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  1. hamzaeid

    Thread Init.d Support for J3 2016

    [Sorry for my English] Hello. Guys I made this thread for Samsung galaxy J3 2016 and for (J320H) specific cuz i know that until now there's no custom rom or kernel for this model (J320H) so i decide to made this thread for the people who own the same model that i have and want init.d support to...
  2. hamzaeid

    Thread Help fixing bugs on CM11 For Galaxy Star Plus (GT-S7262)

    hey guys.... i really need some help with fixing bugs on CM11 for samsung galaxy star pro (GT-S7262) cuz i can't fix no sound during call problem barely but all the other problem barely fix it. I will appreciate any help
  3. hamzaeid

    Thread [The Full Guide] to make your GT-S7262 Super Fast and More Smoother :)

    HelloO. Guys: people how own this device they must take a prize for them patience this device very slow and it's laging too much because his poor Gpu/Cpu and the little Ram. will in this thread i'm gonna show how to make you GT-S7262 more faster and more Smooth and less lagg :o (I'M NOT...