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  1. xavivts

    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Hello, in the previous version and this last screen does not turn on or off with the original case. regards
  2. xavivts

    Post [ROM][29 Jan] Helios v7.27.0 * TW * Xposed * android 7.0 * DRA9

    Is it a crime to ask for it? Is because I am in DQC1 and I would not like to install the DQC4 and that the DEV releases last firmware. :(
  3. xavivts

    Post Samsung S8 V3_1 DREAM UX Full theme ONLy NOUGAt

    Hello, very nice, there is possibility to put the keyboard gray and white as stock thanks
  4. xavivts

    Post [ROM] MIUI 8 v.7.04.23 by ENIAC

    yeeeaahh thanks Eniac!!!!!
  5. xavivts

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][TITAN][7.1] LineageOS 14.1 [UNIFIED]

    Hi guys, the update is mandatory full wipes or can be done in dirty.
  6. xavivts

    Post Help with odin

    Solved, uninstalled old drivers installed the latest now works all right in odin both the N4 and the s7 edge. Thanks for the help
  7. xavivts

    Post Help with odin

    Thanks for the answer, and I have them installed unless they are uninstalled for some reason that I do not know. But I think I have the localized problem because s7 edge that I have also does not recognize me odin I think it can be an update drivers I made a few days ago.
  8. xavivts

    Thread Help with odin

    Hello, I have a problem with odin, I do not know the phone, this is the debugging usb mode I tried with several odins and none recognizes the device I installed many firms and suddenly I do not recognize the odin device. In mtp if you recognize me you have some idea Thank you
  9. xavivts

    Post [SAMSUNG][Android 6.x/7.x/8.x] SYSTEMLESS DevBase v2.1 | Encryption support

    Hello Alexdr, in the last 9 months I only carry in my Note 4 your bases, it is a pleasure to have you here. I see that you are only releasing 6.x.x are you going to work on Nougat soon? Greetings, thanks for your work
  10. xavivts

    Post Naughty Beta 4 by ROM Central

    Hello, installed without problems coming from beta 4 does not need bootloader or modem. Format data, wipes art-dalwik, system, data, cache and restart. Very fast and smooth for the moment. Thanks for the work.
  11. xavivts

    Post Naughty Beta 4 by ROM Central

    Welcome, thank you, share your work
  12. xavivts

    Post S7/edge Android 7.0 Beta 4

    As says gentleman I see nothing
  13. xavivts

    Post Nougat Beta Registration Live Again

    Grrr arrived late to register the beta program is complete, is the message that throws me.
  14. xavivts

    Post [N910G/F/T]Norma N7 Port V12/ Aurora N7 V5

    I tried the new v6 with update 6.1 and removed according cofiguraba, I did not work: - Do not bother - The Spanish language is not download - If you clicabas in battery options or settings ram is stopped -3minit No changes to the battery icon. It is true that has a lot of changes but this very...
  15. xavivts

    Post [N910G/F/T]Norma N7 Port V12/ Aurora N7 V5

    Incredibly nice interface port with N7, the only drawback is that drains battery like a demon, I've Ram kernel. thanks for the great work
  16. xavivts

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r61][TITAN]RESURRECTION REMIX [5.7.3]

    hello, with the phone off you charge the battery? ami me it is in the Motorola logo and not change to display the battery.
  17. xavivts

    Post [EOL][ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] * DRF1 * DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat [Aug-11]

    thanks for another great alexandr work soon test, now with v3.7 and Ramkernel newly emerged very mild. Thank you
  18. xavivts

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r61][TITAN]RESURRECTION REMIX [5.7.3]

    hello, because there are different buildings, one dated 20/09/16 and 09/22/16 dated other being the same v5.7.4? Thank you
  19. xavivts

    Post [MM][14 June] RamKernel RC6 [SafetyNet] [N910G/F/T/P/V/W8/N9100][N915G/F/D/FY/T/W8]

    thank you very much for your great work, we needed a stock kernel as the Hani is long already, continue with new sources or'd just work here? Thanks again
  20. xavivts

    Post [GUIDE]Unlock Bootloader - Moto G (2nd Gen) [UPDATED]

    Hello, I tried several times on the page motorola send me the unlock code and when I insert the 5 lines without the spaces give the button to see if my device is unlockable and tells me that my device can not be unlocked. I do not understand it send to motorola for repair and change screen...
  21. xavivts

    Post [ROM][N910F|G][XXU1DPH][Marshmallow][26Aug] Omega v4.0 ●►Omega Files◄●

    hi guys, serious indie super make a new version with the firm DPGA is really good.
  22. xavivts

    Post [EOL][ROM][N910F][ALEXNDR] * DRF1 * DevBase v5.9 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat [Aug-11]

    storing photos hi guys , it works on external storage or file transfer to the card ? regards
  23. xavivts

    Post [KERNEL][6.0.1][TW][N910F/T/W8] H-Vitamin [22-04-2016][Permissive]

    hello, have good sleep and works very fast logically also consumes more battery but it really makes me , I am not of those who seek maximum battery saving greetings
  24. xavivts

