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  1. Farzin-PC

    Thread [Q] USB OTG

    hi guys i have a stupid question X10 mini support USB OTG? :eek: How?which ROM? which Kernel?
  2. Farzin-PC

    Thread [Q] which kernel support MHL cable for U?

    hi guys my friend want to see devise screen on TV! but U haven't HDMI port! so he can use MHL cable??? if yes which kernel support HML cable for XPERIA U? cheers --------------------------------------------------- sorry for my english! :p
  3. Farzin-PC

    Thread [Q] backup and restore.apk!

    hi guys i want have backup and restore.apk on another ROMs!!! i extracted it from system/app/backup and restore.apk from orginal rom then i copied it ro system/app of another rom like Semc Debrand Engine and set primisons : R W - R - - R - - and then reboot but its not working!!!! :( so...
  4. Farzin-PC

    Thread [Request] Original 1.6 Firmware!

    hello i want original android 1.6 firmware for X10mini(E10i) and X10mini pro(U20i) its not matter what is that (can be backup or ftf file!!!) cheers sorry for my english :p