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  1. waffle_

    Thread [Q] Switching phones?

    i want to switch from an HTC Hero CDMA to an HTC EVO Shift 4G, but stay on the same plan. How much would this cost me?
  2. waffle_

    Thread Custom User Titles

    I was wondering if we could have the option to change our user titles after a certain number of posts?
  3. waffle_

    Thread [REQUEST] Q&A Moderators

    Personally, in a few of the forums I visit there is a lack of moderation in the Q&A area's of the device forums. I'm asking if it's possible we could have a Q&A Moderator for the devices? I think this would help improve clarity, more help and better moderation since a Moderator would only have...
  4. waffle_

    Thread [Q] Quick Rooting

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have a guide for one-click rooting or fast rooting without the hassles? I'd really appreciate it!
  5. waffle_

    Thread [q] unroot immediately

    I need to unroot my phone and restore it back to default IMMEDIATELY. Can someone link me?
  6. waffle_

    Thread [Q] Does anyone play MapleStory?

    I was just wondering if anyone here plays MapleStory?
  7. waffle_

    Thread Rate My Song?

    Hello community, I'm a songwriter/lyricist and I finished a song last night that really hit home to me and all of my friends think it's one of the best I've written. I'd like to know what you guys think of it, so any feedback is appreciated! Genre is Rock/Alternative/Indie The Moment by Logan...
  8. waffle_

    Thread RIP Sarah Landauer

    I would like to take the time to tell everyone that a high school student in my town (Gainesville, Florida) passed away after collapsing at soccer practice at her high school. You can read about it here. It's an extremely tragic situation and devastated our community. RIP Sarah.