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  1. emiljano539

    Thread OxygenOS 10.3.5

    Today OnePlus released the oxygen os 10.3.5 update for our OnePlus 6 Changes : System : • Optimized RAM management • Newly adapted OnePlus buds, easier to take advantage of wireless connection • Fixed the crash issue when browsing on Chrome • Fixed the black screen issue when opening logkit •...
  2. emiljano539

    Thread Does a custom rom changes brightness level?

    It might seems to be a stupid question. But with the stock pie rom the brightness level is lower than it was in Oreo which makes it almost unusable in direct sunlight. Does the custom roms use a different brightness level or not?
  3. emiljano539

    Thread [URGENT HELP PLEASE] I'm in stock ROM and my phone keeps bootlooping

    I unistalled magisk via twrp and tried to reboot into the system now the phone keeps hanging in the android one logo... Tried to install again magisk then rebooted still the same thing. When i read the recovery log it says : "failed to read fstab from dt android". What can i do ?
  4. emiljano539

    Thread [PIE] Google Photos Dark Mode [HOW-TO]

    I just found a simple way to enable the dark mode option in Google Photos app 1. Open Gcam 2. Make sure advanced mode is enabled Go to Settings>About>Enable Advanced mode 3. Go backOpen Advanced tab > Interface them> Set it to Dark 4. Go back and make sure Disabled Google Photo is disabled 5...
  5. emiljano539

    Thread Any good Gcam for stock Rom?

    Currently im in stock ROM rooted but i can't find any gcam that works good with my phone. The version i have is the fu24 one which works but not as it should for the focus side. Suggest me a version down below for the stock ROM. Thanks
  6. emiljano539

    Thread 2x camera for gcam for PIE ?

    Has anyone a magisk module that allows us to use the 2nd camera with gcam in stock ROM? Already tried 2 different magisk modules but none of them seems to work. I'm using Fu24 gcam port which works fine except the 2nd camera
  7. emiljano539

    Thread Now playing feature port?

    My friend has a pixel 2 XL and that now playing feature blows my mind Everytime i see it. Has anyone found a way to enable it? I'm not talking about the shazam alternative. I don't care about root or magisk...
  8. emiljano539

    Thread Stock boot.img of the latest february update?

    Can someone help me with the stock boot.img of february update ? V10.0.5.0 Thanks
  9. emiljano539

    Thread Oxygen OS For our MI A1?

    After seeing a lot of ports from other devices such as Pocophone f1, redmi note 5 pro , redmi note 6 got Oxygen OS Custom ROM. I thought why can't we get one for our device. Really would love to see it running on our device. Oxygen os is so fast compared even to the stock one
  10. emiljano539

    Thread [URGENT HELP] Cannot turn Wifi On

    After i tried to restore my backup from TWRP can't open wifi. When i try to turn it on it turns immediately off by itself. What to do ?
  11. emiljano539

    Thread Stock boot img from pie update December

    Can someone help me ? I need the stock boot img from the first pie update in december(size ~1GB).
  12. emiljano539

    Thread [GUIDE] How to get Official stable Pie Update EARLY!

    The pie update for our beloved Mi A1 was released one day after the beta version did. Currently the places where we can get the OTA update are : Netherlands and also Austria (As far as i know) if you are in one of these countries try to update it without making any of these steps ! Note : This...
  13. emiljano539

    Thread Couldn't update Installation problem with august update

    So this week i hadn't time enough to install the august update since my phone is rooted so i decided to do it now. What i did before trying to download the update : 1.Deleted all magisk modules that i had then rebooted 2.Unistalled magisk using restore image then rebooted 3.Went to sys update...
  14. emiljano539

    Thread I keep losing my root after reboot

    Hi, just as the title says everytime i reboot my devices after successfully installing magisk through a patched boot image file i lose root. Root works i also checked with the root checker when i don't reboot my device. What is causing this ?
  15. emiljano539

    Thread Does all ROM's for Redmi Note 5 Pro work for Redmi note 5 AI Camera?

    As the question says has anyone tried to flash a rom that was supposed to run in Redmi note 5 pro and does it works? As far as i know the specs of these two devices are the same except the camera.
  16. emiljano539

    Thread Android stuck at Logo to boot

    Hi i was messing with my android tablet rooted it , but i accidentally deleted this app : then i saw a lot of tabs that "the .... has stopped working" so i decided to restart the tablet but now i cant boot because it stucks in the android logo again and again. I went...