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  1. mudhi

    Thread New skin from htc hub

    Normally there are 5 skins on htc hub, but when I use the ICS' htc hub, noticed that there is a new one called new year, everything in gold and red. :D If you can't get it from hub, I provide one, just push to /system/app/ or install it.
  2. mudhi

    Thread A way to Optimizing APK & Framework files

    For optimizing apks, aside from fixAllAPKs by omniwolf, I found another one. Note: I have no responsibility for breaking your ROM, so backup first. Rights: No rights reserved, you can do whatever you like. The classes.dex files have significant amount of debug infos in it, striping out those...
  3. mudhi

    Thread Tuning System Wide Volume Level

    As I making a beats mod for sense 3.5, found interesting file TPA2051_CFG.csv and TPA2051_CFG_XC.csv, the first one should be the template and the second one is the working i2c command file for various system volume, search google for TPA2051, is the amplifier which uses i2c interface, I don't...
  4. mudhi

    Thread Sense 3.5 HtcLocationsWidget3d fix

    The one from stock ROM 2.08.401.1 have glitches of displaying, I just insert the asset file from runny. I haven't seen anyone compalining about this widget, but this is really a helpfull widget! Enjoy! edit: upload a new one, which is from ICS for sensation, the size will became larger.
  5. mudhi

    Thread Beats Mod GB & ICS (Beats Dolby SRS Equalizer)

    You can use the zip for any purpose without asking, since I take and learn from this community. Fix beats icon disappear from sound effect dialog when headset plug or unplug, at the same time fix the chain bugs of this bug. Fix unknown bug introducing by archiver 64bit...
  6. mudhi

    Thread Enable Panorama Photo?

    By looking inside the HTCCamera.apk, there panoramic photo feature is there, it's just not being enabled, how to make it work?
  7. mudhi

    Thread Youtube login, uploader no longer works

    Started a month ago, settings > data services > youtube no longer switch to logged in, album cannot upload video to youtube too. I tried this action on cooked and stock ROM same result, I realize that youtube had changed policy, the old youtube account will not work anymore, it had already...
  8. mudhi

    Thread FootCam.exe for COM3

    I didn't found anywhere for the position fix for footprints camera for COM3 build, so I thought it would be usefull if I post the patched footcam.exe from Footcam v1.26.20162730.00. What I've done is using IDA pro, search for the immediate value of 0x2EC (dec 748), there will be 3 of them, the...
  9. mudhi

    Thread Cooking guide for moving Album and Footprint Cache to Storage Card

    For cooks, I have successfully moving the caches to Storage card, the name of Storage card was zh-tw language, footprint, photo tab, contact photo editor are not hanging too, the cache was a big problem on device memory, as it will constantly grow in size, there are thread for this in the past...
  10. mudhi

    Thread HD2 Opera 9.7 and 28244, 23152

    I'm out of idea of why this!!! With same ext pacakges on 28244 and 23152, using Oskitchen zero 1.33.5 to build ROM, If I uncheck Opera 9.7 browser, 28244 will failed when flashing, but 23152 is OK. Any suggestion appreciated.
  11. mudhi

    Thread HD Mini IME CHT v2.2.20144028.02 Ported to WVGA

    In case anyone needs a wm6.5.x or new Chinese (Chinese zh-tw, including zhuying and chanjei) IME for wvga devices, this IME has better performance than the Leo one, this was ported to be the same as the Leo tw-asia IME layouts but with HD mini style, for better screen navigation and better...
  12. mudhi

    Thread [Q] COM3 notification manager task manager link

    Please help, the notification manager taken from huashan 1.24 ROM didn't show up the default task manager link, I mean the one like the HD mini. This thread is working, but I want the default task manager. Edit: Nevermind, I've found the...
  13. mudhi

    Thread [Q] How to run footprints thumbnail viewer???

    This package seems useless, I couldn't find a way to run it, from extracted ROM, there are bmp files, the layout is like album but only 2 columns and 1 row for landscape mode, and so the footprints thumbnail viewer (HTCFPTViewer.exe) supposed to bring up an interface like album does, but how? or...
  14. mudhi

    Thread [Q] Phone Left soft key overlap with ezinput

    I've cooked a com3 build 23139, with only one glitch, and this is it. Is it possible to move the input selection rectangular button right a little bit or simply hide it? Any suggestion appreciated.
  15. mudhi

    Thread [Q] Operator pkg and office 2010 cooking

    I'm out of idea, any help appreciated!!! :) When I'm trying to modify or delete any file inside the operator pkg, the default configuration for gprs internet is gone, modify the dsm file doesn't help. The office 2010 cooked and installed from market place reacts differently, the cooked one...
  16. mudhi

    Thread [Q] Image corrupt when missing AUTOUPDATE

    I'm trying to reduce some sys package, using oskitchen zero 1.31, I found some information that AUTOUPDATE is not required, however, when flushing at the end will say, image corrupt... :confused:
  17. mudhi

    Thread [Q] New Ervius Kitchen 1.82 Issues

    First of all, thanks for all who contribute to the resources of winmo in this forum. I found a nearly perfect ROM for my region from this forum, RUU_Leo_1_5_HTC_Asia_TW_2.14.709.P1_Radio_Signed_1 stock ROM, so I want to cook it, without any modification except from...
  18. mudhi

    Thread [Q] How to enable stock ROM 1.66 with 576MB RAM?

    Hi, I'm a newbie for ROM cooking, experienced cookers, please advise. I'm using HD2/Leo phone, I learned how to use HSPL, flash a cooked ROM, but I can't found a Chinese traditional version of cooked ROM, so I'm start thinking of cooking the ROM my own, and what all I need is retain original...