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  1. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread Talk Back and Slipper unlock lead to misery

    Just a warning if you use the Slipper unlock style DO NOT enable Talk Back or you will not be a happy camper. Talk Back breaks the ability to scroll in the menu settings as well as renders the device almost impossible to unlock if your using the Slipper Unlock. Only way I was able to end the...
  2. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [CWM] [TWRP] Easy Recovery install for Find 5

    I first want to note that none of this is my work, I'm simply sharing with the community with the permission from the creator of this tool. All credit goes to kamma for his port of TWRP here and Derek from the OPPO forums for bringing CWM, and of coarse JonaBustos for making this great tool for...
  3. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread Galaxy S4 HD Wallpapers (4 Wallps)

    HD Wallps for your Find 5 courtesy of Samsung ;) This were just released into the wild and they look fantastic on the Find 5. Download and enjoy! :) DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD This one looks just smashing on the Find 5 :cool: DOWNLOAD
  4. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread Meifeng Quicksand Hard Case *Updated with pics and review*

    I really liked the quicksand rock case series and found something very similar. Just ordered the blue one! I'll update this post with a review when it arrives! Meifeng Quicksand Hard Case from eBay Sorry about the long delay in updating this thread with correct pictures and what not. Without...
  5. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread Post your Find 5 Homescreens!

    Here we go, you guys know the rules so be appropriate and have fun! nova launcher, stock wallp, Minimo icon pack new theme I'm using for Tapatalk
  6. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [GUIDE/INFO/LIST]Google Now Ultimate Cheat Sheet

    This was recently posted on HERE. This is an awesome comprehensive list of commands to use with Google Now- Jelly Bean's most talked about feature. I wanted to share with the community here on our Forum for those already running JB and for the rest of us that will soon be on...
  7. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [INFO][UPDATED 11/3] What do your NFC tags/tectiles do?

    So I thought I'd make a thread about some of the things we are doing with our new GS3's and it's uses with NFC! Sure we can all google some of the uses but why not share some things not mentioned and share ideas. I think this is a good place to do just that! ;) For those of you that are...
  8. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [Q] Unable to enter recovery after installing CWM

    I tried to not start a new thread but ... I'm at a loss so here's the sitch.. I rooted, unlocked, and installed CWM using ViperMOD tool here I got successful on upon running the program. Confirmed root, proceeded to unlock and install CWM. Like I said, the messages informed me of no errors and...
  9. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [Q] Unable to find backups in directory?

    So I've made a couple Nandroid Backups and I am unable to find them in any of my directories. The reason I ask is because I'd like to rename a couple of them before I forget what I was running. I usually use ROM Manager (i know.. this is the only thing i use it for) to rename my backup files...
  10. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [REQ] rm-s Voltage Schedule remover for CWM3?

    I have a .zip file that will remove the voltage scheduler if you have any saved on boot. A lot of users are using gingerbread ROMs that uses CWM3 including myself, but unfortunately this program only works with earlier versions of CWM. So I'm looking for a newer zip file that will remove voltage...
  11. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread Is the blacklist reversable?

    I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know if you blacklist a number, can it be un-blacklisted? Again, i cant seem to figure it out.
  12. EnemyOfGlaDOS

    Thread [Q] SMS app randomly goes to default settings??

    This just started happening the other day when i installed another sms app. I know how to set up all the settings and even find where to backup my settings or themes. But since i've had two sms apps, they keep resetting. I've got all my settings and backgrounds set up. then every once in a...