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  1. liamstears

    Thread APK Mod Help

    Hope a dev or someone can help me with modding an APK I'm attempting to mod the APK that displays the heating control elements I've managed to do most of what I wanted and changed the layout etc to suit my vehicle but at the moment I don't get a "HI" or "LO" message when I am suppose to and...
  2. liamstears

    Thread [Help Thread][Guides] Ownice K6/C960 - Android Head Unit with Digital Audio Output

    Ownice K6/C960 Android Head Unit Information on this unit seems to be extremely sparse but it's without a doubt the best unit I have used so far so I am putting this thread together to get a universal one stop shop for this unit in English. A lot of the information displayed here is from a...
  3. liamstears

    Thread UK Won't Get 16GB Ram

    So I pre-ordered the 512GB grey model assuming I would get 16GB ram however I read somewhere that the Exynos models would be limited to 12GB ram Decided to contact Samsung direct and just had them confirm on live chat that UK 512GB models will only have 12GB ram. I can only assume this will be...
  4. liamstears

    Thread 4G Disconnect - Help Please - Logcat Attached

    Have a CSN2 PX5 Android 9 based head unit with a 4G USB Modem attached All works well when first plugged in, shows 4G and works perfectly but after a short time driving 4G just disconnects even though a clear full signal is still received Can someone please take a look at the attached logcats...
  5. liamstears

    Thread CSN2 Whitelist Autostart

    Trying to get my headunit to behave how I want it to on startup and I am almost there using tasker, tasker does exacty what I need it to do, only problem is that tasker doesn't start when I start up the unit Been looking into it and it seems the MTCD units have a whitelist function where you...
  6. liamstears

    Thread MyCarService - Request for help

    Hi all, hope someone can help When I start up my headunit I always get this annoying popup section that is for reverse sensors but I don't have reverse sensors so would like to disable it I have narrowed it down to the MyCarService.apk (attached) The popup relates to reverse_left_pic.png and...
  7. liamstears

    Thread S10+ Wallpaper Background Templates

    Just sharing what I have made for myself 3 Templates for background to help make your wallpaper match up with the front camera, 1 basic template which matches the camera cutout, a full template which covers the whole space leaving the same amount of gap at each end (good if you want to put a...
  8. liamstears

    Thread USB 3.1 Speed?

    Slightly confused at the moment Specs for this phone say USB 3.1 gen 1 but when connecting the phone up to my PC using a USB 3.1 cable and my USB 3 port my PC seems to think its still a USB 2.0 device and operates at that speed Why am I not seeing USB 3.1?
  9. liamstears

    Thread Nougat Advanced Power Menu

    Anyone created one? Willing to share?
  10. liamstears

    Thread Stumped, help!

    So I'm trying to make a flashable zip of the latest BPHJ BTU S7 Edge rom but no matter what it won't boot, just get the galaxy s7 edge screen flash a couple times then back to recovery Have done this on the last 3 or 4 rom releases with no issues, extract, deodex, remove some junk and zip up...
  11. liamstears

    Thread System Extraction

    Anyone else notice that the img files in AP are different than previous firmwares in G935FXXU1APDU? Trying to extract system.img and cant, normally can use newimg2ext2.exe (SVAImgUnpack) but it doesnt seem to work on this build... Anyone managed to extract system from this build? Or if not can...
  12. liamstears

    Thread Decompiling apk's

    Anyone been able to do it on this device so far? I've been able to extract the rom, deodex it but cant get apktool to play ball It wont install framework or decompile anything, only want to do some basic systemui mods Anyone can help?
  13. liamstears

    Thread [ROM][G900F] G900FXXU1POD1 UK EE Open Beta Wi-Fi Calling

    In the process of making a rom based on G900FXXU1POD1 UK EE firmware, mainly because I need Wifi Calling It will only be a basic rom more of a dev base with some basic mods and bits removed This something people would be interested in? If so would like a couple beta testers... UPDATE...
  14. liamstears

    Thread PayPal Fingerprint Linking

    Trying to link my PayPal to my fingerprint and just getting "Error occurred please try again" Any ideas anyone? Running echoe rom
  15. liamstears

    Thread Guide/How-To: Disable Annoying Increasing Ring

    I hated the annoying increasing ring so set out to fix it For those that just want a quick flashable zip please scroll to the bottom Thanks to the amazing gharrington and his thread: It turned out...
  16. liamstears

    Thread ENG HBoot 1.09.2006 (Engineer HBoot)

    I know the ENG HBoot 1.09.2006 was out there for a little while when trying to get S-OFF for our phone but since then the link has now died so I'm putting out this request for someone who has it (theres a few of you out there) to share it to us all in here...
  17. liamstears

    Thread Need Java Help.....Please...

