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  1. RayMcGrath

    Thread Stock ROM

    Hi All. I am new to samsung devices and just bought a SM-T580. I have TWRP installed and rooted running LOS 14.1 (7.1.2) Are there any stock roms that are debloated and updated (with some regularity) ? TIA! Ray
  2. RayMcGrath

    Thread Navigating Long Threads

    This will be a launching pad for tips and recommendations for members negotiating long threads and reading pertinent information. I read many posts with members stating that the thread is just too long to read. Then using that as an excuse for not reading at all. Please add your ideas and...
  3. RayMcGrath

    Thread Universal Themes for TouchWiz

  4. RayMcGrath

    Thread Google Dialer for 4.4.2

    This is the Google Dialer that will search nearby places with one word... such as "brewing" :) find the download and flash the zip in recovery...
  5. RayMcGrath

    Thread OmniSwitch

    I just pulled this omniswitch apk from a different ROM. here it is if anybody is interested. It's actually pretty cool! for 4.4.2 roms. �� Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk Sent from my...
  6. RayMcGrath

    Thread Swiftkey with number row.

    did you know SwiftKey has a beta with a number row on top? It's about time it's so much better than AOSP keyboard. Here's the link. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  7. RayMcGrath

    Thread Voice mail programming issue

    Hey all - I have had this issue for a while on any rom other than touch wiz. When I edit my voicemail number to include my password (you know I input two commas (pause pause) after the *86) and it works. I can dial voice mail and it dials the password automatically but after that I can no longer...
  8. RayMcGrath

    Thread CMR, CWM or my device?

    I have seen this mentioned a few times in several threads without any resolve that I can find. Since flashing CWM it no longer will go straight into a backup or restore without stopping at the CWR recovery screen with the following error message: waiting for sd card to mount (20s) SD...
  9. RayMcGrath

    Thread Cyanogen Mod alien

    A couple of months ago I flashed CM10.1 and when I did the rom installed an alien logo on the screen when I boot into recovery using Clockwork. Does any one know how I can get rid of the little blue fella? :o edit: darn, I thought i was in the general forum!
  10. RayMcGrath

    Thread Cannot download the OTA update O.7.2.en.US after using droid utility to downgrade

    I am trying to root a droid razr maxx hd and have downgraded to ICS 4.0.4. can anyone please help. I Cannot download the OTA update O.7.2.en.US (6mb) after using droid utility to downgrade to 4.0.4. I need this update before i can run the root utility and it just stalls. will not download via...