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  1. basem_ym

    Post [10.0][OFFICIAL] SuperiorOS [TULIP][06/06/2020]

    Stability, battery life and gaming. This is the best ROM for above. Appreciate your work. One thing I miss is hold back button to close foreground apps, hope to see this feature in upcoming builds(if any) Thank u very much.
  2. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS v3.x [TULIP][08.06.2020]

    Whenever I switch from game(pubg) to any other app (messages for example) my game starts from begining when switch it back! Dont know if its a bug, any solution please?
  3. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1] LineageOS 15.1, AICP | Development & Discussion | 2021.04.15

    Overheating causes low (very low) performance, may even cause complete freeze, for me at least, so actually you are getting rid of 2 problems. As for modern apps, even at 1.4 ghz, this device won't make you happy, actually it can handle lite versions of famous apps pretty well, no point of...
  4. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1] LineageOS 15.1, AICP | Development & Discussion | 2021.04.15

    Why not making UNDERclocked kernel? I dont see any real world improvement in OC'ing this device Imo, only more heating,glitching and ofcourse more battery drain. Back in days(years maybe) I locked my CPU at 997(maybe little bit more or less dont remember) and I completely got rid of heating...
  5. basem_ym

    Post [MODULE] L Speed - Best battery saving | Perfect balance | Insane performance

    Yes I got it thanks for taking the time to explain. Coming from latest RC 9, downloaded from magisk repo: I still need to tap 2 times (on power saving profile) to stick. It was fixed in RC7. I noticed another thing: changing from PS(aka powe saving) to B(balanced) profile, app freezes for...
  6. basem_ym

    Post [MODULE] L Speed - Best battery saving | Perfect balance | Insane performance

    Installed latest update The bug with twice clicking on profile returned. Battery saving profile has debugging enabled, which was disabled in previous version(or its not associated with those profiles at all idk) but when I apply power saving and disable debugging it shows that I didnt select any...
  7. basem_ym

    Post Permission Ruler (Root Preferred)

    Just seen this thread, very important app imo, strange that its not popular on xda. Keep up the good work I will report bugs if found any :svetius:
  8. basem_ym

    Post ⚡[MODULE][NFS-INJECTOR] [NextGen/Ram Management][DREAMER][X4]⚡

    Yes, I know basics, but my question is what exactly would NFS benefit form permessive selinux? In other words: is it critically needed for it to function? Specially Ram management things?
  9. basem_ym

    Post ⚡[MODULE][NFS-INJECTOR] [NextGen/Ram Management][DREAMER][X4]⚡

    Noob question, sorry. What is the advantage of permessive selinux and what will I lose if I turned it back to enforcing? Edited: added what and? :)
  10. basem_ym

    Post [EAS][MYSTIC][KERNEL][TULIP]Mystic-Kernel [AOSP/MIUI]

    Thanks for ur work but lets get to the honest feedback: The OC version is nothing better in games than stock (pubg) for me at least, game runs on high fps by default, which is better than stock (medium by default) But using some gfx to raise fps to extreme causes alot of heat and lags. So beside...
  11. basem_ym

    Post [EAS][MYSTIC][KERNEL][TULIP]Mystic-Kernel [AOSP/MIUI]

    U said to backup system, vendor and boot. Does ur zip alter system and vendor partitions? Just asking, I dont want to break saftynet.
  12. basem_ym

    Post unable to boot in TWRP

    Try on another PC, it should work.
  13. basem_ym

    Post Only Getting Mono Channel In Earphones/Headphones in Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Go to settings, search for Accessibility Scroll down and untick Mono audio.
  14. basem_ym

    Post unable to boot in TWRP

    Did u ask google? Btw, check ur cables, remember that ADB loves USB 2.0 more than 3.0 Use latest ADB drivers. Maybe ur recovery image is corrupted, redownload.
  15. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS [TULIP][24.05.2019]

    Hay I have same issue here Is it fixed in the latest update? Its becoming more and more annoying, sometimes it happen 4 or 5 times/minute, its really annoying when playing or watching some videos. OP stated that he fixed the issue in latest update, but there is like 2 weeks between your comment...
  16. basem_ym

    Post Pixel 4 Camera

    [Nothing to see here™]
  17. basem_ym

    Post Pixel 4 Camera

    Actually, normal night sight takes photos at 0.5s exposure time, which is not possible on stock cam. I know that night sight will not be very promising with this locked-exposure sensor, but I have some free time to do some of those out of risk experiments with gcam. Btw, thanks for your...
  18. basem_ym

    Post Pixel 4 Camera

    Will try it asap thank u Edit: Its the exact same version that fbirraque posted
  19. basem_ym

    Post Pixel 4 Camera

    At least this version can take normal and night sight photos. But sadly when it detects tripod and starts astrophotography scence, it force closes immmediately. Btw, looking at package name shows that this version is based on TrGcam. Thank you thats a good headstart. Edit 1: Can you please post...
  20. basem_ym

    Post Pixel 4 Camera

    Telegram channel: trCamera Updates Update: This is the XDA thread for this port: Updates through telegram are better and mor informative.
  21. basem_ym

    Thread Pixel 4 Camera

    Hey guys. I tried nearly every Gcam 7/7.1 port on my RN6PRO. but none of them worked, it installs normally, but as soon as I open the app and give all permissions, it gets force closed. It doesn't even reach the viewfinder. Running pre-latest HavocOS /Pie. Tried some magisk modules/ some zips...
  22. basem_ym

    Post [GCam] tigr's trCamera

    Works perfectly on Tulip, thank you! Any chance to see some gcam 7.1 mods for pie?
  23. basem_ym

    Post CAMERA 32 Second Stutter Time Enable (someone help pls?)

