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  1. KronicSkillz

    Thread Popular modable phones/tablets? Been away for a while.

    I've been using an LG G8 for almost 2 years and I miss twrp, custom roms and having full control. I'm thinking about buying a 200ish dollar device or maybe a little more that's got a reliable root and twrp install so I can install custom roms and do w/e I want on it. I've been away from the...
  2. KronicSkillz

    Thread Has anyone tried a USB-C hub with the G8? What is supported?

    Wondering if we have support for: RJ-45 Ethernet jack microsd/SD card readers HDMI-Out Extra USB-A ports An example of the device is here:
  3. KronicSkillz

    Thread Which sensor is just above the volume buttons on the side of the device?

    I just put a case on my g8 and noticed this cutout... what sensor is this?
  4. KronicSkillz

    Thread Can you make the google assistant button do other things?

    I'm going to assume no since nobody has responded but maybe we should look into this, would be nice to have a way to use it another app launch or camera or something, even mute/unmute or something might be nice.
  5. KronicSkillz

    Thread All things Canadian G8 until if/when they make model specific forums.

    I just ordered a G8 thinq from bell so I thought I'd start a Canadian thread for model specific information, discussions, etc since I was looking for one but these forums are pretty fresh. - The phone just arrived the model for Canadian version-Bell seems to be LG G820-UM - I Canada you have to...
  6. KronicSkillz

    Thread Hardware swap questions. 2 broken phones. Bad efs and water dmg.

    long story short one phone has a bad efs partition and the other phone gets stuck at boot loop after water damage. Any suggestions on what to swap to try to get one working phone? My initial instinct is to swap the motherboard from the phone with the bad efs to the other phone that turns on...
  7. KronicSkillz

    Thread How to? Boot the G3 when charger plugged in for use as dedicated vehicle GPS or Music

    I've already tried using fastboot with the following commands: (trying this requires to remove download mode from the phone so it boots into fastboot instead) fastboot oem off-mode-charge disable fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0 fastboot oem unlock works but fastboot oem ? doesn't work to aquire...
  8. KronicSkillz

    Thread [MOD] AOStock Mod (Stock MM status bar mod)(Aosp data icons)(Network Speed Indicator)

    This mod is for G3 MM stock roms. Hasn't been tested across all variants but plz try it out and let me know if it works on your variant and/or Rom. It's similar to my Kronic UI but without the changes to the quicksettings and notifications. -Features v1.2- - updated installer script - UI...
  9. KronicSkillz

    Thread [MOD] Kronic UI for Stock MM (status bar (aosp/network indi) QSettings / Notifcation)

    First off this is not verified working on every variant but i think it will work. It is safe to test. If it does work on your variant please post what rom you are using and your variant model so i can monitor compatibility. - Features - * NEW * network speed indicator for status bar (in / out...
  10. KronicSkillz

    Thread virgin mobile d852 users root and recovery install info verified working 5.0.1

    just spent 3 hours learning how to root and recovery (twrp) for a friends virgin mobile d852. just wanted to let everyone know which methods works for this phone. There is OBVIOUSLY NO GUARANTEE but this did work for me rooting my friends virgin mobile d852 5.0.1 (software version d85220k)...
  11. KronicSkillz

    Thread does anyone know how to backup quickremote custom remotes?

    just curious if anyones tried this if not maybe ill try
  12. KronicSkillz

    Thread Looking to get back into development, any advice on where to start?

    I used to do some visual basic and C back in highschool but it's kinda foggy. I did some low level xml modding and pktool stuff a few years ago, but nothing advanced. I'm wondering where the best place to start is to get more involved in development such as porting and helping debug roms...
  13. KronicSkillz

    Thread Can someone running stock MM pull the quicksetsdk.apk from system app folder and post

    please and thank you. i'm trying to port to aosp/cm if you are wondering
  14. KronicSkillz

    Thread So I tried Mokee open source rom (Marshmallow version) It's impressive.

    I've only been running it for a day now (previously on cm13) and I might actually stick with it... i haven't done everything yet but so far I find Mokee is running smoother and is closer to AOSP with alot of default stuff i had to manually add into CM. I'm not going to sell it too much because...
  15. KronicSkillz

    Thread First boot after flashing update i just get black screen then 2nd one works fine

    for some reason after flashing cm13 updates in twrp 2.8 the first reboot always results in a black screen (almost like a power off) but if i battery pull then reboot everything is fine... very strange anyone have any idea what's happening. I haven't tried not pulling battery maybe i will next...
  16. KronicSkillz

    Thread Neon Blue Matrix Boot Animation !!! Designed for LG G3.

    just sharing my latest creation. i did not make the original video this was pulled from, if anyone knows who made it or if you made it please let me know so i can give credit. I simply modded an old video i had into an animation...
  17. KronicSkillz

    Thread Anyone get quickremote working on aosp marshmallow yet?

    im downloading a stock mm rom right now so i can pull the apk from it and see what i can find out? has anyone else tried this on aosp yet or cm 13.?
  18. KronicSkillz

