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  1. Ja_som

    Thread How to disable Dirac audio tuner

    Hey, is there any way to disable Dirac audio tuner w/o root?
  2. Ja_som

    Thread [Q] Stock OxygenOS sounds Sent from my Nord using XDA Labs
  3. Ja_som

    Thread [RESOLVED] Alarm icon in status bar

    Hey, today I noticed that I have an alarm icon in status bar near clock. When I pull notifications down it says "⏱️ Sat 23:00", but none of my clock apps has alarm set. On the lock screen it says "⏱️ (my time + 10minutes)", e.g. it is 12:10 now so it says "⏱️ 12:20". And I don't know what to...
  4. Ja_som

    Thread Best browser for Android TV

    Hey, is there any good web browser for Android TV, that can be easily controlled with the remote controller? Something like Puffin TV, but not Puffin, because I don't want my data to be transferred at half of my connection speed thru 3rd party servers on the other side of the world.
  5. Ja_som

    Thread Wallpapers, sounds, bootanimation, ...

    Hi, if someone is interested, I "extracted" some Nokia files from system. For now there are wallpapers, sounds (ringtones, notifications, ui and alarm), bootanimation with sound file and the demo video. You can find it here on my Gdrive. If you know about something else, let me please know, I...
  6. Ja_som

    Thread Feedback winndow

    Hey, yesterday this window popped up on my screen. I have my 6.1 for a week, did anyone also get it?
  7. Ja_som

    Thread [MODULE] Xbox One S controller

    Hello, I would like to share my module with you. If you want to use Xbox One S controller, connected via Bluetooth, on your Android, you need one kl file in your system, so the buttons will be mapped correctly. I created this module according an article on the How-To Geek page. You can install...
  8. Ja_som

    Thread Recorder apk

    Hi, my Flo does not have the Recorder app because of low space on the system partition. But, I would like to have it. So, can someone please extract it from system, or if you can tell me where (if is possible) can I find source code, I can (probably) build it myself. Thanks. Latest version...
  9. Ja_som

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Black Google Pixel

    Hi, I just changed that super shiny white Google Pixel bootanimation to black... Preview: Use flashable zip or copy to /system/media/ if you have one already, then replace it, if not, after you copy it set permissions to RW- R-- R-- Also looks good on my Nexus 5X ;)
  10. Ja_som

    Thread Unlocked bootloader warning

    Hi, yesterday I rooted my N5X and I want to ask if is possible to block, hide that ugly warning when device starts Please no custom ROM suggestions. Thanks
  11. Ja_som

    Thread [Q] FW version differnces

    Hi, can someone please tell me differences between Blur_Version.176.44.1.falcon_umts.EURetail.en.EU and Blur_Version.174.44.9.falcon_umts.EURetail.en.EU. Both are Android 4.4.2 I found them here: I flashed...
  12. Ja_som

    Thread [Q] How to mount WD Elements?

    Hi, I have StickMount app to mount USB drives to my flo. But I have WD Elements 2,5" 1TB USB 3 NTFS disk. When I connect it, it just flashes but is not mounted. Can someone tell me how can I mount it? If I need to use other kernel, then please point me to some good :) But I need kernel with...
  13. Ja_som

    Thread [Q] Notification sounds problem

    Hi, I bought this device yesterday. I have one (not so big) issue. System can't see my notification sounds. I copied them as usual to "Notifications" folder, but when I try to change sound in preferences or in Gmail I don't see my mp3 files. When I copied them to...
  14. Ja_som

    Thread [HELP] framework-res.apk package name?

    Hi, I'm working on Xposed module, which translates Motorola Moto G. I'm not sure, how to describe it correct, but this module force system to "read" strings from this module instead strings from original apk. To detect which strings are for which apk, module uses package name. And I have problem...
  15. Ja_som

    Thread [HELP] Find apk in system

    Hi, I need your help... Can someone tell me in which apk file I can find date strings from lock screen? See picture Thank you
  16. Ja_som

    Thread [HELP] Reduce installed app size?

    Hello, I made some small Xposed Modules (most of the work did pyler, thank you :) ). apk file has about 300kB, but after install app manager shows size about 1MB. Biggest file is classes.dex in bin folder. So, my question is... Can somebody tell me step-by-step how to reduce file size of...
  17. Ja_som

    Thread [Q] udp stream to Chromecast

    Hello, from yesterday I have Chromecast and I have one question. My internet provider streams also TV. I can watch it on Android with MXplayer and on PC with VLC. Tv is streamed e.g. with address udp://@ Can I somehow stream it to Chromecast from my tablet? Thank you
  18. Ja_som

    Thread [Request] App or Xposed Framework module to show WiFi SSID in statusbar

    Hi, I have a request... I'm looking for app or Xposed Framework module, which displays WiFi SSID in statusbar near to WiFi icon. It is possible? Thank you.
  19. Ja_som

    Thread [HELP] I need system/media

    Hello friends, please, can someone give me whole /system/media/ folder from us internetional version? Thank you.
  20. Ja_som

    Thread Which OTA?

    Hi, today I get my new Moto G, and i want to sideload Android 4.4.2 on it. But i don't know if is available. Can someone help me if/where i can find the right zip? Thank you
  21. Ja_som

    Thread [HELP] FolderMount app

    Hi, I want to use this good looking app, but I have one problem. I need in destination path mnt/ext_card, but I have there mnt/usbdisk and I can´t change it. :( I have installed latest version from Google Play. Please help me, thank you.