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    Thread Moto G(9) Power Mods Xposed modules, Custom recovery, Custom Rom for Motorola

    When will we be getting a custom rom aosp. custom tweaked stock rom , anything by this point to this phone maybe an early android 11 aosp or stock rom , i am waiting for a custom rom for this phone and a recovery maybe someone knows existing tweaks, want to be able to install zips through twrp...
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    Thread how to change carriers

    im new so im wondering how to change to sprint on cdma phone
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    Thread Carrier NAT Type

    Hi my carrier is sprint HTC One m8 but can't game on consoles since it is strict Nat type however my friends phone is lg metropcs but his Nat type is open. Is there any fix for this do all carriers have strict Nat types?
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    Thread HTC sense tv

    Hi I need HTC sense tv to use it on my HTC mini + bluetooth or else it won't work is there any way I can get it without updating to peel.
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    Thread [Q] more of a physical problem

    Do you Guys have any extra LCD screens laying around My phone screen broke just when I pulled it out my pocket. looking for a good deal.