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    Thread [MODULE] Emoji sets by RKBDI

    Emoji magisk modules by RKBDI NOTE: I'm not responsible for any bricked devices! Eventhough I'll always try to help you out of a bootloop or with any other problems, I won't take responsibility for anything caused by this module. Use it at your own risk! Remember that other users can't see...
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    Thread [COLLECTION] Swiftkey Themes PORT

    Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard Factory settings apk in some brands like Huawei, Sony and more include themes inside them so why not port it to other devices? How to install (no root): Download apk with theme you like below Install Clean Swiftkey keyboard data Enjoy themes If you want to use...
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    Thread [MOD][SPLASH] Custom Boot Splash Pack for Razer Phone 2

    Custom boot Splash for R Λ Z Ξ R PHONE 2 by RKBDI Use this at your own risk. THXSplash download SplashA10 download SplashA10G download SplashRefreshA10G download SplashRefreshA10 download SplashGoogle download SplashGoogleLogo download SplashPA download Instructions 1...
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    Thread [MAGISK] Razer os mods

    Magisk modules for R Λ Z Ξ R OS by RKBDI Aosp lockscreen font Download Aosp system ui sounds Download telegram group
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    Thread [Themes] Mixplorer themes by RKBDI

    This thread is only for Mixplorer file manager by HootanParsa Report here related bugs and ideas for themes. downloads Atheme Atheme Blue Atheme black&white Atheme Mdark with gray icons Atheme Mdark with colored icons Atheme red Atheme light Screenshots: Telegram channel with updates...
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    Thread [request] Stock Gboard Theme

    Can anyone send me file of Gboard theme used in Stock Global? is located in /data/etc/Gboard
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    Thread [Module] Rboard themes module - More themes for Gboard

    Gboard Themes is a Magisk module with themes invented trough modifying the only third party Gboard theme – the one from MIUI. How does it work? The module modifies two of your system props to map the theme location and adds a folder (/system/etc/gboard_themes) with actual themes inside...
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    Thread Permission remover

    i there any app or magisk/xposed module what automatically allow all permission to any installed app like in lollipop? it's really annoying for me for example when i want to take photo fast camera asking me for stupid permissions... i know its for security but i don't want this
  9. RKBD

    Thread GTA SA glith

    I have really annoying glith in some new roms. I don't have this on oos 3.2.8 and some LAOS roms. Im only who notice that? (Sorry for my bad english)
  10. RKBD

    Thread OxygenOS cleaned my internal storage

    After installing OxygenOS 3.2.8 I always have totally cleaned storage idk why :confused: someone have this? Installing oos from cm13 sultan (sorry for my english)
  11. RKBD

    Thread [Request] port aosp camera

    can someone port aosp camera for android 7.1.1 or 6.0.1? like in AOKP 6.0.1 thanks :)
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    Thread Oxygen OS download site not working

    why i can't get in to ?
  13. RKBD

    Thread [PLEASE HELP] totally bricked

    Nothing is booting No fastboot No recovery No system completly nothing. I do something wrong when i tried multiboot miui from h2os.
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    Thread H2OS nougat
  15. RKBD

    Thread i can't find modified twrp

    I need link with modified twrp but all links are died. :crying:
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    Thread [PORT] [HydrogenOS] [OxygenOS] icon packs for OnePlus Launcher All icon packs from OxygenOS and HydrogenOS for OnePlus Launcher
  17. RKBD

    Thread Fastboot and Recovery not working after flashing cm14 from OxygenOS 3.2.7

    Original twrp not working and I can't flash it via fastboot becouse my pc can't see my phone. (when i booting to fastboot/bootloader its only show white led)
  18. RKBD

    Thread Need help. Can't enter into fastboot.(HydrogenOS)

    I can't enter into fastboot (black screen and white led) and, can't flash (in OnePlus recovery) any rom eg: cm14 or modified by me HydrogenOS or Gapps... Shuld i try install OxygenOS 3.2.6? :confused:
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    Thread New OxygenOS OpenBeta1 new oxygenos for OP3