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    Thread Micro USB Camera that works with Micro USB and regular USB

    Found this nice little camera accessory that works great with the Mate 8. If you ever dropped something in a tight spot that you cannot get to. this little camera will help you get footage from up to 10 Meters away. its waterproof and has attachments for helping you grab your lost item. Hope...
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    Thread Blitzwolf QC 3.0 for our LG G5 for $9 and Free shipping

    I was very frustrated that my G5 came with a QC 2.0 charger in the box. So I was happy when I was contacted by Bangood for a review a QC 3.0 charger. the charger comes with just a charger and that is it. Works great with the original cable from the G5 and Charges my device much faster. I like...
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    Thread [Review] CHOETECH USB Type-C Charger, 3-Port for a total of 39W

    I have seem many accessories from Choetech that answer the USB-C need for a charger and I have the wall adapter that they provide. But recently i saw the 3 port charger that can charge the Nexus 6P for me and two more devices at the same time. This is something that I have been stuck with...
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    Thread The Oukitel K10000 Smartphone unboxing and initial thoughts- (TK Bay)

    Rh371v3ansY Battery life is something that we all strive to have more of, well we finally have a device that has a massive battery 10000 Mah. Today I'm doing for you guys and I'm boxing and initials lots of the oukitel k10000. We will do a giveaway and review on xda very soon. Thank you.
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    Thread Asus Zenfone Zoom Unboxing and Camera Samples (Jordan Keyes)

    KQraEI6ieCs Specs: CPU: Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3580 (2.3GHz), PowerVR G6430, with OpenGL 3.0 support Memory: 4GB LPDDR3 RAM Storage: 64GB eMMC Flash Memory Slot: MicroSD Card (up to 64 GB) Battery: 3000 mAh Li-Polymer (non-removable) Camera: Front 5 Mega-Pixel Wide View PixelMaster Selfie...
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    Thread Huawei Honor 5X Unboxing and First Impressions - CES2016 (TK Bay)

    We’re pretty jazzed about the new honor 5X announced yesterday at CES. While technically it’s made by Huawei, it’s not branded as such. We’re excited about it because it’s an unlocked GSM phone with solid midrange specs (shown below) at a pretty unbeatable price point of $199, available for...
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    Thread NUU Mobile Z8 Unboxing & First Impressions - Budget Phone - Great Specs (Joshua Bane)

    NUU Mobile Z8 Unboxing & First Impressions - Budget Phone - Great Specs (Joshua Bane) NUU Mobile Z8 5.5" FHD Octa-Core Dual LTE SIM Unlocked Android Lollipop Smartphone lWY2ZziQd-Q
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    Thread Amazon's $50 Fire Tablet Unboxing and Initial thoughts

    Finally decided to get a fire tablet black Friday deal was too good to pass here is my Amazon's $50 Fire Tablet Unboxing and Initial thoughts Thank you MMQIXNrVw_I
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    Thread Pixel C Unboxing and first impressions (TK Bay)

    Here is my Pixel C Unboxing and Initial thoughts. Enjoy thank you evGWDxhYl1w
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    Thread Asus Chromebook Flip Unboxing & First Impressions! (Zachary Anderson (EzTech231))

    Asus adds the Chromebook Flip to the Chromebook lineup. It can be folded in half to be used as a tablet, and of course, it has a touchscreen. Price? $229. That's actually very solid. Link below - a-6PhuMZvko
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    Thread 16Gb Ice Nexus 5X Unboxing and First Impressions (Jordan Keyes)

    6urLVZg3734 Specs: Operating System Android 6.0 Marshmallow Display 5.2 inches FHD (1920 x 1080) LCD at 423 ppi Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 Fingerprint and smudge-resistant oleophobic coating Rear Camera 12.3 MP¹ 1.55 µm pixels f/2.0 aperture IR laser-assisted autofocus 4K (30 fps) video capture...
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    Thread Frost Nexus 6P Live Unboxing and First Impressions (Joshua Bane)

    Frost Nexus 6P Live Unboxing and First Impressions. In this video I unbox, setup, and let you know my first impressions of the new Nexus 6P. So far I like it! zmNryj9pxFo
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    Thread Huawei Watch Unboxing and Setup (Jordan Keyes)

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    Thread OnePlus X Unboxing and Hands On (Jordan Keyes)

