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    Post [MODULE] Google Pixel experience, v3.5.1, systemless by anupritaisno1

    Thread closed as per your request.
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    Post Dasaita - Latest MCU and Updates for Rockchip PX5 Octa-Core 2G RAM 32GB

    Hi all, Since this thread is in regards to updates for this specific head unit, let's try to stay on context.
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    Post New update now live (MR1 -Oreo 8.1)

    I have this SAME issue on my Nissan Sentra. I don't know what they changed, but it screwed up BT in Car Audio
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    Post A510F "device: 5 binary: 4" can't install stock rom through Odin

    Closed thread. OP found solution in other thread.
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    Thread OTA May 2018 Update + Car Bluetooth Music issues

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced any weird Bluetooth issues after installing the latest May OTA update (OPM1.171019.011-RZR-180509.5038)? I've realized that the BT controls on my 2015 Nissan Sentra no longer work properly. It doesn't automatically connect to BT anymore and no track information...
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    Post Remove PiN/Pattern on Android 8.1 ?

    Closing thread, as OP found solution
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    Post ROM GS PX5 MTCDE 4GB 32GB 8.0 Factory Firmware ( Xtrons PB78MTWP )

    All, Please stay on topic. This isn't the place to argue and bash each other.. This is a place to work together in order to achieve a common goal. Play nice! -snickler
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    Post [APP] [JOYING] [SOFIA] Forward dial requests from Google Voice to Joying BT app

    All, Please stick to the context of the thread and refrain from arguing with each other. If you have information to give that helps others, please do so completely in order to prevent unneeded back and forth. If you do NOT have information that helps, don't incite anything or keep it going...
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    Post QloaderHS-USB Qloader 9008 (com3)?

    Ok in the powershell prompt at that exact folder directory you're at, type in thor2 and then press the TAB key. It should format it as .\thor2 or something like that. Once you have the powershell formatted version of the command to execute, you THEN type in all the arguments that you need for...
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    Post Game ready to race March 2018

    sparkygames, Placeholders are not allowed. Please contact a moderator in order to have your thread re-opened once you have the game in existence and a link to it.
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    Post [APP][XPOSED][6.0+] XPrivacyLua - Android privacy manager

    Please stay On-Topic, folks. 1) This thread is solely about XPrivacyLua. 2) If you are having issues, send logs to the developer and work with him. It's the only way help will occur. 3) Please refrain from the argumentative tones. We're all here to WORK TOGETHER, not bash the developer who...
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    Post Windows does not recognice Galaxy J7 2016 in DeviceManager. Device stuck in Download

    Closing thread, dup. Original
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    Post [APP][XPOSED][6.0+] XPrivacyLua - Android privacy manager

    Speaking of/Engaging in pirating of paid apps by developers under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE on here is prohibited. End of story. I suggest anyone who feels the need to express their need for doing such, to read the XDA Rules.
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    Post I do not get an answer to my questions

    I'm closing this thread. I sent a PM to OP explaining that all posts are to be in English. Once other users see English thread titles and English content, they are more likely to respond.
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    Post [Recovery][OFFICIAL] TWRP V3 For LG STYLO 3 PLUS

    All, Please stick to the topic at hand. If the conversation has nothing to do about using TWRP for LG Stylo 3 Plus, then it doesn't belong. Play nice :).
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    Post Xprivacy

    Closing thread. OP already posted in the [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here! thread.
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    Post Windows Phone Internals updated to version 2.4

    Yes, it will work on 950 also.
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    Post Windows Phone Internals updated to version 2.4

    That was my actual point of that first bullet point :). I have found the Android4Lumia project pretty interesting, though.
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    Post Windows Phone Internals updated to version 2.4

    All, A few things here: 1. "CAN WE PUT ANDROID ON WP WITH THIS?!?!?!". If you want that functionality, just buy an Android phone. As with the many other random threads that ask this question, this answer stays the same. 2. Yes, we know Microsoft pretty much abandoned WinPhone/WinMobile. If you...
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    Post How to install cshell update

    Closing. CShell isn't coming for Windows Mobile. If by some rare stroke of immaculate luck Microsoft goes "You know what? Let's make it happen!", contact me and I will re-open
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    Post xda lab app

    Probably not going to happen. Most likely, none of the devs would care enough to remotely try to port the code to .NET. Sorry.
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    Post Install android on Lumia 950 XL?

