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  1. domnic79

    Thread Stable Oxygen OS 11 now released

    OnePlus released Oxygen OS 11 For OnePlus 7 Series. You can Download form the link Below. Changelog: System Update to OxygenOS 11 version Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more comfortable...
  2. domnic79

    Thread New to OnePlus 6

    Hi, im new to A/B partitions and PIE. I was Using OnePlus 3T before this. I have few questions. 1. Can i restore Titanium backup apps+data from Oreo to PIE? 2. Can i use magisk modules from Oreo? 3. Which modules are you guys using?
  3. domnic79

    Thread Official Whatsapp Group for Mi Max

    For Mi Max owners only(Hydrogen/Helium) To join the group, post your number in the thread OR send a message to @avi3230 OR email him at [email protected] DO NOT SPAM THE GROUP. SPAMMERS WILL BE KICKED OUT AND BANNED. Disclaimer: Im not using Mi Max anymore so i left the group. The...
  4. domnic79

    Thread New to Mi Max

    Hi, I'm new to Mi Max & Locked bootloader stuff. I ws using Mi4 before gettin this phone. Im not new to flashing. I have some questions, hope someone wil help me. 1. Currently im on Can i flash MIui 8 global dev directly on or i need to follow some procedure? 2. For ROOT...
  5. domnic79

    Thread Whatsapp Group for Mi4

    This is the link to join MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED[/CENTER][/URL] Per the forum rules, promoting social media is no longer allowed on XDA: THREAD CLOSED
  6. domnic79

    Thread Whatsapp calling activation for those who are not having it

    SERVER STATUS: ONLINE In order to get the Whats-app Calling feature you need to have latest version available Download Latest one from HERE(Current version 2.12.19) Its Like an invite system. If someone calls you using whatsapp call, you get call feature on your whatsapp. Text me on whatsapp...
  7. domnic79

    Thread [Q&A] [ROM] Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Unofficial)

    Some developers prefer that questions remain separate from their main development thread to help keep things organized. Placing your question within this thread will increase its chances of being answered by a member of the community or by the developer. Before posting, please use the forum...
  8. domnic79

    Thread [POLL] How many of you have knox 0x1 or 0x0

    Just wanna know how many people have knox enabled or disabled on their Note 2.
  9. domnic79

    Thread Broadcom released the drivers for galaxy y

    I jus saw it on xda. Dnt kno if u guys kno bout it. Sent from my GT-N7000...
  10. domnic79

    Thread Galaxy Pocket S5300| Rom | Firmware| Tweaks| Themes| 05/10/2012

    S5830 Multi Package firmware THIS FIRMWARE IS FOR S5300 ONLY. Based on 'LATEST' firmware for GT-S5300. MODEL: S5300 PDA: XXLF5 CSC: BTULF1 MODEM: XXLF5 How to flash? 1. Download & install Odin. 2. Put the fone in Download mode(Volume Down + Home + Power) 3. Connect ur fone to the computer &...
  11. domnic79

    Thread [SCRIPT] DomScript v1 | Team Cooper 28.09.2012

    Today i bring to you DomScript(Beta1). Its a mixture of many scripts. Searched google for most used scripts & combined them all to make it 1 package. Features: Check changelog on 2nd post. Requirements: CWM 2mb free on system rooted phone Rafael's kernel bcoz it has init.d support Before...
  12. domnic79

    Thread [ROM] [Team Cooper] M!-U! DISCONTINUED

    To all u MIUI fans, I present u "M!-U! v2.2.1" Lets look at the features, shall we?: Based on XXLF3 Removed some unwanted apps, but its not barebone Deodexed 1% battery mod MIUI bootanimation Kernel (20120826-1300) by Rafael.Baugis Roboto fonts Build.prop tweaks for Performance, 3G & Battery...
  13. domnic79

    Thread [ROM] [Barebone] Simplicity v1 | 2.3.6 DISCONTINUED

    Presents Simplicity v1 How i came with that name? The rom is lite, smooth, fast & looks simple. So i call it Simplicity. Its not themed bcoz it is made for performance. Changelog of Simplicity v1 as follows-> Based on latest firmware XXLF3 Fully barebone Deodexed Nexus bootanimation...
  14. domnic79

    Thread [ROM] [DEODEXED] 2.3.6 | S5830iXXLF3

    A Project. Hi Guys, After learning & posting all this time, i managed to make my first Deodex rom. It is not themed as of now. Anyone intrested can use this rom to theme or modify it. This Rom is DEODEXED. Based on XXLF3. The base firmware can be downloaded from here. NOTE You...
  15. domnic79

    Thread [Firmware] 2.3.6 GT-S5830I/C (Multi Package firmwares)

    A " Team Cooper" Project This is my first attempt in Development section. This was a 'One Package' file which was supposed to be flashed under PDA. I have converted it into 'Multi Package' file(PDA, MODEM,CSC) using a tool called ''SplitFUS'. Ihave tested it and its working. Im not...
  16. domnic79

    Thread Need devs to look at dis unofficial ICS alpha

    Hi devs. Just found dis ICS alpha for SL-i9003. Was wondering if someone could port it to our ace. It seems dat only d lockscreen works, nothing else. See if sumone can extract sumthing out of it. :)...
  17. domnic79

    Thread Enable 3rd party chat apps on CyanogenMod 7.1.0.

    Found out a way to enable chat apps on cm7. Normally wen u install any chat apps on CyanogenMod lik Im+ or trillian etc... it flashes error message. Here's a trick to use it witout any error. Install ur chat app(im+, trillian etc...) on any custom rom on which dis app works. Log in and use it...