    Thread CM13 finally running good on d852 and other g3 variants info inside

    GPS was fixed a few nights ago Most external SD card bugs are fixed excluding new internal format feature (let me know of this changes I stopped trying it since it was so buggy and more importantly I didn't like it. (Apps need root or 6.0 updated permission requests to write to external)...
  19. KronicSkillz

    Thread To CM13 users. DO NOT USE ENCRYPTION. details and fix if you've already done inside

    just fyi. cm13 has no option to decrypt once you've encrypted it, twrp cannot mount encrypted drives (atleast most of the time i've heard a few say it can that's why i tried it but doesn't even ask for a password or try to decrypt in my case) so pretty much once you encrypt your stuck...
  20. KronicSkillz

    Thread Just ran a manual format of /data/ in twrp terminal cmd when do i know its done? PLZ

    i ran this command. mke2fs -T ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p44 right now the screen says Writing superblocks and filesystem account information : 0/201(a bunch of rectangles here) (a bunch more rectangles)done does the done at the end mean it's done? the reason i'm confused is the...
  21. KronicSkillz

    Thread has anyone gotten twrp for G3 to work with device encryption?

    i googled it and there are people with other phones saying their twrp asks for encryption password and can still perform flashes and backups on an encrypted phone (i realize there are also alot of ppl who it doesn't work for) just wondering if anyone has gotten it working on G3.
  22. KronicSkillz

    Thread Android 6.0 SDCard info Internal vs External Formats. Pros vs Cons. Solutions Fix.

    Just to clarify a few things. - INTERNAL FORMAT. - will turn your old internal sdcard storage space into regular internal storage space. (meaning it will not show up as an sdcard anymore but will still be available for the phone to use as regular internal storage) - will encrypt your...
  23. KronicSkillz

    Thread Looking for cm13 GPS fix for d852

    Im thinking it may be the firmware cuz installing cm13 broke my GPS. lock utility apps aren't seeing a single satellite I'm wondering what the best way to fix this would be
  24. KronicSkillz

    Thread CM 12.1 Nightlies discussion

    So i finally gave cm 12.1 a chance because it's been rolling for a while now... and i was actually pretty impressed. The one issue i couldn't deal with is the bluetooth audio playback in my car. Basically it was playing too fast, then pausing every 10-20 seconds and then continuing to play too...
  25. KronicSkillz

    Thread [D852][Bell/Rogers][INDEX]Root, Recovery, Roms, Mods, Return to Stock: Updated Dec 28

    My edit is that this thread is extemely outdated so alot of this information is bad now use with a grain of salt, i recommend looking at more recent threads. As the G3 just became free on a 2 year plan from many Canadian carriers I decided to start a come here first thread that includes...
  26. KronicSkillz

    Thread [HOWTO] disable OTA software update notification on KitKat

    Basically as most of us know, updating to android L will remove root and custom recovery, also there are not many stable custom roms out yet for our G3 so many of us are still on stock rooted KitKat (It is also better than many of us expected with a cool remote control app that i don't think has...
  27. KronicSkillz

    Thread Just installed twrp for d852.. sdcard not showing up.. but backup went to sdcard...?

    not sure what is going on but basically when i went to backup sdcard didn't show up only internal storage did with around 30gb (sdcard is 64gb) So my plan was to back it up to internal and manually move the files to sdcard for safe keeping, and then make a copy on my pc as well. However the...
  28. KronicSkillz

    Thread [Q] Picking up the G3 Tomorrow (D852) How does one root and install TWRP on d852?

    i can't seem to find much info on root/recovery for g3. i found a little bit about bump and stump.... saying that twrp is possible but not much hard reliable facts on the topic. Can someone who knows what they are talking about or knows a link to someone who knows what they're talking about...
  29. KronicSkillz

    Thread [MOD][THEME] CM11 XHDPI Light Blue Status Bar, Notification Row, Quicksettings.

    MAY NOT WORK ON OTHER PHONES THAN LG p930/p935/p936. If you want to try it on another phone be sure to make a backup first just in case it doesn't work. If your phone uses xhdpi folders than you can port this theme very easily just ask me how, if no one wants to i won't bother explaining...
  30. KronicSkillz

    Thread [HELP] looking to remove am/pm from status bar can provide files clock.smali poste

    I have found about 5 different threads that have methods to edit clock.smali to remove am/pm from status bar but none of them work on this rom, it has a different clock.smali. after a few hours of searching i've decided to start a new thread because it seems we need a different variant of the...
  31. KronicSkillz

    Thread [Theme][CM10x]Kronic'sBlueMod v7.4 Neon Blue Black Circle Percentage /w charge anim.

