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  1. Corias

    Thread [Q] Timezone update

    How do I update timezones on my SW3? The issue is that the watch does not get current time from phone, but gets GMT time and sets its own (and outdated for my country) GMT offset.
  2. Corias

    Thread [REQ] I9192 bloat-free ROM

    Is it so impossible to port CM or at least AOSP ROM to this device version? Stock-only full of Samsung bloatware looks like a discrimination versus full-functional official CM builds for I9190 and I9195. If someone maintains a custom ROM for I9192, let me know please. I do own a device and have...
  3. Corias

    Thread [REQ] SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk from I-9195 CM10.1

    Could someone extract and post one, please?