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    Thread Update european Realme 5 using Indian images

    Is it possible to flash an Indian official ROM to a European Realme 5? I mean on Realme XT that is not possible (EUEX on european instead only EX on indian) But can I do that with no problems on 5? Or Will I have issues like bricking or somethin like, 'cause i don't see that differences on...
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    Thread Moto E 2015 XT1527 Hard Brick

    This morning I tried to update a Moto E 2015 to Marshmallow manually (Via ADB) and this happened to me! The mobile now stays in bootloader mode, I tried to flash 6 images either 5.0.2, 5.1 and 6.0 by ADB or RSDLite but it does not come out of there (The only recovery that works is 5.0.2) Note...
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    Thread [Q] Lockscreen Widgets shorcut is lost

    My problem is simple: Whats going on with the widget shorcut in my lockscreen? Only disappeared O_O I'm using 1.201 without root
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    Thread Movin' to Xperia SP

    Hello everybody here! Yesterday i've bought my new smartphone, A SONY XPERIA SP, So I have some projects about get in developers world, for now i'm a simple flasher/tester. Now i'll move my projects from my old and warrior Xperia Neo V because i'll give it to my mother For a moment i was think...
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    Thread [Q] New device recomendation/decision, WP8 New Dawn?

    Hello everybody! In the nxt year i'll buy the successor of my faithful Xperia Neo V, but In January is the CES, in March is the MWC and i don't want to buy a cellphone that will be obsolete very quickly, So I have taken the decision to buy a Win8.1 Tab (Toshiba Encore 64GB) to do a the "hard...
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    Thread [Q] Stock ICS ROM Based vs JB CM10, Camera Comparison

    Hi everyone! This is my question for today What are the better ROM with a carema performance? The ICS Stock or the CM10 based? I know about the video recording in a CM10 ROMS Based, but What ROM have a better photo quality? Sent from my Xperia Neo V using xda-developers app Current ROM...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia Neo V GB, ICS and JB Rom Recommendation

    Hi Everyone! I have a little question: Rom Recommendation I tried a very lots of ROM on my Xperia Neo V and i need a definitive ROM Can give me a recommendation of ROM? One of GB One of ICS And One of JB (4.1.x and 4.2.x) Please help me:good:
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    Thread [Q] Video Playback Bug [Xperia Sola] [CM9]

    Hi Community! I've been following the work of FreeXperia Team making his ROMS, the question is When I go to play a video (In all Resolution) in horizontal, The Video is not resize properly and i see only a little line on top of the screen whit the playing video. I was Flashed via CWM the movie...