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    Thread EasyAppxInstall - Easily sideload Win10 apps with certificates and depenendencies

    Open the program where your app package is located and it will do all the work for you. It's much better than the built in App Installer since it actually tries to install the dependencies and the certificate with the app. It's also better than using the powershell file because you only need to...

    Thread EasyCertInstall - a program that makes it easier to install certificates on PC

    Made this so people can no longer be confused about how to install certificates. The application can run from windows explorer and from a command line. Instructions on how to use the program are here: Here's the link to download it...

    Thread I made a program that makes installing certificates on PC easier

    Made this so people can no longer be confused about how to install certificates. How to use this program: Step 1: Put this program in the same directory as the certificate Step 2: Running this program. Here's the link to download it:

    Thread [Tutorial] How to sideload apps on Windows 10 Mobile

    People often ask so I made a video:

    Thread [App] Dysprose - Unique writing app that stops you from procrastinating.

    Try it out today! (There's an 7 day free trial): Edit: The app supports PC and Mobile now!

    Thread Web Previewer (Beta) - Available now for you to test!

    Only available through a link for now:

    Thread How to start making Windows 10 Mobile Apps (with unlocked capabilities)

    1. Learn a supported programming language: I would recommend learning C# (since there are more resources available for it for UWP development). C# Tutorial Series: 2. Learn how to make UWP apps: You would need...

    Thread Here's a Runtime Component (Library for C#/ C++/JavaScript) which gets installed apps

    You can use this to help you create app launchers similar to one I've made (UWP App launcher) or other cool stuff involving packages. Project URL: Feel free to experiment with this :)

    Thread [Link to Poll] How old are most of you here?

    Here's the thread where you can vote: I was supposed to post this in this forum section. Sorry about having similar posts.

    Thread [Poll] How old are most of you here?

    Just curious about the ages of people here.

    Thread Mango Dev - Start Submitting your apps to do the Mango App Store using this tool

    You can download the Mango Dev in the Windows Store here: If you want to see the information about the development of the app store, the thread is here:

    Thread appx/appxbundle installer for phones (but works everywhere anyway)

    I finally did it! UPDATE: The App is now fully released with the abiltiy to install packages with their dependencies and progress bar notifications on PC and Mobile! This app can now fully replace the built in App Installer and Windows Device Portal for sideloading apps :) Source Code...

    Thread UWP App Launcher - Available To Download Now!

    I managed to make an app launcher which looks like the Android/iOS home screen. I'm releasing the source code for everyone to come and create their own app launchers. The possibilities are endless! Download the latest release here...

    Thread What do you want to see made first? A package installer or an app launcher?

    Poll is at the top of the thread. I've looked at the UWP classes and realised that these two projects are possible. I'm not sure which one I'd like to start first though so I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide. Do you want to see a package installer or app launcher for Windows 10 Mobile...

    Thread YouTube App Launcher - Opens YouTube Links in your favourite Youtube App

    For now, it only works with myTube but it works with many YouTube links. As far as I know, links from playlists aren't working yet. If you are aware of any other links that do not work correctly with this app. Please contact me at: [email protected] or pm me. Latest release...

    Thread Is there a way to force the app list to be shown on when the start button is pressed?

    Even when apps are already pinned to the start screen because I already know that if you unpin all your tiles, the start button will take you to the app list instead.

    Thread Creating a third party Windows 10 store (Cancelled)

    Latest releases: ================================================================ UPDATE 2: Temporarilly disabled the Mango Dev app in order to make critical changes to the back end. I'm also aware of the store crashing at launch...