread divx web player crashing

    has anyone noticed divx web player crashing i havnt been able to get a single video to work on firefox or chrome
  24. Bierce22

    Thread req .pit drop box invalid

    hey can someone please send me the .pit file for odin every link in the development section just gives me a blank page im pretty sure drop box is messing up and thanks in advance
  25. Bierce22

    Thread (fixed!)music skipping on ec07 clean

    i updated to ec07 clean about a week ago and one thing ive noticed is my music starts skipping whenever i press compasitive buttons or turn the screen on and off it dosnt matter if im streaming it or if its on my sd card i even tried setting my cpu to performance 400 1000 and it still does it...
  26. Bierce22

    Thread upated to ec07 clean and android market is missing. desregard

    okay so i finally get around to installing eco7 i first did a full wipe in recovery then used odin to update the modem/kernal then i rebooted back to recovery and flashed ec07 clean it booted just fine and i got signed into google everything got updated except for somereason the market is not...
  27. Bierce22

    Thread Hero S Comming to Cellular south

    okay this is a little suprising but it looks like c south will be getting the heros s
  28. Bierce22

    Thread Off-topic gaming thread

    Discuss Games! PC, PS3, XBOX, Android, etc.
  29. Bierce22

    Thread would chainfires3d opengl graphics work on the continuum?

    hey i was wondering if chainfires new app that install opengl graphics would work on the continuum the requirements are a 1ghz processor but the app needs a recovery to install it.
  30. Bierce22

    Thread New Prl Update 52363.

    hey just to let yall know theres a new prl update. To update go to your dialer dial *228 wait a sec and a num pad will pop up saying verizon wireless programing make sure you press 2 for update roaming list wait for it to download should say prl download okay! after that hit next and the phone...
  31. Bierce22

    Thread Service randomly dropping on pasterbenits Eco 3 Odin rom

    Has anyone else noticed there service dropping on Eco 3 Odin I've updated my prl and everything but it still does it Sent from my SCH-I400 using XDA App
  32. Bierce22

    Thread XDA forgot my birthday!

    Man im so bumbed out i was looking forward to see my name in the todays birthdays list but no wheres the love xda.
  33. Bierce22

    Thread help making an odin image

    okay so working with a friend we got miui from the samsung fascinate ported to the continuum to my understanding everything should work minus the ticker of course however im not exactly sure how to make the odin image in order to flash it i tried to do it through recovery and i got this error...
  34. Bierce22

    Thread Help completely disabling the ticker

    Hey I was wondering if someone knew how to completly turn off the ticker display the button on the far right drives me crazy my finger will always hit by accident when watching a video or playing a game I tried to delete the ticker history apk in root explorer but the button still shows up and...
  35. Bierce22

    Thread Why are apps like fpse bios are allowed to stay in the android market?

    I just had to say this. I came across an app in the market called fpse bios witch is the file you need in order to run playstation emulators bassicly the developer charges people a dollar for the app and all it does is search the internet for a download link to the bios file. witch is something...
  36. Bierce22

    Thread Overclock kernals

    Hey I saw in development that we finally have w custom kernal but it didn't say anything about being able to be ocd so I was wondering if there was another kernal floating around that would allow overclocking. Sent from my SCH-I400 using XDA App
  37. Bierce22

    Thread help(resolved)

    Hey I just seriously screwed my self over bassicly I tried to get miui to boot from the samsung fascinate however when I installed it in cmr it spassed out then powered of then went to the bootloader and I get a red error message saying can't mount data or something so then I tried to reinstall...
  38. Bierce22

    Thread What's you're favorite live wallpaper?

    Just wanted to start this thread so everyone can share there favorite lwp. Mine has to be either city at night or anipet aquarium. Sent from my SCH-I400 using XDA App
  39. Bierce22

    Thread post your 3g speed tests results.

    theres a speed test thread in just about every other forum so i thought id start one here to lol. thats using prl 52341 40miles outside of atlanta.
  40. Bierce22

    Thread help finding lockscreen apk

    im trying to find the system app lockscreen in root explorer but i cant find it anywhere. what im trying to do is use agile lock for the sense 3.0 lockscreen but the default lockscreen will always come first so im trying to delete the default lockscreen so i can use agile lock. so if anyone...
  41. Bierce22

    Thread verizon employees go on strike!

    just saw on cnn that over 20,000 verizon wireless employees went on strike.
  42. Bierce22

    Thread hi.

    just saying hello im coming from the sprint hero and i just got the continuum today sucks that its a legacy device but i can live with it. Its a shame to that its a legacy device because spec wise its as good as any other phone out today lol.
  43. Bierce22

    Thread anyone know how to extract a prl from a 3g aircard.

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew how to extract a prl from an aircard specifically verizons mifi 3g/4g hotspot. im using one now and its flying so i was just wanting to put the prl in the prl thread lol.
  44. Bierce22

    Thread Hello.

    i was just wanting to say hi im coming from the sprint hero and hopefully if all goes well im getting the incredible 2 tomorrow morning witch is my dream phone pretty much lol.
  45. Bierce22

    Thread good buy android..

    if yall have been reading the prl thread then you know ive gotten my self into quite a pickle well as it turns out my situation just got worse. So i decided to go to the metro pcs store today to get sined up with them, because there the only ones that could flash my hero to there network. As it...
  46. Bierce22

    Thread New android market first impressions

    i just saw the new update for the market and it looks completely different, but much cleaner and sleeker in my opinion what do yall think? heres the market in action source
  47. Bierce22

    Thread Req Help making first app using app inventor.

    hey i was wondering if someone wouldnt mind helping me make an app i was planing on making this app free without adds so if someone else can do this alot faster please feel free to do so i just want this idea to be out there pretty much. okay what i want to do is make a one click enable and...
  48. Bierce22

    Thread Witch Tether Method do Yall prefere?

    i just wanted to start this thread to see witch method everyone else prefers since there are several tethering methods out now. i personally prefer native usb tether on cyanogen 7.1 it dosn't drop my connection near as much.
  49. Bierce22

    Thread 3g carrier speed wars!

    just wanted to start this so everyone can post 3g speed tests from there carrier. this is on sprint with cmda hero location north Georgia U.S
  50. Bierce22

    Thread This place is a gost town!

    Man ive dreaded this day for awhile now but it feels like the last few days of high school when finals are over and you were one of the only ones who showed up for school i think the hero forums have officially died.:(