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  1. Letrix

    Post MultiROM [Whyred][07-Apr][Miui/custom roms/GSI(treble))

    How is the state of this right now? Can I flash Android 10 as primary and test Android 10 or 11 ROMs as secondary?
  2. Letrix

    Post [Firmware] Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Pro [WHYRED] [Auto updated daily!]

    Do you know how to know ABR version and firmware version? Tried with the fastboot command but it automatically disconnected my device and forced to shutdown.
  3. Letrix

    Post [ROM][Eleven]Project Sakura For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (21/03/2021)

    Is there any difference from 10 ROM aside the Android version?
  4. Letrix

    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    Oops! We ran into some problems.
  5. Letrix

    Post RevOS - MIUI 12 Port with Android 10 (20.6.24)

    I only have less than 1GB free :C
  6. Letrix

    Post Which is the best version of the Pie firmware?

    Does firmware version make a noticable difference? Also, it's safe to downgrade Pie firmware?
  7. Letrix

    Post RevOS - MIUI 12 Port with Android 10 (20.6.24)

    Does this have the same features as the Android 10 port?
  8. Letrix

    Post Thoughts on Revolution OS

    Never knew about Android 10 port. Thanks for the info. I'll try it.
  9. Letrix

    Post Bypassing 360h wait to unlock bootloader

    I don't get with people get bothered by this so much. You have to wait only once and you have your device unlocked forever, no more waiting.
  10. Letrix

    Post MIUI 12 with Android 10 for rn5 pro?

    Those are features of MIUI 12 not from Android 10. I'm using latest mi-globe ROM and despite it doesn't have floating windows, they are supported. When I receive a WhatsApp message, it will open a floating window (aka quick reply) of the app.
  11. Letrix

    Post Best ROM for Redmi Note 5 Pro with good battery life?

    I'm now with latest beta from mi-globe and I have better battery life than DerpFest Q
  12. Letrix

    Post MIUI 12 with Android 10 for rn5 pro?

    If not official, it will be very buggy. Also, you don't need Android 10 having MIUI on top.
  13. Letrix

    Thread Play Store stopped working after flashing Marshmallow

    Hello. I recently did a factory reset but the ROM got buggy, so I flashed, through SP Flash Tools, the Lollipop ROM and then the Marsmallow ROM. The problem comes with this last. I get everytime an error telling my tha Google Play Store stopped working. I tried with the TWRP Marshmallow backup...
  14. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL][SHARE] DerpFest AOSIP - By srfarias [23-04-2020]

    You have to choose Other Libraries option when installing the module.
  15. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0][whyred] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/27]

    I'm on the previous latest version of CrDroid Pie with latest firmware and 4k still works, also the issues are solved. Latest Pie Experience, don't know why, but lost its ability to record 4k and looks like another Android 10/MIUI rom. I like MIUI and Android 10 but 4K its really important to me.
  16. Letrix

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10] RevengeOS 3.2 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro [whyred]

    Does 4k works on GCam and 3rd party camera apps like Open Camera?
  17. Letrix

    Post [Q][WHYRED] Descendant X - android ver. 10r35

    Finally! Edit: what a crappy website. You force to enable adware to download ? or pay to access.
  18. Letrix

    Post 4k fix in gcam

    Did you check the date of this post before flashing anything?
  19. Letrix

    Post Anybody cancelling their order(s) because of the HORRIBLE reviews?

    4G still good today. Also, 5G will not be avaliable in every country in at least 10 years so, unless you live in US or any country that has any plans of starting to use 5G in a short period of time (2-4 years), is pretty worthless. Probably after 3-4 years (being generous) you will change your...
  20. Letrix

    Post [ROM] [whyred] ArrowOS 10.0 | OFFICIAL [Android 10] [2020.11.09]

    It is possible to record 4K with 3rd-party camera apps like Pie?
  21. Letrix

    Post What happened to official Android 10?

    Also, some come with MIUI 9 and others with MIUI 10. You received an updated batch. If you search "Redmi Note 5 Nougat" you will see that this device was launched with Nougat.
  22. Letrix

    Post What happened to official Android 10?

    They were launched with Nougat
  23. Letrix

    Post Mi A2 MiuiCamera Port Whyred_Q 10.0 Need Testers

    Is there any advantage in using this camera instead of GCam?
  24. Letrix

    Post Custom kernel for miui that allows louder volume via Bluetooth

    You have to turn up volume in your phone and in the Bluetooth device. There isn't absolute volume in MIUI like there is in Android Pie or 10 stock.
  25. Letrix

    Post Not a single Gcam front cam works on Android 10 Custom ROM-s...

