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  1. radogost

    Thread GrapheneOS *beta* has been released!

    Hi guys, GrapheneOS has been released. This is another great news for Bramble, as Graphene is THE most secure rom you can pick. Keep in mind that microg, Gapps and Root is not supported. Download and install instructions: Do not forget to join our...
  2. radogost

    Thread CalyxOS has been released

    CalyxOs has been released. This is great news for us. Download and install instructions: Features: Do not forget to join our Telegram channel to stay up to date: Let's use...
  3. radogost

    Thread Unstable signal reception after January patch?

    Hello, I noticed that even I should have a perfectly good signal strenght it fluctuates quite often. I can't connect to mobile data even in my usual spots. Seems to be unrelated with my internet provider, as nobody around me have any issues. What's your experience?
  4. radogost

    Thread Update channel for 4a 5G (bramble)

    Hello, As I am actively monitoring updates and new roms for our device, I figured out that I will make a Telegram channel to be always up to date with various updates, for anyone. If you are interested, please join us here: @pixel4a5gupdates Thanks!
  5. radogost

    Thread LineageOS for microG for Tissot is out!

    LineogeOS for microG is there for our wonderful device. Its basically official Lineage with signature spoofing and build in microg (open source, battery friendly alternative for Google Framework). More details at: Download:
  6. radogost

    Thread How to - unlock bootloader and which recovery should I use?

    Hey, My girlfriend owns Redmi 4A and I need to change system from a crappy chineese miui to Oreo rom. How do I unblock bootloader? I have read that you need xiaomi permission to unblock. How it can be done? Next, which TWRP version should I use? I read that official have some issues with vendors...
  7. radogost

    Thread Device is shutting itself when I lock it on certain kernels.

    Hello, I have weird issue. When locking the screen (on stock LiquidRemix Kernel, Project K and others) the phone shuts down quietly instead of just going to deep sleep. When I try to pick up and unlock my phone it turn on... All is working fine on Void Kernel as well as on Mint. I tried to go...
  8. radogost

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0_r20][OFFICIAL] GZOSP [19/04/2018]

    Ground Zero Open Source Project for Tissot About ROM: GZOSP is an wonderful AOSP experience - it's a base for an other GZR roms such as Validus ROM. GZOSP contains latest CAF tags and commits for increased performance and battery. It's a ROM for people who love pure Android feeling with...
  9. radogost

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0_r28][UNOFFICIAL] ValidusOS v2.3 [12/05/2018][OMS]

    The Build is an UnOfficial Version VALIDUS Oreo for Tissot Brought to you by: thanks to @hardwareadictos - he's great guy and awesome dev!) Validus mind-blowing feature list: Awesome Battery Life Butter Smooth AOSP-CAF based for best performance Xiaomi Doze Double tap...
  10. radogost

    Thread [FAQ][Discussion]ResurrectionRemix OFFICIAL [ask your questions HERE]

    To debloat ResurrectionRemix OFFICIAL by mountaser halak thread I decided to make a discussion one - you can ask your questions here. And if you're looking for a solution - you're in a good place! How to flash ResurrectionRemix: !RECOMMENDED METHOD! You must be on Oreo. Before flashing delete...
  11. radogost

    Thread [FAQ][Discussion]LineageOS 15.1 by abhishek987 [ask your questions HERE]

    Because LineageOS 15.1 by abhishek987 thread is bloated by questions anwsered before or not dev related - ask and discuss here - to debloat main thread. How to flash Lineage 15.1: !NEW AND THE ONLY RECOMMENDED METHOD! You must be on Oreo. Before flashing delete all your saved fingerprints and...
  12. radogost

    Thread Petition to Xiaomi for releasing kernel sources for Mi A1.

    Good morning XDA community, I've found a petition to Xiaomi for releasing kernel sources. Free kernel means custom roms for our device - and Mi A1 have VERY HIGH custom rom potential. Let's have a voice - we can't be treated like kids. Let Xiaomi know it have concious users! Link to petition...
  13. radogost

    Thread Doogee MIX LITE

    Do anybody own Doogee mix LITE? How to root this little gem?
  14. radogost

    Thread How to go back to stock from Lineage OS 14.1 without dumb?

    Hello, I want to roll back to stock ROM, because we have Lineage OS no more, and I don't want to stay on undeveloped ROM with poor battery. I want to go back to stock. How I can do it without a dump? My phone is NEM-L21. Do I need oeminfo and custom.bin for my phone? When I can find it and how...
  15. radogost

    Thread Hard-bricked my moto G - need help.

    Hello fellas, I had few problems with my Moto G. I was on official Moto lolipop. I've unlocked bootloader, flashed TWRP, flashed SlimRom from dev thread, but it was hard to boot (bootlooping after phone restart, I was forced to turn down, and then turn on the phone, and sometimes it was...