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  1. Mar974

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    Hello, NO DONT TRY IT !!! it's only for archos 50 neon
  2. Mar974

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    Interesting It's interesting i will take a look at it and will try on my old archos Thanks
  3. Mar974

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    I didn't know if this will work but you can try it at your own risk but flashify will flash CTR easily for you if you are rooted
  4. Mar974

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    there are any problem if you don"t flash gapps you will just not have the playstore thats all
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    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    I will try to port more ROMS maybe later but still in 4.2.2 because the bootloader 4.2.2 is not compatible with 4.4.4 or later and Archos will not devellop any new rom for this phone The Acer iconia use the same SoC so google maybe mess up or the ROM i port come from an acer iconia didn't know...
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    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    Sorry since Archos didn't develop Android 4.4 for this phone i cannot port any other rom
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    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    Hello try to flash CWM with MTK droid tool folowing this tutorial : using the boot.img from the stock rom zip from Archos. and you can flash the boot.img and recovery.img with sp flash tool : using the stock...
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    Post [Q] [HELP] Archos 50 NEON [ROMs] or [FIRMWARE] UPDATE Link

    Hey Guys look at here ROM + Recovery [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7] :)
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    Post [Q] Any ROM for ARCHOS 50 NEON

    Hey Guys look at here ROM + Recovery [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7] :)
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    Thread [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] For Archos 50 neon [MT6582] [4.2.2JB] [CTRv2.7]

    Hello I just ported MIUI for the Archos 50 neon from this rom : [ROM] [MIUIv5-4.8.29] [MT6582] For Innjoo i1 ALL credits to arnabgharay , SAM209 & Xiaomi:good: I also ported CarlivTouchRecovery v2.7 for the Archos 50 neon only not 50b,50c or 45 -Features: *100% Pure fully functional MIUI...
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    Post [ROM][Omnirom] - modded - [experimental-20140324]

    All good thank you Mardon for this build all work for me for the moment
  12. Mar974

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Kitkat For All [CM11-2014-06-28][Omni-2014-05-04][Omega-Beta-5] Updated !!

    Hi if you can't flash other recovery : 1 : try to flash a stock rom an install a new recovery 2 : or for me i take the recovery.img of a 5.0.x.x recovery and place it into the zip of a 6.0.x.x recovery then i flash the 6.0.x.x zip and i reboot and i'm in 5.0.x.x recovery.
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    Post s5830 boot thing

    Hi find a Pc with windows 7 and try to install a stock rom with odin downloader then you can do a new installation of cm11 (try omnirom also)
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    Post [Q] Galaxy ACE vibrating as soon as inserting battery

    Hi can you put your phone in download mode for Odin downloader ?
  15. Mar974

    Post [Q] flash using cwm

    I have the same problem before and i dowload the two recovery 5.0.x.x and , i open the two zip and place the recovery.img of the 5.0.x.x zip into the zip i erase the old recovery.img of zip and i flash the whith the recovery on my phone ( , it show me...
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    Post [Q] S5830 _pure-white_ with frontcamera, ROMs?

    model number Hi see under the battery and look the model number if it's GT-S5830 or GT-S5830i or GT-S7500[L/T/W] does'nt have a front camera if you see something look like a camera is may be the proximity sensor.
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    Post [Q] My Samsung Galaxy Ace is not turning On

    Odin Try to install a stock rom folowing this tutorial
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    Post [Discussion][Omni 4.4.2/4.4.3 KitKat] Omni ROM ~ Cooper

    Installation Work very nice thank you very much
  19. Mar974

    Post Please help...Galaxy Ace Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!

    removes and returns your battery in place donwload and cwm here folow the instructions download a custom rom and install it If your phone dont boot there is briked and we cant do anyting for you :(
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    Post [Q] Volumes key stop working and want to wipe cache

    For me I had to open my phone and resolder the volume keys :( but now it's work for me and open is easy
  21. Mar974

    Post Unlocked phone with custom ROM, can't use data plan anymore

    Apn I think it's your APN go here ->