    This is not phone related but is a java issue, its a windows program that I'm having trouble with First off this is not my app and I have not made any of the coding for it Now its called UPSTools and can be found here: Im...
  18. liamstears

    Thread [HBoot Mod] Remove red text from splash screen, Remove Tampered Text!

    Remove Tampered Text! S-Off required This is quite a lengthy process but this will remove the tampered text competely and not leave just a blank space at the top, you will need adb, fastboot, 2.20 RUU, recovery img and your Unlock_code.bin, so here goes: First of all do a FULL backup in...
  19. liamstears

    Thread [Information/Guides] UK One XL Thread

    Tmobile/Orange/EE have released a UK version of the One XL for us so that users on the EE network can get 4g Now I see many people come on this forum looking at how to flash custom roms to their UK One XL phone but this is actually the wrong forum completely Please follow this link as it will...
  20. liamstears

    Thread [Information/Guides] UK One XL Thread - Mod please read and sticky

    MODS Friendly requesting this thread gets stickied to help all the UK OneXL users Tmobile/Orange/EE have released a UK version of the One XL for us so that users on the EE network can get 4g Specs of the phone are identical to the US version of the One XL featuring a Dual Core S4 chip only...
  21. liamstears

    Thread [AIO Mod] Venom Viper XL Theme Animation! Fully animated with thousands new icons :D

    If you don't know what my theme is then check out the sensation version: For those that dont want a full theme If you dont want a full theme but like my statusbar mod then you can now have it seperate using the new tweaks theme feature...
  22. liamstears

    Thread Brand New One X - Dead?

    Got my One X in the post today, plugged it in, been on charge for atleast an hour and a half but it's still dead No signs of life, no charge light, can't turn on, can't enter bootloader Anyone experience this? Also the phone is stone cold, if the battery was charging I would expect it to get...
  23. liamstears

    Thread [AIO Mod] Sense 4.0 Venom Theme Animation, Colored Animated Icons, 5 Signal Bar

    Ok ok first off this is not 100% going to happen BUT it most likely will What I need to know is do you guys want it? For those of you that dont know about my theme check out here: So do you want my theme on your phone?? If you do...
  24. liamstears

    Thread [AIO Mod] Sense 4.0 Venom Theme Animation, Colored Animated Icons, 5 Signal Bar

    This theme has now been discontinued. Version 2.0 for ViperS 1.6.1 will be the last release. Thank you to you all for using my theme but due to time and only owning a One XL I can no longer support this theme If another themer/dev would like to continue my work I will allow this, dev/themer...
  25. liamstears

    Thread [Dev] Need help! animated-rotate

    Try to do a mod which would normally be a simple thing to do but no matter what I try it just wont work!! Simply put im trying to change an image in mms.apk to a spinner The image is msg_detail_indicator_sending.png Ive deleted it and created msg_detail_indicator_sending.xml pointing to a...
  26. liamstears

    Thread Sensation or One X

    If you were in my shoes what would you do? My options are: Pay off remainder off vodafone contract (£15.50 for maybe 2 or 3 more months) And keep sensation on t-mobile £25 month contract which ends in december OR Sell sensation, pay off t-mobile contract Upgrade vodafone contract to one x...
  27. liamstears

    Thread [Fix][Sense 3.6] Browser.apk, not loading pages from external links on first click

    For 3.32.401.5/3.32.401.105 based sense 3.6 ICS roms As the title says, Fix for Browser.apk not loading pages from external links on first click Attached is flashable zip (this is slightly different from the one I posted in ARHD thread) Enjoy! This is basically just an earlier base...
  28. liamstears

    Thread [FIXED] Fixing battery % mod issues in sense 3.6 ICS

    Scroll to bottom of post for fix Ok so first off not everone gets the issue so this may or may not apply to you The issue relates to using a statusbar battery % mod The issue only occurs when the battery is 25% or lower The issue: Example 1: Battery % will be 25%, this can be seen by...
  29. liamstears

    Thread Porting QuickSettings, Need help

    Having problems with long press to launch certain things For example: const-string v3, "android.settings.AIRPLANE_MODE_SETTINGS" Will launch airplane mode settings How can I launch tether settings? I know its but what could I use above to work? Also...
  30. liamstears

    Thread Pick me an SD card

    Choices are:
  31. liamstears

    Thread Finding icon...

    When opening up contacts list and click on contact at the top right above google is a link icon Where is this icon?
  32. liamstears

    Thread Themers Please Help! (New Question)

    Can somewhere tell me where the background image is in the attached picture circled in red, I just want it transparent... (solved see post 3) Attached another pictured, does anyone know why I cant theme the icon in red? Ive changed it in vending.apk but I still get the old icon....
  33. liamstears

    Thread [AIO Mod] Sense 3.6 Theme Animation, Colored Animated Icons, 5 Signal Bar, EQS, APM

    Please read the thread and use search function!! I will no longer answer any post if it has been asked/answered previously so please use the search function or read the thread first! Theme Animation Please note each version is based on a certain rom BUT should work on all roms with the same...
  34. liamstears

    Thread New Sensation Bad Screen?