    This GCam works for my I'm using In with the Front Camera Patch in Havoc 3.1
  26. Letrix

    Post Working Google Camera on Android 10 ROMs [DOWNLOAD]

    I'm on latest Arrow OS and 4K doesn't work
  27. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0][whyred] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/27]

    I also found it better than MIUI 11 or Android Q. Why not use Firmware 9.0 in Pie?
  28. Letrix

    Post Need help in downgrading

    I'm not sure (wait for a proper answer) but I think ROMs from MIUI and above are ARB4. I recommend that you flash a fastboot ROM that include the proper firmware for Oreo. Fastboot ROMs:
  29. Letrix

    Post how to get back to stock miui from havoc os ??

    I recommend that you do a fresh start. Download latest fastboot ROM ( for the device, then follow this guide to get the flashing software (skip step 2). Remember to select Clean All only (if you want to lock...
  30. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0][whyred] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/27]

    I noticed that latest Pie Pixel Experience also has problems with 4K. I could get full 4K compatibility and GCam stability with Pie CrDroid (Q not working too), ROM recommended by Parrot.
  31. Letrix

    Post [ROM][9.0][whyred] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/12]

    What is needed to make the Android 10 camera works like in Android Pie and not like MIUI?
  32. Letrix

    Post Increase screen refreshrate

    Comparing playing Piano Tiles 2 on a BLU Vivo 5 (2016 mid-range with AMOLED), this RN5 and the RN7 is day and night. The RN5 is really sluggish and have a noticeable ghosting, even with a J7 2016 had a better experience.
  33. Letrix

    Post planing to update to Redmi Note 8

    Upgrade to any Mi9 or Mi A3. They have better SoCs, similar or better battery and a good AMOLED screen. Also, modding community is really great for those devices.
  34. Letrix

    Thread Is there any way to record true 4K on MIUI or Android 10?

    As the title says, I want to know if it exists any way to record 4K video on MIUI or Android 10 Roms. I tried with camera patches and with various apps but no one allowed 4k recording, only on custom Pie Roms. Also, it is worthy and possible to use MIUI Roms with Oreo firmware instead of Pie...
  35. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0_r11] LineageOS 17.0 - Unofficial [21 November][OTA]

    Camera experience is as bad as MIUI, at least for GCam performance and features, also adding than you can't record at 4k with GCam or any other third app, and also there is not 720p240FPS nor 1080p120FPS. Another drawback is that Viper4Android support is crap. The rest is fine I think. The new...
  36. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0_r11] LineageOS 17.0 - Unofficial [21 November][OTA]

    I wiped cache, boot, data and system, flashed latest firmware but I still stuck in the boot animation. How to solve it? Edit: tried with given firmware and with Magisk but still stuck. Edit 2: flashed Kangaroox Kernel and it worked
  37. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0][whyred] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/27]

    Does this rom have camera experience like Pie Roms? I have tried official Havoc 3.0, OOS 10 and Extender 3.3 but they have awful an awful camera experience like Miui with or without a custom kernel or camera patches. Also that in those Q Roms Viper4Android messes up with the system. So, can...
  38. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10][port]OxygenOS 10.1 [2019-12-25]

    Yes, it did. Thanks. Edit: Is there any way to correctly install Viper4Android and to make not to crash the system?
  39. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10][port]OxygenOS 10.1 [2019-12-25]

    Chrome sync isn't working. Can't login with my Google account.
  40. Letrix

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10.0][Whyred] LineageOS 17.1 [2020/03/07][OTA]

    Did you find any bugs in this ROM or in Havoc?
  41. Letrix

    Post Antirollback Android Q

    I flashed AIOSP Derpfest without any problem coming from MIUI Pie and can get back to Havoc OS 2.9 just fine.
  42. Letrix


    Major bugs? Daily driver? Camera works exactly like Pie? Thanks.
  43. Letrix

    Post [ROM][10.0_r11] LineageOS 17.0 - Unofficial [21 November][OTA]

    Is this version daily drive? Is there any losses in camera features coming from Pie?
  44. Letrix

    Post my touch screen have weird issue

    I only have installed SDM660 AIO Camera Patch in 9.10.17 EU Miui 11 with Magisk 19.4. I have to try to uninstall Magsik at all to see if it solves.
  45. Letrix

    Post my touch screen have weird issue

    I have the exact same problem. I will try to disable all modules in Magisk but first I need to see how to reproduce the error.