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  1. vin4yak

    Thread [APP] [FREE] [MATERIAL] Shrink It ! - URL Shortener

    Shrink It ! - URL Shrinker [Material] Downloads:- Direct Link: Hey guys, I have recently developed my first android app based on Lollipop's Material Design and I would to share it with you guys as well. It's a free app...
  2. vin4yak

    Thread [Q] Android L VPN issue

    Please use the existing Android L QnA thread: - Sent from an IceCold Hammerhead!
  3. vin4yak

    Thread Amazon's Appstore Promotion Offers Over $100 In Paid Apps For Free!

    Hello everybody, As the title says, Amazon is offering about $100 of paid apps for free to promote it's Appstore! So, grab'em while you can! :D...
  4. vin4yak

    Thread Nexus 5 Handmade Sleeve Pouch

    Hello people! :) Few weeks ago I came across this awesome store @ where they make handmade pouches made of Jeans material from the outside and fleece in the inside. I fell in love with the pouch as soon as I saw it. So I ordered one with yellow fabric inside (Yes, you can choose the...
  5. vin4yak

    Thread [Wallpapers] [Sounds] LG G3

    Hey, Here are the LG G3 wallpapers and sounds which I found floating around it's official forum so I thought of sharing it over here :) Some of them are pretty nice actually :p Wallpapers: Ringtones: Alarm Tones: Notification Sounds...
  6. vin4yak

    Thread Unknown error code during application install: -24

    Hello everyone, I always follow this rule when I buy a new device. I use the stock rom/kernel without root for the first 2-3 weeks just so that there's no hardware error popping up and also because I want to have that clean stock experience with each device I own. After I feel the time is...
  7. vin4yak

    Thread Which Headphones Do Y'all Use?

    Hello Guys! I don't like to type long topics :P So I'll get straight to the point... As the topic title says, which headphones are y'all currently using with your beloved Nexus 5? :cowboy: I'm currently using the Sennheiser Street II cx-180 (I know it's pretty old) with my beast! :D Planning...