    Specs: CPU: Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 801 processor with 2.3 GHz Quad-core RAM: 3GB LPDDR3 Storage: 16GB eMMC v5.0 (Expandable storage up to 128GB Rear Camera: 13 MP f/2.2 Front Camera: 8 MP f/2.4 Display: 5.0 inch Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 1080p Full HD, 441 PPI Active...
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    Thread Unboxing and Initial thought of the Huawei watch Steel ( TK Bay)

    Unboxing and Initial thought of the Huawei watch Steel band. Premium watch that wants you to think it's the best on the market. let see if it is. thank you for watching. gMVZZbSwxIY
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    Thread Gear S2 is Finally here, Unboxing and setup (TK Bay)

    I have the gear S2 sport in Black. Checkout my initial thoughts Thank you 4c_RsDWVpk4
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    Thread Oppo R7 Plus Review and First Impressions (RootJunky)

    Oppo R7 Plus unboxing Review and first impressions. This is a very high quality device. if you are interested in it check out the links below Link to the Oppo R7 Plus 6sJ3KaPAVv4
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    Thread Welcome to Unboxing and First Impressions

    Hey Guys, I want to start by welcoming you guys to this new forum On XDA that is dedicated to all Unboxing and First Impressions. The purpose of this thread is to get people talking about devices and what goes on during that first time you open the BOX and start looking around your new Unit. I...
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    Thread Review USB Type-C cables and charger from Choetech (tested and Passed with CheckR)

    I recently checked out some cables from Choetech of Amazon. and to my surprise they preformed quite well and the C to A cable passes the test of compliance to the Type-C standard. Great deal and much better than the cables and chargers that I got with my Nexus 6P( not sure why Google gives us a...
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    Thread Baayta [Review] of the 12 W choetech dual solar panel Charger

    When we charge our devices every day from different sources. But we forget that we have places that we cannot get a power plug to charge our devices. When we are in that type of situation the Sun is the best source of Power. Choetech provided me with This 12W Dual solar panel charger for your...
  21. tkdsl

    Thread Baayta [Review] of the Choetech Powerful Dual USB QC 2.0 charger

    Hey Guys, I received this USB Quick charge 2.0 dual port car charger from Choetech for review. The unit small but packs a big punch to power hungry devices. Great unit, please check out video video review that I have for you here. thank you Choetech for sending me this unit for review...
  22. tkdsl

    Thread Looking for Stock boot.img for the tmobile galaxy s6 Edge

    Hey Guys, My device keeps booting to the splash screen and reboots seems like I have something going on with the process i was trying to root my Edge. Can you point me in the direction of the a copy of the boot.img stock for the tmobile edge ? I cannot get to my data to back it up or even to...
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    Thread [Q] Any uptions for getting lockscreen widgets, shortcuts back on Note 4 ?

    I have been using the Note 4 for a few weeks but I really miss the lock screen widgets and shortcuts. Does anybody know if a way to bring them back on 4.4.4 and the Note 4 ? thank you
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    Thread Vista Sideshow Coming to Win Mo 5/6.1

    Hey Guys check this out a beta release of the Windows Vista Sideshow is released for our phones.:):):) Check out the D/L Link from MS
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    Thread Msft Office Mobile 6.1: Up for Msft Office 2007 file formats

    Microsoft has just released the update. check it out. Link
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    Thread HTC New Photo app for the Touch

    Have you guys seen anything like that ? Or do we have a port for that app to the Wizard. Youtube video this would be a really nice app to have. what do you think ?:)
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    Thread DST Update from Microsoft for WM5/6

    Hey guys, MS Has released a DST Update again for some reason. not sure why the first update they releases was not enough. but here is the link. from MS Site Download link I have not tried it yet but will do so soon. From Microsoft: "This release updates time zone registry data for New...
  28. tkdsl

    Thread listen to music on BT headset

    Hey guys I am wondering if you have or know of a registry change to make the phone broadcast music to the bt connected device like the a regular bt headset Example the Plantronics 655. for when you don't want to have a headset covering both ears ?
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    Thread What to do when stuck on third splash

    I installed black diamond and for some reason when I did a soft reset the phone gets stuck on the third splash screen. I need help something is making the phone get stuck and I cannot get by it. tried soft reset amny times and hard reset ( taking the battery out) but the same thing all the...