    So I just got my new sensation today and straight away ive flashed rcmix sense 3.6 but now ive started to use it ive noticed the screen has a really bad green tint on the screen Just to make sure I put it side by side with my dhd and noticed a huge difference, the dhd screen is miles better...
  35. liamstears

    Thread [Theme] liamstears mods. MODS PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD

    Announcement Retirement I am soon going to be the proud owner of a Sensation so im retiring the DHD and will no longer be developing for the DHD but keep an eye on the Sensation forums for me :-) My old hosting has now ran out so all the old files are gone and only stuff on my new site will...
  36. liamstears

    Thread [DEV] Browser Tab Limit Removal Gingerbread

    So removing the browser tab limit on froyo has been done, you can see here how to do it: But how on gingerbread?? Devs help us!
  37. liamstears

    Thread Just cant find it.....

    Ive been searching and searching but just cant find the background for the music bar on the notifications pulldown so I can change it, see screenshots Anyone know where it is?? EDIT: I have noticed that the same background is used when in a call behind the call in the notifications pull down...
  38. liamstears

    Thread Mods Please Close This Thread

    Thanks for looking, please read the whole post :-) Please note that although based on and named Revolution HD this theme should work on ANY 1.72 based hd rom Please checkout my new site HERE! I will always recommend Android Revolution HD rom for your Desire HD when using my theme. My theme is...
  39. liamstears

    Thread [Q] [PROJECT] Android Revolution HD Rotating Rosie

    Ok so ive used apktool to decompile and ive changed the manifest to allow rotation and rotation works but its all distorted and all over the place not the nicely finished rotation you get on the desire z What else do I need to change? Anyone else had any experience with this? EDIT: HtcContacts...
  40. liamstears

    Thread Downgrade

    Im currently on WWE 1.21.405.2 What is the quickest and easiest way to downgrade to Vodafone UK on my vodafone handset? Thanks in advance!
  41. liamstears

    Thread random reboots

    No matter what rom I use I always seem to get random reboots. They are completely random but happen often when browsing the web. I have amonra and its s-off Currently trying my own rom based on ruu just with superuser and busybox but still get random reboots. Would just flashing an ruu fix...
  42. liamstears

    Thread HELP! Bricked?

    Tried unrevoked and it didnt work turn phone on - stuck on white htc screen try recovery - stuck on white htc screen Can only get into hboot/bootloader, please help!
  43. liamstears

    Thread Axim X50v RemoteControl II Universal Remote

    All i wanted was a vga universal remote control that uses the compact flash ir extender :-( But x5 works with remotecontrol II and extender but its qvga and doesnt look too good and x50v works with remotecontrol II and vga and looks great but doesnt work with the ir extender so doesnt quite...
  44. liamstears

    Thread Axim x5/x50 lcd mod

    Would it be possible to pull the screen out of an x50v and put it into an x5 so that I can use vga mode in remotecontrol II on the x5?
  45. liamstears

    Thread vanilla lockscreen???

    When you unlock and swipe from left to right a light coloured bar comes out saying unlock on it, where is this bar? I thought it may be in framework-res but I couldn't see it. Anyone know where it is? Also same question for the vanilla call answer screen?
  46. liamstears

    Thread [Mod] Lockscreen Music Controls

    I love the new lockscreen music controls on cyanogen mod but how can we get them onto other roms?? We need this mod!!
  47. liamstears

    Thread [Mod] First Bootup Time/Date

    I know you can add: <module name="defaultTimeFormatSetting"> <function> <set name="single"> <item name="default">d/MM/yyyy</item> </set> </function> </module> <module name="defaultTimeFormatSettingShort"> <function> <set name="single"> <item name="default">d/MM</item> </set> </function>...
  48. liamstears

    Thread [Mod] HTC Camera app on standard froyo

    Can someone please please please port over the camera app?? I know its possible and I know people out there have the knowledge so can someone please give it a shot?? I would be willing to pay for it!!
  49. liamstears

    Thread [Mod] Answering calls (wip)

    Im using the new DJ droid rom and removed htclockscreen as I prefer the slide to unlock and the only problem I have now is answering calls. When using the phone and get a call I just get 2 big buttons answer and decline, this is ok. When the phone is locked I have to slide down to answer and...
  50. liamstears

    Thread [Mod] Change Notifications Led Color

    I know this has been done in various roms changing the color of the led when a call has been missed or charging led etc but how is it done? Would love to be able to do this, please tell me how, no matter how complicated! :-P