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][trltexx] Resurrection Remix 5.7.0 [20160703]

    2 days with her and perfect in normal use, in choppy voice calls when it passes the minute speaking, great job
  25. xavivts

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][trltexx] Resurrection Remix 5.7.0 [20160703]

    hello, fit. everything working, camera without Cd. haeads up the non-notification can remove or making adjustments or 0 with an editor. FC some adjustments, that's all for moment. Great job installing with BootL COJ3 Módem COJ3. thanks
  26. xavivts

    Post [N910F/G][Touchwiz]Emotion Revolution Note 4 R18.1 [23 -Nov] [Multi DPI]

    Hi, I posted this link R9, I do not see in the down, only the r8? Thank you
  27. xavivts

    Post [SMART FLASHABLE ZIP]Android M Bootanimation for Samsung Devices

    thanks, running on 5.1.1 rom deodex Alexandre basis.
  28. xavivts

    Post [N910F/G][Touchwiz]Emotion Revolution Note 4 R18.1 [23 -Nov] [Multi DPI]

    good, no chance to get it was based v.6 Boc5 if I remember correctly? Thank you
  29. xavivts

    Post [N910F] Dr.Ketan ROM I N5 port I MultiDPI* ITHREAD MERGED

    Hello, this is the port the edge of Mya Rom S6 not?
  30. xavivts

    Post Discontinued

    Great job guys, congratulations yeeeahhh :laugh:
  31. xavivts

    Post [5.1.1_r6][N910F/G/T/P][ROM] [Unofficial] AICP. Android Ice Cold Project[ 04-July15]

    Hello, on occasion no connection to the camera, I cache wipes and worked, for now any fault with it.The problem I have is that app on demand television images are frozen but the audio continues playing, so others is a great and pleasant, thanks rom.
  32. xavivts

    Post Super.Fast&LolliFamous™[PART.6.0 BOD2 New NITRO X 2.7 PRIME ][N910F/G] [ XPOSED ]

    Hi, thanks for your great work, the possibility exists that put us a flashable stock kernel. Thank you a lot
  33. xavivts

    Post [ROM][ OFFICIAL ][ CMRemiX ][cm-14.1 ][ TRLTEXX] CMRemix-Rom V3.XX

    have if I get that understands me with google translator. the problem is that discharges into the store are very slow play just me going on this rom. then if I connect the phone to pc I did not recognize or activating debug usb in pc devices and other hardware I get and I can not open or...
  34. xavivts

    Post [ROM][ OFFICIAL ][ CMRemiX ][cm-14.1 ][ TRLTEXX] CMRemix-Rom V3.XX

    hello in the 2 times the store install the play was going badly just had our fast download and it was wifi, not detected my phone the pc I went out as another hardware and there was no way to transfer files, select Advanced Options the usb debugging and nothing :crying: .... greetings
  35. xavivts

    Post [APP] Air Command Shortcut [ROOT]

    Hello, the new base for the 910F BOC3 get the icon in the notification bar but the app launches and does not work. regards
  36. xavivts

    Post [TW][5.0.1][AndromedaKernel][SM-N910F][Abandoned]

    Welcome thanks for the work: Bueno:
  37. xavivts

    Post [APP] Air Command Shortcut [ROOT]

    Thx bro, is perfect.:good: ---------- Post added at 11:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 PM ---------- Hi, something happened to me, I left the phone on the table and at 5 min sounded like an alarm, when I took .Me I had yielded a message reminding me that the spen was disengaged...
  38. xavivts

    Post [EOL] [KITCHEN] ArchiKitchen - Android Kitchen [Linux]

    Hello, you would know that does not change the kernel installation ls? I followed the steps tutorial of the kitchen.It is a very rare thing that the kernel of the previous custom rom stays. is there any option to change the kernel necessarily the kitchen? Thank you very much.
  39. xavivts

    Post Official Cm12 for 910F and 910G

    Hello, I have until 5 hours screen. I come from Tw lollipop German to 910F I had a problem with the issues but has not given me reboot. Consumption will look good boot and modem are lollipop. What has surprised me was the temperature cojido when I was listening to music with file explorer, is I...
  40. xavivts

    Post ROM[official][trltexx][5.1.1][CM-based]**crDroid** release every weekend

    Yeeeaaahhh could install it simply was the wrong recovery, odin flashing by the trltexx as some fellow said. Thank you very much and enjoying it. Regards
  41. xavivts

    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.2][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project

    Hello, I try to flash a rom AOSP and no way it installs this in the thread 910F and not because they put trltexx when tendo one trlte and not worth my trltexx. Regards ---------- Post added at 12:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:39 AM ---------- I just do not understand why if I have...
  42. xavivts

    Post ROM[official][trltexx][5.1.1][CM-based]**crDroid** release every weekend

    I just do not understand why if I have a trltexx not let me install a recovery xx and if lte
  43. xavivts

    Post ROM[official][trltexx][5.1.1][CM-based]**crDroid** release every weekend

    Hello again, do not know what the hell is wrong but I can install it. Tw lollipop come from the trltexx recoverys not I install and the trlte quw are with those who can work will not let me flash.