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  1. raymando

    Thread [Exchange Email Problem in Most Roms]

    There seems to be a common problem is most roms that I have used where i set-up my hotmail exchange the emails do not sync, the results vary sometimes the emails dont appear or sometimes the is an issue with the "synchronisation key"
  2. raymando

    Thread [Tutorial] Create SD-EXT Partition W/Clockwork Mod 1.2

    No Need To Use G-Parted or other complicated tools!!!! I have fully tested the new CWM 1.2 and can now confirm that you can now make SD-EXT partition for use with APPS2SD+. Below is a step by step guide on how to do it: Download the CWM v1.2 from RaiderX's Post and remember to say...
  3. raymando

    Thread [REQ] Samsung Puzzle Lcxckscreen

    Hi peeps, Is there any way to get the new samsung puzzle lockscreen as seen on the facinate for darky 6.0 rom?
  4. raymando

    Thread Intregating M3u PLaylists to WM 6.5.x

    Is there any way to intregate M3u playlist to window mobile, i have been doing my research and i feel this point has not been put foward or it has but has not seen the daylist of day in the eyes of rom cookers or other forum users fluent in programming. I just want to know is this would be...
  5. raymando

    Thread My First Boot Screen

    This Is My First Boot Screen Enjoy Click Here To Donwload Can Do Requests Install Using BSF3000 Which Is The Easiest Method
  6. raymando

    Thread Request: Urgent to me

    i need a splash screen in the form of a update zip i know some other ppl would want this as well i need it directed to the media folder not a media then bootscreen as most splashcreen i have found do this with if u can the default splsh htc screen added on and the defulat sound or something...
  7. raymando

    Thread camera help

    my camera has stopped working on my htc touch elfin i need help please help, i upgraded to onyx 4.2 ultimate