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  1. Philux

    Thread [MOD] N900P - Mod Removed - Please Delete!

    This mod has been removed. Moderators please delete this thread as it is no longer useful.
  2. Philux

    Thread Crazy Home Button!!!

    I know this has been addressed before about the home button going crazy. It acts like it is getting pushed multiple times over and over. It mainly does this at random times and mostly when the phone has come out of sleep mode. Being that this is my 4th Cappy that I might be returning due to...
  3. Philux

    Thread [May 16th 2010][DIALERS] Collection |QVGA|2G|3G|Versions

    I wanted to start a thread for dialers I have come across over time. I did not make any of them I am just simply putting them all in one convenient easy to find area. So thank you to all that have made/ported these great dialers. To get this started the first post will be 2G dialers only and the...
  4. Philux

    Thread Fennec Alfa 2 Released

    The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version for their Firefox browser for Mobile devices. Alpha 2 brings the following improvements: Improved panning performance Newly designed theme JavaScript error console is now built in Improved add-on support Numerous bug fixes Improved...
  5. Philux

    Thread Blue Angel WM6.5 (Hermes Porting Progress)

    If this is the real deal when can we expect this to come to our Hermes. Check it out Under Blue Angle WM6 Forum Edit: This is the real deal. Hermes porting in progress thanks to our great Hermes Cooks Blue Angel Rom Kitchen Mirror thanks...
  6. Philux

    Thread Front Buttons INOP?!?

    I have searched this and could not come up with any fixes, but here goes. On my 8525 most of my front buttons would quite working (Send, End, OK, Start Menu, and Both Top Menu select buttons) on every Cingular 2.06 Rom. This would be a daily thing that could be fixed by a soft reset. Then I...