    Can you post some pictures at 32s please?
  24. basem_ym

    Post [APP][TOOL][4.1+]Aptoide Dev (MOD)[DISCONTINUED]

    Thats fair I got the point, seems much harder than I thought. Thanks for sharing your hard work, much appreciated.
  25. basem_ym

    Post [APP][TOOL][4.1+]Aptoide Dev (MOD)[DISCONTINUED]

    Wired question: Did you decompile app libs and edit them?
  26. basem_ym

    Post VirtualXposed: Use Xposed without root, unlock the bootloader or modify system image.

    Cheetah apps are well known for thier suspecious code and several security organizations reported that they found some malaware and adware within thier android apps. Consider using another good rating security app (like eset) By the way this app contains some alogarithms to hook into apps that...
  27. basem_ym

    Post [News][Official Android Pie] Redmi Note 6 Pro Android 9 Rollout Started for MIUI Beta

    Did they improve camera in pie firmware? I've heard something about 32 shutter speed in manual mode, is that true?
  28. basem_ym

    Thread sensor libs

    [Delete please] Mod edit: Closed at OP reequest
  29. basem_ym

    Post [ABANDONED][MOD] Stereo Speaker Mod For Redmi Note 6 Pro

    What is the point of making mods for a device you dont have?
  30. basem_ym

    Post [PORT] Huawei P20 Camera (EMUI 8.1)

    Is it possible to make a magisk module of this port? Any chance to run this port on miui stock roms?
  31. basem_ym

    Post [App] Gcam for redmi note 6 pro

    Any way to take long exposure photos with night sight?
  32. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1

    Am I the only one facing offline charging problem? Its present in every custom rom I've tried. Whenever you turn off and plug in charger, phone won't boot with charger plugged in. Not a big problem though, but fixing it would be nice.
  33. basem_ym

    Post [App] Gcam for redmi note 6 pro

    Not obviuosly. Search google for "enable cam2api using setprop" You only need unlocked bootloader and functional twrp.
  34. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][HTC 820G+][7.1.2][NJH47F][UNOFFICIAL][LINEAGE OS 14.1 With HTC Sense 10]

    Thank u man I wish I can donate you, but my country is trade restricted I cant use any thing connected to virtual currency. For those blaming about bugs, at least provide some logs, respect the huge work of this guy. Much thanks and great work man, I will flash this master piece and report any...
  35. basem_ym

    Post How to Unlock the Bootloader, Install TWRP and Root the Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Thank you. another question (since its my first time with Xiaomi) I have read that its not possible to relock the bootloader. Is that true? Thanks again
  36. basem_ym

    Post How to Unlock the Bootloader, Install TWRP and Root the Redmi Note 6 Pro

    Hay folks i have question Unlook tool shows some warnings about fingerprint sensor that it wont be functional after unlocking. Did this happen to anyone? I Am asking just to be safe i don't want to regret unlocking my new device. Can you please tell me if unlocking will break any thing?? (Like...
  37. basem_ym

    Post Gcam for redmi note 6 pro?

    Does gcam work on miui? Specially night shots. Is there any cam app that can take those night mode shots? Like the photos in honor 6x for example?
  38. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    Exactly. But the the first installation was magisk beta 16(I've installed it from a long time) and updating it periodically through magisk manager, no issues with magisk nor package manager.
  39. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    Last stand: Flash LOS root addon upon magisk and report back.
  40. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    No particular settings and nothing special just a random flash. No issues with saftynet. Can you confirm that disabling magisk hide do the trick?
  41. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    Just to prove it:
  42. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    Actually magisk works fine for me and I can install apps normally from both play store and pkg manager. Mine is D2302 (dual not aqua) maybe this bug is aqua specific idk? Old but gold: wipe cache and dalvik, if didnt work grap some logs, ask someone to dig into them(I dont know how to figure...
  43. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    Its strange that everyone facing problems with magisk. I didnt have any of these problems after flashing BETA magisk build (flash the latest one it will work flawlessly) Hope this works for every one.
  44. basem_ym

    Post [APP][4.0+][Unlimited][No Coupon] ? Totally Free VPN ?- Hundreds of VPN Servers!

    Read OP. These servers are hosted by volunteers from vpngate project.
  45. basem_ym

    Post [PORT]MIUI Camera Universal Port

    Works fine on Xperia M2 Dual D2302 Crashes on group selfie. I will provide logs asap. Thank you
  46. basem_ym

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    +1 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro.
  47. basem_ym

    Post Play PUBG Mobile Smoothly in Low Ram Device Without Lag or Hang

    gtfo looser, no room for your kind at XDA
  48. basem_ym

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0

    It worked for me on LOS 15. I didn't have any option it settings either.