    I'm closing this thread, as it's just been a back and forth of nothingness. In the off chance (.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance) that something does get traction in the Android on WP world (Just buy an Android and save yourself the pain :)...
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    Post Lineage 15 For Moto Z Play Dual SIM

    We don't do preview/placeholders here. You need content. -snickler
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for HTC One M8

    I found one bug. Privacy Guard crashes the LineageOS Settings app consistently after trying to access any part of the Privacy Guard settings. Logcat entries 09-30 10:52:04.421 688 1352 I ActivityManager: START u0 {cmp=org.lineageos.lineageparts/.PartsActivity (has extras)} from uid 1000...
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for HTC One M8

    The new build works PERFECT for me. Camera works properly and recording works on IG + the Screen Recorder app.
  26. snickler

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 15.1 for HTC One M8

    ???. Awesome job, man. I've been using this build for a day and my battery life and performance are both completely phenomenal. The camera is the icing on the cake.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][AospExtended] [7.1.X] For Gm 5 Plus (shamrock)

    All, Please remember that English is the only allowed language in these threads. Regards, snickler
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    Post Iphone 5 problem

    We don't support iPhones here, unfortunately. -snickler
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    Post [REQUEST] Build for the Huawei Mate 9 Please read the READ ME thread. This forum isn't for device requests. Thread closed.
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    Post Please help me unlock my alcatel

    XDA doesn't provide any SIM unlocking services. Please work through official means of unlocking your phone.
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    Post [MODEM][GUIDE] Alcatel Ideal (4060A) Stock Baseband (Radio/Modem) Firmware

    All, Let's please keep this thread on topic as MotoJunkie01 requests. This isn't a ROM thread, so please no asking for ETAs and generally cluttering the thread. -snickler
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    Post Download On Screen Jokes

    I'm closing this thread until you provide a download link that's not a youtube video. PM me the information if you want it re-opened. Please don't create another thread to get around this either :)
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    Post [VIDEO] Android 6.0.1 CM13 on Lumia 525

    Closed: Go here instead.
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    Post [CLOSED][BETA][2018.7.19] Magisk v16.7 (1671)

    All, As posted in the OP: SafetyNet / CTS / XXX app won't work after enabling MagiskHide: Unless you can specify how to improve MagiskHide, for example: what additional boot props to patch? What does the app detect? Or else Please do NOT report ANYTHING related to these...
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    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    You guys seem to be going down a rabbit hole on this one. 1) It's not going to be an easy process to pull off AT ALL even if somehow there was a certificate presented and there's a huge chance it's not going to work. 2) If any leaked certificates were to uploaded to XDA, they would get...
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    Post Huawei p1o lite non si accende più Help!

    Thread closed. Please don't create duplicate threads.
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    Post Huawei P10 Lite

    Thread closed. Please don't create duplicate threads.
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    Post [W10M BUILDS] W10M BUILD ROLLUP (cab-file-links) for all devices (TH2/RS1/RS2)

    Read up two comments from this for your answer.
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    Post Bugs fired

    Closing as duplicate. Original:
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    Post [W10M BUILDS] W10M BUILD ROLLUP (cab-file-links) for all devices (TH2/RS1/RS2)

    You won't be able to. Anything that's RS2 (maybe even some RS1) and above uses a different Windows Update endpoint that is used for UUP. WU and Win Store are in sync, so the WireShark/Fiddler method won't work for simply capturing links. Anything that's a production build can be pulled from...
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    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    steinwayer, Realize that Heathcliff74's work was something that happened for specific Nokia phones that had a specific implementation. We won't be able to achieve this right now with this phone. As I noted earlier, it's best to just buy an Android phone instead of trying to find ways to throw...
  42. snickler

    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    No method. It's probably not best to randomly try things without understanding the underlying mechanisms and the implications of what could happen in the end. Honestly, IMO, if you want Android then buy an Android phone. I understand that it would be cool to be able to swap out, but the...
  43. snickler

    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    It won't work. This is for phones stuck in QDLoader 9008 mode (DEAD MODE) and DLOAD mode. The Sahara protocol only accepts signed programmers that are stored in the UEFI. You also need the exact flashers for the particular phone for it to work as it's specific to the phone's bootloader (which is...
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    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    Same hardware != same implementation. There's mechanisms that will only allow certain things to be flashed, while all protections are still enabled on the device. Since it's a newer phone, I imagine qualcomm's security mechanisms are stepped up as opposed to how they are on older SoC...
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    Post Android on Alcatel Idol 4S Windows edition

    ^^^ You probably won't be able to easily. At this point, no one here knows, but as compu829 stated, if the certificates don't match (which they most likely don't), then you're not going to be flashing it at this point. :)
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    Post Is chinese phone safe?

    I'm closing this thread for the following reason: Regards, snickler
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    Post Change IMEI MTK Smartphone Alcatel Pop C2

    Thread closed. The reason is listed in the previous comment :)
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED] X Messenger Privacy - Enable essential privacy features in Messenger

    Please refrain from posting about warez in here. :)
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    Post How break security pattern?

    No. Asking for advice for hacking into a locked phone isn't what this community is about. Thread closed.
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    Post Htc M8 Windows 10 mobile Continuum cabs? (Spoofed 930, on build 14393.448) For more information on how to get this to work