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  1. r6680jc

    Thread Mi A2 Lite stock 8.1.0 Wallpaper picker apk and wallpaper cropper apk

    Can someone upload Mi A2 Lite stock 8.1.0 Wallpaper picker apk and wallpaper cropper apk? Thanks.
  2. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] cm-9.1 FXP-229 20130721

    Hi all.. :) Anyone still have download link(s) cm-9.1 FXP-229 (20130721) for anzu (Xperia Arc) and Urushi (Xperia Ray)? All I can find in and are cm-9.1 20131223. If it's not allowed to post download links to older release of FXP cm-9, please kindly sent me the...
  3. r6680jc

    Thread Live With Walkman Digitizer

    My friend has a 10 month olds Live With Walkman (WT19i), he put an anti glare screen protector from the first day he bought it, about two weeks ago after removing the screen protector, he realised that there are very thin vertical and horizontal lines beneath the digitizer (the vertical and...
  4. r6680jc

    Thread Question about Droid Explorer

    I didn't download it yet, but I just curious to know, can it explore the phone's 'system' when it's turned off?
  5. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] Does QSD8255 really exist?

    I can't find any info regarding QSD8255 I can only find some infos about QSD8250 and MSM8255 So, does QSD8255 really exist?
  6. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] two questions regarding odexed and deodexed

    Hi all xda-dev experts I have two questions regarding odexed and deodexed roms and apps; 1. If I have deodexed rom installed on my phone, and I want to replace one default deodexed apk with one odexed from an odexed rom, can I simply copying the .apk and the corresponding .odex files into...
  7. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] the latest build version of ST15i (Xperia Mini) ICS firmware

    Sorry for asking stupid question: What is the latest build version of ST15i (Xperia Mini) ICS firmware?
  8. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] ST15i ICS stock ROM with GingerBread stock kernel?

    hello xda-dev experts I want to know, what will happen to my Xperia Mini (ST15i) if I flash it with stock ICS ROM, but I want to use stock GingerBread kernel (in short: ICS stock ROM + GingerBread stock kernel)? Please don't tell me that I would never know if I never try it, I just don't want...
  9. r6680jc

    Thread [Q] How to extract system.sin from stock ICS ROM (ST15i)

    Hi guys.. I tried to extract Xperia mini (ST15i) stock ICS system.sin, first I used flashtool sin editor, the result is system.yaffs2, then I open system.yaffs2 using yaffey, but yaffey always gave me error when I tried to open it, then I tried ext2explore, but it didn't want to open the file...