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  1. antaed

    Thread HTC Titan bug list

    Hi everyone, I intend to build an HTC Titan bug list and send it to HTC Customer Service. Let's see then how Newton's 3rd law of motion applies to our case... :) I will start by adding my own findings and update the list every day with info coming from you. I will keep doing it for 15 to 30...
  2. antaed

    Thread Farewell

    Two years ago I bought my HD2 and it lead me to this wonderful forum. Unfortunately time has come to say goodbye but I don't want to do it talking about how special this phone is and what a great community it had created (or viceversa). We all know it so there's no need for that. I just wanna...
  3. antaed

    Thread Windows Phone Feature Suggestion - Official Site

    Microsoft wants to know what features we would like to have in Windows Phone :) Vote for feature suggestions or submit your own here:
  4. antaed

    Thread SD Card Random Access Time - is this really what we are looking for?

    @MOD Please move this thread to the General Forum Sorry :o I thought I knew which was the decisive thing about SD card compatibility/performance with WP7. Random access time, as most would jump to say, but apparently this theory proves to be wrong in practice... or maybe I'm missing something...
  5. antaed

    Thread [SOLVED] Phone back from HTC service - differences...

    Motto: If you ever walk down the stairs wearing slippers and talking on the phone make sure your free hand is next to the stair handle... ;) The phone went down through the staircase gap - from the 1st floor directly to the ground. Aside from the aesthetics and the potential hazard of small...
  6. antaed

    Thread [q] how to download from web based android market?

    hi guys, i'm sorry if this was answered before but i searched and couldn't find the answer. i'm trying to buy an app from the web based android market but i cannot send it to my device. my hd2 is in the dropdown list but it's greyed out and i get this message: "this item cannot be installed on...
  7. antaed

    Thread [CLOCKS][18.06.2010] <numun> binary (DISCONTINUED)

    BINARY CLOCKS FOR CO0KIE'S HOME TAB 1.8+ - POST #1 FOR MAXSENSE UI - POST #2 PLEASE READ IMPORTANT NOTES BULL'S EYE white | blue | cyan | green | yellow | red | magenta | purple THANKS to Co0kie Monster and his team for the amazing work they've done with the Co0kie's Home Tab Kind...
  8. antaed

    Thread volDeus' BG Tweak: Set HQ WALLS & BAR TRANSPARENCY directly from your device

    I (and many of you I'm sure) have been looking for something like this for such a long time... This is a fantastic app coming from volDeus, it allows you to: - Set high quality wallpapers in both portrait and landscape directly from your device. No other apps, no PC needed, not even softreset...
  9. antaed

    Thread [ICONS][14.12.2010] <numun> bull's eye 400 pack (DISCONTINUED)

    BULL'S EYE ICON PACK INCLUDES ICONS FOR ARTEMIS ROM ADD-ONS PLEASE READ IMPORTANT NOTES start menu icons: start menu folders: artemis rom add-ons: THANKS to Sternas for the wonderful Artemis ROM Kind thanks and words of appreciation are enough to keep me going. If you...
  10. antaed

    Thread Stock ROM icons

    Could somebody with stock ROM icons onboard be so kind and go to Windows directory, copy all png files, compress them in a zip file and post them here. I only need the icons but I won't ask you to also sort them, I can do that myself. If someone already has the stock icons it would be nice to...
  11. antaed

    Thread [SLIDER][15.09.10] <numun> bull's eye (DISCONTINUED)

    BULL'S EYE SLIDER FOR MANILA 2.5. 1920, 1921*, 1922, 2011, 2012 *PLEASE READ IMPORTANT NOTES big icons: trail icons: selectors: THANKS to: Johnkst for showing me how to do it Santod040 for the very nice transition background fix for Manila home tabs Kind thanks and words...
  12. antaed

    Thread [REQ] Customize slider + icons

    I want to customize the slider and icons of the home screen tabs by myself (in Photoshop)? Where are the images of these stored and what registry keys do I need to change (if any)? Thanks PS: I use JWMD for the start menu icons, is there a similar app for the home screen tab? - probably not :)