    Icon mods might not work on phones that don't run off xhdpi (if you dont know what this is just try the mod and if icons are still default color in system bar you're out of luck unless you wanna resize all the icons in /res/xhdpi in every apk for the size your phone uses and copy them to the...
  32. KronicSkillz

    Thread (Solved) Need help changing background color of Mms picture attached

    Ok so i have Mms framework-res and systemui all decompiled i've tried everything i can't figure out how to change this background, i believe it's the same background that settings.apk uses so i'm assuming it's in framework-res somewhere but i've tried changing theme backgrounds .pngs .9.pngs and...
  33. KronicSkillz

    Thread thinking of getting a G3 just got a few questions for experienced G3ers

    i like the specs of the phone wondering a few things.. how easy is root and recovery install? are there any solid custom kitkat roms? how much risk is involved with root/recovery? (are there chances of a full brick) does the phone perform as well as the specs suggest?
  34. KronicSkillz

    Thread Does anyone know if connecting a duel male usb from pc to dock usb port works?

    if anyone has a cable can u try it? i dont have any double male usb cables but ill buy one if it works
  35. KronicSkillz

    Thread [MOD] Kronic's BlueMod for Katkiss/EOS (circle % battery / blue lockscreen / more)

    The regular version 6 is for Team EOS 4.2 base. ****Version 6.1 (for KatKiss 4.3) fixes the following, lockscreen lock handle, battery color in quicksettings, removes battery text, fixed color of home back and recent apps buttons, fixes color of labels on quicksettings tiles, fixes icons for...
  36. KronicSkillz

    Thread after trying 8 differant aapt.exe files and 4 differant apktool versions...

    i finally figured out how to decompile/recompile framework-res.apk from katkiss 4.2. If anyone needs files gimme a shout i'll be finishing my BlueMod for tf101 soon :)
  37. KronicSkillz

    Thread Does anyone know if HDMI works with custom roms like Team EOS / Katkiss or CM 10.2?

    before i buy a mini hdmi adapter just wondering if it works with non stock rom. thanks in advance.
  38. KronicSkillz

    Thread sdcard works in recovery mode but not with system booted?

    once system is booted it says sdcard is blank or unsupported file system, but the same card works on my Windows machine and my smartphone, and it works on my tablet when in recovery mode, one thing to note when i was formating the system it said cannot format /sdcard/.android_secure
  39. KronicSkillz

    Thread after some charging problems i have a red battery icon then autoshutoff

    even when plugged in that's what i'm getting, i tried a bunch of stuff if i hold the power button for 30 seconds then i turn it on, i get a flash of asus logo, but then it gives me red battery icon again then shuts off edit, i left it plugged in for a while and it seems to be booting up now, if...
  40. KronicSkillz

    Thread after trying to restore stock rom, stuck on Eee Pad screen...

    after it got stuck i booted back into recovery and trying reflashing TEOS rom and it's doing the same thing, stuck at the Eee Pad screen. anyone have an idea whats up? the reason i was trying to return to stock was i was getting some wierd bugs where the other rom was showing charging in the...
  41. KronicSkillz

    Thread just rooted my TF101 what Recovery / Rom does everyone recommend?

    i just want the most stable recovery that lets me backup and restore reliably, and a rom/kernel that is stable and supports all the features, thanks for suggestions. version IML74K.US_epad- Android version 4.0.3 this is my first tablet but i've done alot on my phone, if...
  42. KronicSkillz

    Thread [TUT][THEME] Q & Answering Status bar, Expanded Status bar, and stock Lockscreen mods

    [TUT][THEME] Q & Answering Status bar, Expanded Status bar, and stock Lockscreen mods Tell me what you want to mod i'll try to tell you how, i already have a tutorial how to edit the files but this Q & A is for helping people get the job done through examples. here is a sample of my work, ask...
  43. KronicSkillz

    Thread Finally figured out how to mod stock lockscreen =D

    /system/app/LockScreen.apk/res/layout/xxxx.xml (xxxx depends on which lock screen you use ) there is also a seperate xml for the clock, which is referenced in your xml for your lockscreen, look for android:layout="@layout/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxclockxxxx.xm also edit the styles in each values folder...
  44. KronicSkillz

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Mod System Apps and User Interface ADDED XML/.9.png lessons

    This tutorial will not include info on code, since that information is universal and there are tutorials everywhere already. - an example of what you can do with this is here:Kronic BlueMod 4.3 - with this knowledge you can create a UI look that NOBODY else has, if you are so inclined...
  45. KronicSkillz

    Thread [MOD] V20F bell / atnt / xxx Kronic BlueMod v4.3 / V5 / V5.1

    Kronic BlueMod V 4.3 / V5.1 for 4.2 framework - i posted v5 on a reply... wasn't thinking it's on page 1. - it is normal for first boot to take a long time after flashing mod, during this time the system is updating the cache partitions new drawables etc because system files changed. 1-3 minutes...
  46. KronicSkillz

    Thread [Q] Does anyone know how to merge Data signal/Data traffic icons...

    i am doing a theme for v20f stock roms for the roms on my phone. I did an atnt one and everything was smooth, i'm now working on a bell one where the data signal and in out icons are seperated. I really don't like this and want to merge them. i tried a few things with signal_cluster_view.xml...
  47. KronicSkillz

    Thread is there demand for a tutorial on how to mod systemUI/framework and classes.dex?

    would it be worth my time? just wondering if people want to learn this ? and how many already know ?
  48. KronicSkillz

    Thread wifi not showing up in battery usage menu in V20F..?

    is it part of the android process or something? i see bluetooth but wifi is nonextistant, in cyanogenmod i see wifi but no bluetooth...