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  1. gameeater

    Thread App Sms wake up scream on the pocket.

    When I get a sms the screen turns on even when it is inside the pocket. does anyone know how to make it work on Always on display like the other apps? Galaxy s8 Oreo Last update Enviado de meu SM-G950F usando o Tapatalk
  2. gameeater

    Thread [Request] FIx for video slow motion cm12

    All that we are using the latest versions of CM12 for motorola g are suffering from the video in slow motion. I'm not a developer, so why ask for any developer to create a fix for we install until this problem is corrected. In some forums it comes to disable Nuplayer however this does not solve...
  3. gameeater

    Thread [REQUEST - MOD] Advanced power menu for Moto G

    Could someone create a zip to add the APM function to the Stock ROM? Like this:
  4. gameeater

    Thread APK Installation problema

    I live in brasil and gave a moto g version 2 sim and 16gb storage. My problem is when I install an APK from the internal memory is shown me the error "There was a problem parsing the package" the only solution is to install using google drive.