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  1. guitardoc64

    Thread G6 worth getting?

    I'm really considering getting a G6 on boost, instead of some of the newest phones. Is it still a good choice?
  2. guitardoc64

    Thread Google Fi ROMs

    I'm about to get a replacement for my Nexus 6 and I was wondering if I could get some Fi Network people to help me out with compatible ROMs, hopefully in continuing development.
  3. guitardoc64

    Thread New OTA update for Perry (Boost Mobile)

    Just finished up the install.
  4. guitardoc64

    Thread Software update for Boost Mobile

    I got the notification today.
  5. guitardoc64

    Thread Poetic case review.

    I've had this case on my Boost Mobile E4 for a few weeks and I really like it for the protection. The fit is good, the only downside is the cutout for the non existent fingerprint scanner.
  6. guitardoc64

    Thread Do I have to flash no verity?

    I really just want to root stock. I have the Boost Mobile Perry.
  7. guitardoc64

    Thread Software update for Boost Mobile E4

    I got the notification this morning.
  8. guitardoc64

    Thread MF9 battery life is bad?

    I updated to MF9 and it seemed good at first, but today my battery life socks. This is what I get today. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 2
  9. guitardoc64

    Thread Random reboot-solved, hope this helps someone.

    I know more than a little about Android. I've been hacking and Romming since back in 2007. Last Friday my 3D started rebooting randomly. I tried everything I know. Reflashed different ROMs, same thing. Reflashed the aio 2.17 update. Same thing. reflashed recovery(twrp), same thing. Got 4ext and...
  10. guitardoc64

    Thread [Q] CDMA Sprint MMS settings

    I had the superuser crash last week. It caused lockups and I restored from a nandroid. Everything works but picmail. I tried a dirty flash, reflash of radio, wiping dalvik and cache,updating profile and PRL and still can't send pix. ##3282# opens the menu and the mms server shows blank. I enter...
  11. guitardoc64

    Thread EVO 3D more stable with root and s-off!?

    I first noticed this when the temp root was out that my stuck asleep issues, camera lockups, and other random bugs pretty well disappeared. With the first temp root I ran it over 9 days without a reboot and had zero problems. In fact the first issue was leaving 4G turned on and letting it go to...
  12. guitardoc64

    Thread EVO 3D on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

    I was watching tonight's show and right before a commercial break Kimmel pops out with a 3D. Our phone seems to be getting a lot of notice. Sent from my temp rooted Shooter!