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  1. biswatmak

    Thread Standard charger for Poco?

    If I use the standard Mi charger for Poco f1, will it cause any problems other than slow charging ? I am taking about the normal 5V/2A charger ?
  2. biswatmak

    Thread Diff between ported miui and stock Nougat ?

    Hey guys, Kenzo have many ported miui nougat roms but how in terms of battery and performance do they differ from stock nougat aka Lineage OS. In terms of gaming and ram management are they any good ??
  3. biswatmak

    Thread Mokee Oreo Rom

    How's the mokee oreo rom for kenzo. They seem to have discontinued with Nougat and have officially started releasing Oreo nightly from March. Has the standby battery drain been fixed in oreo during data usage ??
  4. biswatmak

    Thread Illumination and Stock

    Will reflashing SP with stock ROM bring back illumination bar, or are there any 4.3 rom s which on flashing gives back the discolight. I have a UBL SP with 14.1. I want to go back , please help
  5. biswatmak

    Thread Fingerprint Selfie !!

    My device has fpc sensor. When I was using miui , I could use the fingerprint sensor to take selfies without setting up fingerprint security. Thus time though with RR, I cant do that. I have used apps like dactyl and click with finger but nothing helps.
  6. biswatmak

    Thread About PostmarketOS !!!!

    Is there any plan of developing on postmarketOS for Redmi Note 3 ?? I hear they are guaranteeing 10 years of support !!
  7. biswatmak

    Thread Battery Backup

    Hi guys I have posted two screenshots, just look at them and tell me if my battery is working fine. I have Data (4g LTE) always ON !!! Balanced profile, battery saver disabled.
  8. biswatmak

    Thread Stuck on Boot

    I am stuck on boot. Can't even enter TWRP. Its also stuck on the teamwin screen. I am using AOKP. Please help
  9. biswatmak

    Thread Replace Google Now in long press mid key

    I am using cm12.1 without gapps. I am more fond of Aptoide. My only concern is that I want some v assistant app to pop up while long pressing my mid onscreen key. Is there any v assistant I can use which will fit in the description, as I won't be using Google Now, coz I don't have play...
  10. biswatmak

    Thread Gallery on Mokee OS problem

    I have installed Mokee OS 5.1.1 official on my Xperia SP. The only problem is with the gallery app, the photos keep on disappearing. I opened the "media storage" --> Clear Data ---> Reboot phone but the samething. The photos are showing on the first instance, but when you are trying to see the...
  11. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Change Governor Before Flashing

    Is there a possible method to change default governor like "ondemand" to "conservative" before flashing the ROM ??? What I mean is can any user change any ROM value in any file to achieve the same so that ROMS which does not have CPU Control ( Like AOSP ) can boot up with conservative governor ???
  12. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Unlock JB Calendar

    Is there any possible way to add events in CM10 calendar without adding a google account, like it could have been done in GB ???
  13. biswatmak

    Thread [Share]Android 4.2 Camera[FIX]

    Android 4.2 Camera Its here guys as yu all know the brilliant app thats making rounds in all spheres. There is but a Photosphere bug which is not allowing the feature to be used. This is because its only enabled in a phone with a Gyroscope. Some Screenies Some Videos...
  14. biswatmak

    Thread CM File Manager With Root Access Comes to CM10

    [B]The Cyanogenmod Team have integratred a new file manager for cm10 which allows Root Access, probably will appear in next nightlies called only as the CM File Manager. Maybe in next Jellaxy or PAC or AOKP builds we might be able to have its taste GitHub Source...
  15. biswatmak

    Thread New Stock Firmware Galaxy Ace : Dated 12-09-2012

    New Firmware for Galaxy Ace S5830 Info : PDA: S5830XWKTQ CSC: S5830FRELT2 Version: 2.3.6 Date: 2012-09-12 Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom Improvements as I have seen : 1) No Unlocking Lags 2) All Apps Updated 3) New Bootanimation...
  16. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Best Kernel For CM7 Galaxy Ace

    This is the one question to all u guys out there..............Which according to you is the best kernel for Galaxy Ace :confused::confused::confused::confused: 1) KETUT :o:o:o:o:o:o:o 2) KOLJA ( as according to official release ):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D 3) AOSP ZIMAGE MOD...
  17. biswatmak


    Can any of you guys create an ODIN Downloader alternative for the Linux Environment?????? The only alternative available is for galaxy S. And ACE is not supported. :(:(:(:(:(:( Please help guys. :o:o:o:o:o:o
  18. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Kernel 3.2 for galaxy ace

    Will Galaxy Ace have AOSP ICS and kernel version 3.2 in near future through custom roms??????
  19. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Maemo on Galaxy Ace

    Has anyone given a thought to port the largely open source Linux and ARM based Maemo on galaxy ace ?????? Well it has avery few apps in its appstore but has greater performance abilities. :confused:
  20. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] How to Busybox on Ace ?

    how to install busybox on ace??? anyone please a step by step installation. i tried a lot but without success.
  21. biswatmak

    Thread [INFO] Alternate operating System

    Will a linux based rom ever come up for galaxy ace with kernel version 3.2 ? the custom roms are all being based on gingerbread and ics roms. a linux based one will add some variety. themed roms are not good enough.
  22. biswatmak

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod Battery life

    When will cyanogenmod custom roms will have better battery lives? tested a couple of them including " the end 2.5 " , but the problem remains : faster battery drainage than the original stock gingerbread roms. haven't tested Maclaw's cm9 yet. but the framework mods and the battery tweaks...
  23. biswatmak

    Thread Offline Navigation App For Galaxy Ace

    My phone doesn't have a data connection. So I searched the net for an offline navigation app whose entire data including maps could be downloaded from the net via PC and inserted in the SD card and make the app up and running. But to no avail.