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  1. DrawnToLife

    Thread ♦ [HLTE/TMO/SPR][ROM][CM13][6.0.1_r30] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build v9.3 ♦

    INTRODUCTION | DOWNLOAD AND CHANGE LOGS | FAQ, BUGS, AND KNOWN ISSUES | MISC. FIXES | USER FIXES temasek's UNOFFICIAL CM13 BUILDS OFFICIAL ROM MAINTAINER THREAD This is the official maintainer thread for all current and future unofficial builds of CM13 created by temasek. This thread was...
  2. DrawnToLife

    Thread [Q] Notification Vibration Stopped Working?

    I'm no longer getting vibrations on my wrist with my Gear Live. I haven't touched anything, but they just stopped. The motor does work however, I've tested it using the Phone Finder app. I've tried resetting the device, restarting the device, and making sure that it's not on mute. I can't seem...