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  1. Eric-Mod

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Google Account Syncing not working using Mobile Data

    Hey folks, just got my X60 Pro+ from china. This is a really nice device, really like it so far. But I'm having trouble when setting up my Google Account, I can't seem to sync them using mobile data. Turning my WiFi on, it syncs my EMails automatically and so on. I really searched the entire...
  2. Eric-Mod

    Thread Bought (again) the Note 2!

    Hey guys! I was using a Galaxy S4 for about 3months and I was not very happy with it, it was almost one of the baddest devices I've ever used. Battery life sucks compared to the note 2 and this screen smearing issue is horrible. Sold it. Bought (again) a brand new Galaxy Note 2 and I'm very...
  3. Eric-Mod

    Thread [APP][KitKat] SNote from Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

    Hey guys, I've 'ported' the new Snote over to our awesome Tablet. :D You have to be on the new KitKat Firmware to install this. You also need root. This won't work on JB based Firmwares. Download : Here How to install : Download any Root file explorer from the Play Store. ('Root Explorer'...
  4. Eric-Mod

    Thread [Q] WiFi Authentication Error

    Hi, Since a couple of days my Note 2 has a weird wifi bug. My Router hasn't any problems because my PC and everything, can access the Router. I'm on Android Revolution V17 currently and this is driving me crazy! I searched Google for help but nothing really worked. When I place my Phone on...
  5. Eric-Mod

    Thread [AROMA][29/09] Samsung Note 3 Theme | Premium Note 3 Look | V13

    * Note 3 Flare Effect * * Note 3 Lockscreen Clock * * Note 3 Lockscreen Weather Icons * * Note 3 Launcher * * Note 3 Music Player * * Note 3 Multi Window Bar * * Note 3 Notification icons * * Note 3 Power Up Sound * * Note 3 Recents Manager * *...
  6. Eric-Mod

    Thread [VRTHEME] TouchWiz JB Camera Icon from Note 1 [4.1.2]

    Hi there, I've made a flashable .zip file from the Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Camera Icon. And I can't really express the Thread Title for this little mod :D This might be useless but I just want to share it to you. :good: I had the Galaxy Note with Jelly Bean and I really liked the icon. But...
  7. Eric-Mod

    Thread [XXLSC][Jelly Bean Leak] Deodexed & Rooted

    Hi XDA Crew, I got the XXLSC running! [NEW] Download :Here [GOOGLE DRIVE] :victory: MD5 : 65467B8E97662FE02F0FC2C4F9BE6F74 [NEW] AirView Fix : Here Go up left in the corner to File and then Download. Move with any Root Explorer com.sec.feature.hovering_ui.xml to /system/etc/permissions...
  8. Eric-Mod

    Thread Note Freeze with Jelly Bean Leak/Roms (TouchWiz)

    Hello guys, My Galaxy Note freeze very often on JB 4.1.2 Roms. It happen on every JB Rom with PhilZ kernel I think. It runs sometimes good and sometimes it freeze totally and I have to reboot. It freeze 3-5 times when I reboot my Galaxy Note, on the lockscreen,... open an app,... even...
  9. Eric-Mod

    Thread [Q] Galaxy note Cyanongenmod 9 upgrade from ICS stock rom

    Hey Guys, I want to flash Cyanogenmod 9 on my Note. But I can't wipe my note because maybe I brick it with the original ICS kernel. Is there a Kernel, so I can upgarde to Cyanogenmod 9? Thx , Eric (I'm new here ;-)